Curd rice on one hand and ghee on the other

  • July 17, 2021
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Curd rice on one hand and ghee on the other: The secret to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s fitness


Kareena Kapoor Khan’s new avatar as a mother has been a hot topic of discussion for a while now. The actress quite adequately fits the idea of the ‘new mother’. In fact, it is quite endearing to see the juggle between her super-sassy demeanour of a Bollywood icon, and her role as the mother of baby Taimur. What also caught our attention was Kareena’s post-pregnancy fitness.

If you are wondering what kept her so fit, it was none other than one of India’s leading nutritionists, Rujuta Diwekar. And to share the tips on pregnancy diet, the duo recently featured in a Facebook live chat, to advise people on the same. In the live chat, Kareena revealed that she never compromises on things she loves eating. What also came as a surprise was that the Ki & Ka star is an ardent lover of ghee. During her pregnancy too, she gorged on paranthas drenched in ghee. Having a healthy and sumptuous breakfast is the key.

One should also eat a lot of vegetables with ghee. “I love having Lauki, Turi and all that stuff. I am lucky to like Karela and Jwar. I can have it for three days a row,” revealed Kareena. According to the duo, sticking to the basic diet was essential. Kareena, for instance, prefers simple food like curd-rice or dal-rice. One should eat every two hours during their pregnancy, said Diwekar. ”The trick is to eat your food and add a little bit of jaiphal (nutmeg) to your cup of milk as it calms your nerves and helps you sleep,” she added. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be the priority.

This should also include a good eight hours of sleep. At the same time, one should remain active. “Indians treat pregnant ladies like – ‘bhaith jao’ (sit down), ‘so jao’ (sleep), ‘have foot massages’, have food on your bed. But I was never like that. I always wanted to be out and about all the time. I loved shooting and working during it. I wanted it that way.

And perhaps after it, to exercise was much easier,” said Bebo. Coming to morning sickness, avoiding tea or coffee on an empty stomach is important, said the duo. Kareena relied on lemon water with black salt and buttermilk, ghee during her pregnancy. Seasonal fruits are also a must.

Kareena also said the one should not hesitate about hitting the gym, post-delivery. “I love the idea of going to the gym.I go with my friends, it’s good to have that time, she said.