Food safety, Trust and quality – first class traceability for Milkio Foods

As a global ghee manufacturing company from New Zealand, we are committed to providing products with trusted dairy goodness. Made using trusted processes and the highest quality natural dairy, our brands are loved by consumers round the globe. Food safety and quality – first class traceability for Milkio Foods. It also meant we could open product traceability to our consumers.


“Trust” but Verify: Trust Certificates Can Be a Win-Win for customers and Trusts

Provenance: Every product has a story

We help Distributors and retailers build customer trust through transparency.

Milkio’s grass fed ghee goodness

We chose to found Milkio in New Zealand due to the impeccable quality dairy produced, all due to the pristine climates and grass quality that the pasture raised cows graze on.

Milkio Foods and Social Media

Milkio Foods invest considerably their time and money in social media to ensure that consumers are well aware of their leading position in the dairy industry

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