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  • August 7, 2021
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Who sells ghee?

Who sells ghee? The question may seem to be a simple one, but you will find several knowledge layers in it if you close view it. Ghee is a popular dairy product, and hence it is sold from different outlets. The buying platform for ghee differs depending on the demand of the buyers. 

Retail outlets: If we check the bottom line of the ghee selling business, retail outlets are the first point of purchase of ghee. For example, if you are buying ghee for your grocery item, you need it on a small scale. Retail outlets are the best points to buy ghee for everyday and domestic use. If you are a standard buyer and you want to know who sells ghee in your locality, the nearby retail outlets are the best and the most convenient purchase point for you. 

You can buy ghee in the online and offline purchase process. 

You may contact distributors: If you are a trader and want to sell ghee from your retail outlet, you will buy ghee from a distributor or stockists. Suppose you are a trader or heading a marketing company and searching for who sells ghee in your locality. In that case, region, county, your priority will be a bulk seller or wholesaler. 

Suppose you want to buy ghee in a bulk quantity. In that case, you may purchase it from retailers, stockists, or the direct ghee manufacturer. 

You need an exporter: If you wish to import ghee from other countries, you need to search for ghee exporters. When an importer searches for who sells ghee, he searches for an exporter who can export quality ghee to that destination.   

Who sells ghee
Who sells ghee

In many instances, ghee manufacturers maintain their overseas retailing by exporting their manufactured ghee. For example, you are located outside of New Zealand, and you want to buy Milkio grass-fed ghee in a bulk amount, your option is export. Milkio Foods is a ghee manufacturer, who sells ghee in the domestic market as well as overseas. 

Private label sellers: 3rd party ghee sellers often show their interest in finding who sells ghee without branding. Ghee manufacturers offer this B2B support for other ghee sellers who want to sell quality ghee but do not want to maintain a manufacturing unit.  

A ghee manufacturer who sells ghee under a registered brand may offer other ghee marketing companies private label ghee manufacturing services against request. It helps the manufacturer increase business volume. The while label buyers get quality assured product for their selling under own brand. 

Ghee contract manufacturing: Ghee contract manufacturing is selling ghee under a specification shared by the specific buyers. Merchants willing to trade quality ghee without maintaining a manufacturing unit often searched for who sells ghee under the treaty of ghee contract manufacturing. 

Summing up:

 Who sells ghee
Who sells ghee

Who sells ghee is an essential concern for the buyers! Buyers may have different objectives for buying ghee. Hence the status of the seller also varies. However, good quality grass-fed ghee is in the highest demand in the market in all aspects. Besides checking who sells ghee, it is essential to check what he sells as ghee or the ghee quality.  

About Milkio Foods

Milkio Foods is a New Zealand-based ghee manufacturing company involved in ghee export and retailing of its ghee products under Milkio Brand. Milkio Foods sells grass-fed ghee, which is 100% natural and certified pure by USDA. Milkio Grass-fed ghee is certified organic by Bio-Gro New Zealand and officially non-GMO approved by NON-GMO Project Verified, USA. 

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