Ghee substitute: can butter or cooking oils be the substitute of this dairy delicacy

Ghee substitutes are well available in market but deciding the right product in kitchen is a common dilemma of health freaks.

Home makers often wonder if ghee can be substituted by other cooking oil or by dairy butter. At least marketing campaigning of the oils claims their superiority.

But are the common substitutes really a safer choice? If pure ghee is substituted by common cooking oils or by dairy butter will it be health friendly?

Can you substitute butter for ghee? Let’s read!    

What makes ghee a safer choice in kitchen?

There are different practical reasons behind the priority of using pure cow ghee as the first choice of smart home makers. These are:

  • Higher smoke point of ghee is a definite advantage especially if you prefer to deep dry, baking, sautéing frequently. In fact finding substitute for ghee in baking is tough call.
  • In comparison to butter and common cooking oils, ghee is storage friendly. You can preserve ghee for longer days than other options. Buying pure cow ghee in bulk is more budget friendly too.
  • Ghee diet if practiced with moderation can be health friendly in manifold ways. None of the other cooking oils is counted as this much health friendly.

Ghee vs. butter! What makes ghee a safer choice?

One of the main advantages of ghee over butter is its no-lactose formula. People with lactose tolerance can consume ghee but consumption of dairy butter may not work for them. In Ghee vs. butter choice ghee is safer dairy item for them.

Higher smoke point of ghee is another advantage of using brown butter in cooking (480 F degree vs. 350F degree). Ghee offers higher calorie value (120 calorie) in comparison to same quantity of butter (102 calorie). Ghee is a better filler food for diet freaks than any ghee replacement product!

Ghee contains CLA and butyrate, which helps in cleaning colon and   supports in natural weight loss. No such health benefits are available with butter consumption.  If the question is can you substitute ghee for butter, the answer is perhaps no.   

Ghee vs. cooking oil! What advantages ghee offer?

If we are discussing about smart ghee substitutes then apart from butter some cooking oils are taken in active consideration.  Let’s check the points for ghee advantages over the cooking oils.

  • Higher smoking points is an issue: substitute ghee for butter in baking is not wise for this reason.
  • Ghee is saturated fats whereas cooking oils are mostly unsaturated fats which are not very stable for higher temperature cooking, etc.
  • Most of the cooking oils are highly processed and that compromises its natural oily substances.
  • Ghee is a natural product and many cooking oils are produced from animal plant or synthetic fats.
  • Ghee offers a nutty flavor, which is not available with cooking oils. Cooking oils are mostly flavorless.
  • Ghee is more storage friendly than cooking oils.
  • Ghee has higher smoke point than any cooking oil. As the cooking oils are low in smoking point that makes them risky to use in higher temperature cooking like in baking process or in deep frying.
  • Research and study has found that cooking oils are mostly bulky for digestive system. On contrary ghee-cooked-foods are easier to digest.

It is good to know the ghee alternatives.  But at the same time it is extremely important to know the reasons for which ghee or brown butter has earned considerable popularity worldwide.

Ghee is loaded with fats but it is enriched with other nutrients which are hardly available in common cooking oils. If ghee is used in cooking with moderation, out of ghee vs. butter or ghee oil substitute competition, ghee will be the obvious winner.

For active lifestyle and overall health benefits ghee is a better choice than ghee substitutes.

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