Grass fed ghee: how to increase shelf life

Grass fed ghee: how to increase shelf life

Grass fed ghee: how to increase shelf life

Ghee is a kitchen staple and besides culinary uses, grass fed ghee has many medicinal benefits for better health care and related paybacks. However, ghee can be preserved without refrigeration and good quality ghee can be preserved up to 18 months from the date of its manufacturing. But with few tricks and tips, you can increase the shelf life of ghee you have brought for your kitchen. 

Ghee should be kept in air tight container

Good quality ghee should be preserved in air tight container and should be kept in glass jar away from direct sunlight so that no moisture is formed into the jar. The UV rays from sunlight, florescent lights, and other sources may speed up the oxidation process. The storage container for grass fed ghee must be opaque to prevent the intrusion of UV rays. Filtering of UV rays is one of the stable ways for prolonging product endurance without compromising its edible quality.

You must keep ghee out of sun exposure

Moisture inside the jar or moisture caused by direct sunlight may cause deterioration of the ghee quality and may reduce its shelf-life. Right and careful preservation of the ghee is one of the ways to increase its shelf life.

Do not use moist or used spoon

You should never use moist spoon or unwashed dirty spoon to take out ghee from its container. This kind of mishandling will cause adulteration in ghee and can spoil its quality quickly. Regardless you are using best quality cow ghee or not, unsolicited handling of this dairy product will cause mass spoilage of its texture and flavor.

In short, dirt and moisture intrusion in ghee can cause its permanent quality damage. If you want to preserve your grass fed ghee for long, you need to use dry, clean, and good quality spoon always in the container.

Keep the ghee container in dry place

Ghee container should be preserved in a close and dark space so that it can be stayed away from sunlight and exposure to glaring light.  This dairy product, although sensitive, does not require the support of refrigeration for preserving it. Rather preserving it in dry dark place is more favorable for its longer shelf-life.

Check leak proof packaging

Always purchase ghee in sealed pouch or in good quality container so that you can keep the product in its factory-packed container. This is one of the best ways to extend the shelf life of the grass fed ghee you have bought so far. Dry container is one of the best requisites for preserving ghee for longer time in kitchen shelf.

Although some people recommend preserving ghee in refrigerator, grass fed cow ghee can be preserved in room temperature for a longer period. However, it is important that you keep the dairy product in dry corner of your kitchen or storage room.

Check ingredients and focus on purity

While buying cow ghee you must check if the ghee is free from additive, synthetic preservative, artificial color and flavor. Also you must check if the product is prepared under best hygienic condition.  Only grass fed cow ghee produced under best manufacturing process will offer you longer shelf life.

Although there are wide varieties of cow ghee’s available in market under different brand names, Milkio traditional grass fed cow ghee is one of the best in its category.

This grass fed ghee is manufactured in New Zealand using latest technology and 100% hygienic conditions being supervised by dairy experts. 

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Grass fed ghee benefits for growing babies

Grass fed ghee benefits for growing babies

Grass fed ghee benefits for growing babies you are not aware of perhaps!!

Grass fed ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk and it offers superior quality of nutritional values. It is vitamin and antioxidant rich food, which also contains Omega-3, healthy fats, and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), etc.  It’s well known that nutritionists recommend cow ghee in our daily diet for multiple long term health benefits, but what about baby diet?

The good news is modern dieticians have started recommending cow ghee for baby diet too. It’s not an arbitrary choice, in fact. Cow ghee offers some outstanding health benefits for babies’ growth and good health.

High calorie

A growing baby needs high calorie per day, which helps the baby to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Inclusion of ghee in babies’ diet is an easy and natural way to supply good calories for these baby angels.

Good quality fats

Good fat is a prerequisite for a baby’s growth and for boosting his energy level. Fat being the great source of energy is mostly used for supplying the energy demand for a baby’s growth, but it is always better to supply good fats for babies. You may add pure cow ghee in your baby’s diet to supply good quality fats for his development and nutrition.

