Grass fed ghee: 6 healthy ways to add ghee in your diet

  • August 24, 2021
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Grass fed ghee: 6 ways to add the dairy in your diet

Grass fed ghee is a new-age superfood and ghee fans call it  the super hero of kitchen. We all are aware that adding grass fed ghee in diet is a healthy habit. It is also known that ghee can be used as cooking oil, which has higher smoke point than other cooking oils.

But how ghee can be added in your diet? There are different ways you can use ghee for preparing tasteful dishes, but in terms of culinary processing, there are 6 ways you can use ghee in your kitchen for preparing foods.

Use grass fed ghee for stir frying

Stir frying process is also called deep frying process. Cooking oils with higher smoke point is always preferred for this cooking method. As ghee has higher smoke point, (almost 485 degrees Fahrenheit) it is safe to use ghee for stir frying than using other oil variants.

Grass fed ghee: Sautéing is the best done with it

When you need to sauté spices and base ingredients of preparing a dish, you should follow the process of slow cooking, which takes time. Normal cooking oils may get broken down and may start burning by producing harmful free radicals. Due to higher smoking point ghee is a better option to withstand the slow cooking process without the risk of breakdown, and this is more health friendly.

Grass fed ghee
Grass fed ghee

Grass fed ghee can add extra ordinary flavoring in cooked dish

Be it boiled veggies or boiled pasta, you can always add spoonful cow ghee into it. It will add a special flavor in the plate that will turn your food into a savory dish. Especially pure Cow ghee has a nutty flavor that is delightful for consumption.


 Grass-fed ghee: Use it as a topping

Grass fed ghee can be used for topping on the bread slices instead of using butter.  The use of ghee topping is a way of using ghee as spread: if you are in a diet, this ghee spread can work as a great filler food. Other than bread, in India, cow ghee can be used on rotis, which makes rotis soft and tasteful.

Use ghee in meat and sea food preparation

There are varieties of ways you can cook ghee with animal proteins. You may consider mixing ghee with herbs and spices of personal choice, and then you may use this mixture as a final rub on already roasted chicken. On the other hand, there is another option to drizzle ghee over cooked mutton, chicken or fish, or you may use this ghee drizzling on sea foods like lobster or scallops. In all ways it will taste awesome and it is healthy too.

 Try adding grass fed cow ghee on rice dishes

Grass –fed ghee is an ideal ingredient for adding a special flavor in rice dishes. When you will be cooking a rice dish, start in on by sautéing chopped onions, and other ingredients with some ghee. Then, you may add this veggies and ghee to the rice to cook a flavorful dish. This combo will work well with cooked rice too.

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