Which has more fat butter or ghee: let’s compare both!

  • April 8, 2022
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Which has more fat butter or ghee? Have you ever evaluated ghee and butter from their fat quantity aspect?  In fact, here more the merrier is not the catch. The quality of fats in the dairy should be taken into count.

Which has more fat butter or ghee? Gone are those days when low-fat dairies were the hits in the menu. But with the popularity of the keto and Paleo diets, good fats are now being considered a healthy part of the diet, especially in weight loss diet plans.  So, the situation has become a bit tricky but maintaining the quality of the fats in food is the buzzword now.

Which has more fat butter or ghee? Why ghee is a better option?

Both ghee and butter contain the maximum amount of fat in their content. But ghee wins the race because ghee contains up to 64% good saturated fats. Ghee does contain harmful transfat whereas butter contains some quantity of trans fat. Transdat is not good for health as it may induce obeesity. In terms of fat quality, ghee is a better butter.

Ghee is called a better option because ghee contains a higher quantity of fat than butter and the quality of fats is good here. In ghee, we can find some healthy fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid, butyric acid, omega fatty acids, etc.  These fatty acids offer support for health and keep the immunity scale of a general adult high.

gheevs. Butter: which has more fat butter or ghee?

If you are still wondering which has more fat butter or ghee, the answer will be ghee, but the superiority of ghee is about the nutrients it holds, not the number of fats it holds in its content.

Ghee health benefits are therefore superior than butter. The comparison regarding which has more fat butter or ghee, becomes narrow here because butter cannot replace ghee by any means but ghee can replace butter in all its uses.


Summing up:

 Both Ghee and butter are milk-made products and contain large-quality of fats. However, in butter with butterfat milk solids and transfat are available and in ghee, only butterfats are found available.  So, the answer to the question of which has more fat butter or ghee, the answer goes for ghee. Besides a higher quantity of fat, ghee also offers a higher quantity of calories too.

However, all ghee products are not enriched with quality fats.  Only grass-fed ghee contains the highest quantity of saturated fats, which is good for health and the heart. Grass-fed ghee contains a higher quantity of CLA and butyrate, which makes them more keto and Paleo diet-friendly. 

If you wish to enjoy the higher fat content privilege of ghee in your diet, grass-fed ghee is a better option for you. Always try using authentic grass-fed ghee products like Milkio Grass-fed ghee. It is the best choice for you.

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