Once the infant stage is over, a baby may lack good quality fat intake because many of them discontinue to mother’s milk intake. Meanwhile adding cow milk in moderate quantity in their diet can be a good remedy to supply good fat.

Lactose friendly

Grass fed cow ghee is a lactose friendly dairy product. If a baby is diagnosed as lactose intolerant, ghee is the alternate source for him to get the benefits of dairy products. However, before adding ghee in kids’ diet, it is wise to consult a doctor to know the recommended quantity to be added in diet.

Brain development due to Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) content

Grass feed cow ghee contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which, according medical professionals and researchers, is an important ingredient for brain development of kids.

Ghee is skin friendly

Regular massage with cow ghee is a natural way to keep skin soft, supple, glowing: for a baby, ghee massage is an organic way to supply him adequate skin care.

Cow ghee has been identified with anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-bacterial properties. Regular ghee massage for a growing kid often proves beneficial skin protection, especially who has dry skin problem.

Ensures digestive balance

Moderate quantity of ghee in kids’ diet helps in reducing the problem of digestion, constipation, and boosts immunity. 

Improves eye sight

Pure ghee can be applied as eye drop, which is good for improving eyesight. However, you need to be sure about the cow ghee quality before you use as your baby’s eye drop.

Controls dry cough

Ghee and black pepper mix is a great remedy to control dry cough problem of kids.  Dry cough due to dust allergy and food allergy often causes discomfort for the babies. Add lukewarm ghee and tinge of black pepper powder together in a spoon and feed the baby slowly, it will offer great comfort in managing dry cough discomfort.

Pure Cow ghee is easy to digest, lactose friendly, and rich in nutrition. Its Vitamin Content (Vitamin A, D E and K vitamins) is an added advantage for using ghee in your baby’s diet because it has the potential to work as a super food. However, you need to be well aware about the right quantity of ghee you can safely include in regular diet and it has to be of best quality one.

Use Milkio Traditional grass fed ghee in your baby’s diet and stay worry free about ghee benefits. Your baby will get to enjoy best cow ghee benefits from Milkio ghee.

Great health benefits of grass fed ghee that you may not be aware of

Great health benefits of grass fed ghee that you may not be aware of

Great health benefits of grass fed ghee, that you may not be aware of

Grass fed ghee is one of the purest forms of ghee, which is produced from grass fed cow’s milk. According to dairy specialists, cow ghee procured from grass fed cow milk contains loads of nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and K.

Pure Ghee made from grass fed cow milk is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), nine( 9) phenolic anti-oxidants, as well as several other useful minerals are present in ghee. For natural reason, grass fed ghee offers wide variety of health benefits for consumers.

Ghee is a lactose free dairy product

People who are lactose intolerant cannot take milk products mostly and milk products consumption may cause food allergy for these people. Cow ghee contains most of the benefits of cow milk and it lacks lactose and casein, hence consumption of cow ghee is mostly safe for these lactose intolerant people. 

Ghee is a stable fat for culinary use

In comparison to popular cooking oils like sunflower oil and safflower oil, grass-fed ghee is a primarily saturated fat and is highly stable cooking oil. For sautéing as well as for baking, Ghee is never broken into unsaturated fats, which ultimately becomes toxic to our health system. In comparison to polyunsaturated oils, consumption of pore ghee is safer for health because grass fed ghee hardly contains double bonds and acts more stable than these oils.

Ghee is a saturated fat

According to research and study, consumption of saturated fat is not that risky for heart health. Pure ghee is made of saturated fat and that is why moderate consumption of pure cow ghee is not risky for health, or it is safe to say that moderate consumption of cow ghee dies not trigger any heart disease..

