where does ghee come from: ghee making story is narrated

  • August 7, 2021
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Where does ghee comes from? To make a better choice!

Ghee is a crucial ingredient in the heart of Indian food. Ghee is even famous all across the world for its extraordinary health benefit. 

Well, the story of ghee is quite interesting.

Ghee is also known as clarified butter. Like other dairy products, ghee’s quality and origination are primarily determined by cow milk quality. For good quality cow milk, you need to feed the cow with healthy green grass.

Have you ever wondered where does ghee comes from?

Cows and milk

Cows have a lot to do with ghee. There will be no milk without the cow, and there will be no dairy products without milk. After all, agree is a dairy product.

Milk is made from a combination of fats and proteins. While preparing ghee, we separate the milk from its fat. So we can say that ghee’s essence is segregating the dispersed fats in milk from its composition. Also, do not forget that the quality of ghee is dependent on the quality of milk.

Now you know where does ghee comes from, let’s look at the two primary principles of making ghee.

  1. The cream can be transformed into butter using the churning process.
  2. During this process, the fat molecules are packed together in the form of clumps.
  3. By keeping the butter below its melting point, the fats persist solid in these clumps.
  4. The moisture is drained, and ghee is extracted.
  5. This process brings the moisture level down to 20%, but unfortunately, it is still very high for supreme quality ghee.
  6. A further method is accompanied to get the moisture content below 1%.
  • Cream to ghee

The cream can be directly converted into ghee.

The cream is washed and then simmered to remove any extra non-fat solids. Then it is heated, simmered to the evaporator water.

  • Generally, this process is tiresome and requires tons of energy plus time.
  • So in terms of energy and time, the above method is much faster and efficient.
  • However, both ways can be used to prepare a decent quality of ghee.
  • Ghee is the ultimate source of richness, taste, good fats, amino acids, and so on.
  • Ghee can be stored for a longer time and helps in reducing weight.
  • So you can use it freely without stressing about the nutritional values, choose the right brand.

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