Let’s start at the beginning…

Olivado began in the year 2000 as the brainchild of an enterprising team of chefs and scientists.

Where it all began…

At the top of New Zealand’s North Island, nestled in the stunning Bay of Islands, lies the small town of Kerikeri.

It was here that a remarkable team of people got together to perfect the process of extracting oil from avocados.

This was the beginning of an endeavor that would revolutionize the industry.

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The Kenya story

Our global search began for the best place in the world to grow avocados according to Olivado principles… Kenya was the answer.

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The perfect place to grow…

It wasn’t long before it became apparent that the avocado supply in New Zealand was insufficient to keep up with the growing international demand for our extra virgin avocado oil.

After a long search, we found the Central Highlands of Kenya perfect for growing avocados, and set about working with the local farmers to start a production plant managed and staffed by Kenyans.

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