Grass Fed Ghee is a source of bio-available vitamin A

One of the important ghee benefits is its Vitamin A content, especially in grass fed ghee. Vitamin A plays a vital role in balancing hormone in body, in maintaining liver health, fertility, and building stamina. The vitamin A in ghee is immediately useable by the body, and also contains the fatty acid cofactors required for absorption

Pure ghee contains Vitamin K

Grass fed ghee contains vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is helps in faster calcium absorption into your bones. You may consume sufficient calcium but it won’t affect much unless it’s go together with vitamin K2. As a fat-soluble vitamin, it requires the fatty acids in ghee for absorption.

Ghee contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid

 Cow Ghee is the best dietary source of CLA. Density of CLA is radically higher in ghee procured from the milk of grass-fed cows. Further, the fat content of ghee plays a vital role in body weight management due to its satiation quality.

Ghee is a source of butyric acid

Ghee contains a significant level of butyric acid, which is an anti-carcinogenic short-chain fatty acid. Butyric acid is already known as an agent that can inhibit the growth of mammary tumors. Studies show that it boosts numerous healing and soothing properties on the intestinal tract as well as it works as a potential antidote for Irritable Bowel Disease.

Cow ghee is a source of good cholesterol

Further, the good cholesterol in ghee is a point to admire, not to fear. According to nutritionists, good cholesterol does not cause the problem of atherosclerosis.  If good cholesterol is supplied to body through good quality fats, such as grass fed ghee, it allows the body to help in reducing the problem of inflammation.

These are the benefits of grass fed Cow ghee. Milkio Traditional cow ghee offers all these benefits because it is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk. You will get to enjoy all these benefits if you consumer Milkio cow ghee at moderate quantity every day.

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Grass fed ghee: 10 reasons to call it a superfood

Grass fed ghee: 10 reasons to call it a superfood

Grass fed ghee: 10 reasons to call it a superfood

Grass fed ghee is being called by modern dieticians and nutritionists as the pantry superhero that can be used for different culinary processes as well as it can be preserved for longer than butter and cooking oils without refrigeration and without compromising on its quality of flavor and natural viscosity.  

But, this is not the only cause for calling grass fed cow ghee a superfood. There are at least 10 awesome reasons, which you can count for including cow ghee in your diet because of the valuable paybacks of this dairy product for its users.

Initiates weight loss

Grass fed ghee contains good fats. Moderate intake of ghee supplied good fat in body, which works as a filler food and controls hunger pang and calorie intake in a healthy way. Thus it helps in healthy weight loss for people following weight loss program.

Provides energy

Moderate quality of grass fed ghee intake keeps your energy level always up. This helps you in feeling good and rejuvenated, which is the reason ghee is called a feel good food.

Reduces the risk of cancer, cardio disease, and diabetes

Grass fed cow ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid. The intake of ghee prevents plaque formation in artery thus prevents cardio diseases. Pure cow-ghee is anti carcinogenic and prevents formation of free radicals in body.

Improves Immunity

Pure cow ghee is rich in multiple vitamin content. According to Ghee analysis in laboratory, pure cow ghee contains Vitamin A, E, and K, and few health friendly antioxidants that keeps body detoxified, helps in cell rejuvenation, and maintain natural hydration level of body.  To cut long story short, pure cow ghee helps in maintaining healthy immunity level of body if consumed with moderation and proper health consciousness.

Fights inflammation

Grass fed ghee contains sufficient butyrate or butyric acid, which is now commonly used in treatment of inflammation or unusual swallowing of internal organs. Doctors often prescribe butyrate supplement for treatment body’s unusual inflammation.  Cow Ghee can supply natural butyrate or butyric acid, hence can work as antidote for inflammation.

Ghee promotes flexibility

Cow Ghee has awesome lubricating effect and that is the reason when consumed in moderation, ghee can lubricate the bone joints, connective tissues, and maintains muscle softness. As a whole, cow ghee promotes flexibility.

Takes care of eye health

Ghee contains Vitamin A and that helps in natural prevention of macular degeneration and cataract development in eye: as a whole ghee takes care of eye health.

