Is clarified butter keto friendly?

  • August 11, 2021
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Is clarified butter keto friendly? Know the dairy before you add it to the diet.

 Is butter keto friendly? Is incorporating butter into a ketogenic eating plan safe for all? The answer is no. Butter is unsafe for all as it contains lactose, casein, and transfat. But instead of butter, you can try ghee or clarified butter.

Ghee or clarified butter is famous among people for its numerous health benefits. People can also consume it when they are intolerant to lactose and casein. But this is just a trailer; ghee offers an extended range of services. Apart from this, when discussing the ketogenic diet, ghee’s compatibility makes a unique combo of good fat and nutritious foods, etc., to replace carb-based foods. Is clarified butter keto friendly? In the following paragraphs, let’s seek an answer to this query with concrete facts.

Is butter keto friendly? Is butter allowed on a ketogenic diet?

The Keto diet is a lifestyle, so the butter and ketogenic diet combo is not preferred. Instead, clarified butter is a better option that offers weight loss benefits for its followers.  Butter as a dairy is nutritious, but grass-fed butter on the keto diet is not as healthy as clarified butter.  For example, butter contains lactose, casein, and some trans fat, whereas ghee is trans-fat-free and does not contain lactose or casein. 

 The Keto diet is a wellness diet, so dairy allergies risk-free fat like clarified butter or ghee is an ideal fat-based food for this LCHF diet plan. 

Butter Keto Friendly

Is ghee clarified butter keto friendly? Keto diet and clarified butter

Now we have derived the answer to the question, is butter keto friendly? it is not as safe as clarified butter. If you ask, “Is clarified butter keto friendly?” a smart and aware consumer will surely say yes—a heavy and huge yes. Clarified butter is perhaps the perfect substitute for a keto diet’s other oils and ingredients. Several reasons support this answer. Let’s see some of them;

  1. Ghee is stuffed with good fats, which are mostly saturated. When consumed in adequate and limited amounts, this help increases the body’s metabolism. So if you exercise regularly and add a dollop of assured quality grass-fed ghee daily in your food and morning beverage, you will enjoy dietary support for weight loss without many side effects.
  2. Ghee is rich in health-friendly fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients will support your keto diet and ensure you do not run short of nourishment while pursuing your weight loss goals.
  1. Ghee has a high smoke point, so you can use it for cooking veggies and meals while pursuing high-temperature cooking. Another advantage of ghee cooking in the keto diet recipe planning is ghee can be easily stored at room temperature without refrigeration support. You may use it as a healthy butter alternative. Just spread it over bread, toast, etc., and it’s yummy.
  2. Clarified butter is free from lactose and casein. That’s why people intolerant to dairy products can also consume them during their ketogenic diet plans. Ghee is transfat free too. 
  3. Pure and organic grass-fed clarified butter contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This acid is an immunity booster to our body and helps to fight diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

Toward the end, the answer is clarified butter keto friendly.

The answer is yes. Ghee in the keto diet can help you achieve your dietary goals and supply your body with all the essential nutrients. If you are confused about how much ghee a day on the keto diet you can have, then two teaspoons of it will be adequate. Keto-friendly fats like butter or clarified butter is fat-loaded, hence moderation in consumption is required.

How to use ghee in a diet plan?

You can use ghee as cooking oil. Ghee is a healthy replacement for common cooking oils.  You can replace canola, sunflower, avocado, etc. with ghee.

You may try ghee for high-temperature cooking recipes like roasting, deep-frying, baking, etc.  Ghee is a suitable and safe oil for high-temperature cooking recipes for its high smoke point. 

You may use ghee as a spread. It is a healthy butter replacement. You can try ghee on your morning toast, cookies, or sandwiches. 

Is clarified butter keto friendly? Yes, it is because ghee is a high-calorie dairy oil, and you may try it as a tasty and healthy condiment for making keto morning coffee. Keto coffee is a weight-loss magnet recipe that works as a stamina booster, a filler food, and a healthy breakfast breaker natural drink that helps in colon clearance and gut care. 

You can use ghee as a natural taste enhancer for your cooked dishes.

You may also use ghee as seasoning for your salads or snacks. Ghee is an apt replacement for olive oil. Ghee is more flavorsome, adds a creamy mouthfeel, and goes well with veg and non-veg recipes. 

How to use ghee in the diet? Is Clarified Butter keto friendly?

Now we are confident that clarified butter or ghee is a keto-friendly butter.  However, ghee contains up to 64% saturated fats, and overeating ghee may not help in achieving the weight loss goal of the keto diet followers. 

Moderation in quantity and quality awareness are the two factors you must remember while planning your ghee diet. The versatility of ghee or clarified butter is one of the best USPs of adding dairy to your diet. 

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