Ghee aids in pregnancy and fetus’ growth

Loaded with Vitamin K2, grass fed ghee plays an important role in the development of the baby’s facial features and teeth.

Does not trigger lactose intolerance

Since the milk solids have been removed from pure ghee, pure cow ghee typically doesn’t trouble people who are lactose intolerant.

Controls constipation

Moderate consumption of ghee maintains healthy gut because of its natural butyrate or butyric acid content.  As a result moderate consumption of ghee reduces the bout of constipation.

You need to use best quality grass fed cow ghee for enjoying all the ghee benefits. Use Mlkio pure grass fed ghee to enjoy all the benefits of ghee, which make it a superfood.  Bring Milkio in your kitchen and enjoy the superfood in your daily diet.

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Grass fed Ghee benefits over butter: ghee vs. butter

Grass fed Ghee benefits over butter: ghee vs. butter

Grass fed Ghee benefits over butter: ghee vs. butter

Grass fed ghee and butter both are kitchen staples and are used in our daily diet. Both are dairy products and taste good. But if we want to compare between the benefits of these two dairy products, we need to analyze grass fed cow ghee and butter from different perspectives.

Composition of ghee as compared to butter

Pure Cow Ghee is a healthy choice for your nootropic diet. This is chiefly due to its content that satisfies the dietary obligation suggested in the said diet plan, which butter cannot adhere to.

Fat contents of Ghee vs. Butter

Ghee has 14 grams of fat/ tablespoon, as compared to butter, which has 12 grams/ tablespoon. It offers more monounsaturated and good saturated fats.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) of Ghee vs. Butter

Grass fed Ghee contains extra 25% of short chain as well as medium chain triglycerides, in comparison to butter which only contains 12% – 15%. The short or medium chain fats are better options in comparison to longer chains. This Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is more easily digestible, making it handier for absorption and it works as faster source of energy in the body.

Other than this composition of grass fed ghee with butter, there are other satisfying benefits that make ghee a better option than butter.


Cow Ghee contains negligible quantity of lactose and casein once the milk solids have been removed from its final product at the time of production. The lesser amount of lactose and casein does not induce lactose allergy for the lactose intolerant people, therefore, these food allergic people can consumer grass feed ghee in comparison to butter.   As a whole, cow ghee is highly recommended for people with lactose intolerance or dairy product allergies.

Vitamins and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Pre ghee offers more nutritional benefits because of its multiple vitamin content than butter, some of which include Vitamin A, D, E, and K. It also contains higher count of CLA, which is a polyunsaturated fat and highly efficient to initiate unwanted fat loss from body. Butter lacks these qualities.


Grass fed Ghee contains higher amount of butyrate. This is a chain of healthy fatty acid that promotes healthier metabolism and healthy gut lining. Butter does not contain butyrate, which means butter plays no significant role in maintaining gut health.

 High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL)

Grass fed Ghee helps in raising the levels of HDL up in the body. This helps in natural cholesterol management by extracting it out of the blood and preventing it from getting deposited in the arteries. Ghee intake also helps in maintaining the ratio and balance between HDL and LDL.

 Smoke Point

Ghee offers higher smoke point and that is why it is a stable cooking oil while you will frying something.. Ghee maintains a smoke point of 400 to 450 degrees, whereas butter maintains only 200 to 250 degrees smoke point.


Grass fed ghee produces less acrylamide as compared to butter and other common cooking oils. The acrylamide is a toxic composite, usually formed in starchy foods if heated or prepared at high temperature.

Overall, ghee is as good as butter but in some cases, it is better than butter. You may find a small disparity when it comes to the count of fat, calories, and vitamin content, but the biggest difference is the restricted lactose and casein composition in grass fed ghee. Because of higher smoke point, ghee is a better choice than butter when used as cooking oil.

For all the grass fed ghee benefits, use Milkio Ghee in your daily diet and enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle with your friends and family.

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