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Grass fed organic ghee

Grass fed organic ghee

Grass-fed organic ghee is a natural product, which is served for its consumers in its purest form.

Organic cow ghee is procured from 100% grass-fed cow milk without the use of the additive, artificial flavor, or any kind of preservative. Ghee manufacturers use grass-fed milk for making grass-fed organic ghee.

But what is grass-fed milk?

Grass-fed milk is about the diet of the dairy cow. In organic dairy farms, farmers fed their cows with grass and grass-based fodder, and these cows are called grass-fed cows. Cows that are fed on 100% grass fodder are called 100% grass-fed cows. 

When dairy farmers collect milk from 100% grass-fed cows and sheep, the milk is called grass-fed milk. According to the dairy experts and as per relevant research, grass-fed milk is more nutritious than its grain-fed variety. Premium quality ghee like Milkio Organic Ghee is made from 100% grass-fed milk, hence it is categorized as Grass-fed organic ghee

What is special about organic ghee?

Organic products are a newer concept in the consumer market. It deciphers the way the product is processed and produced. If we take the example of organic ghee, the specialty lies in the raw ingredients of the ghee apart from the purity of the product. A ghee manufacturer not only uses the ghee manufacturing process with the best authenticity, but they also invest stringent quality assurance for collecting the raw ingredients of this dairy product. 

  • In producing Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee only 100% grass-fed cow milk is used and the milk is taken only from the listed organic firms in New Zealand as Milkio Foods is based in New Zealand only. 
  • In organic dairy farms in New Zealand, cows are not groomed in captivity: they have access to open green pastures around the year
  • Organic dairy cows are never treated with antibiotics, hormonal supplements or given GMO based feed
  • In an organic farm, cows are given only organic grass and grass-based silage
  • In an organic farm, grasses are collected from the pasture where soil management is done without the use of peptides and chemical fertilizer at least for the last three years.
  • In an organic farm, the authenticity of organic standard dairy farming is maintained via records. 

Organic products are not only about claiming the authenticity of their organic traceability. For example, Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee is certified by BioGro, New Zealand.

Why it is called versatile?  

This dairy staple is called versatile because of its all-rounder benefits. Ghee is used in the kitchen as a tasty ingredient. Simultaneously, this milk fat is extremely beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and lustrous hair.

Pure cow ghee offers health benefits if added to diet maintaining a moderation. It helps maintain a detoxed digestive system, healthy colon, balanced immunity, and lively libido. Ghee benefits are versatile because it’s applicable for all including kids to elderly (aged) people.

Dieticians, nutritionists, and dairy lovers especially recommend Grass-fed organic ghee as one of the pantry superhero products. There are some interesting reasons to call it a versatile kitchen staple. 

  • You can use ghee as cooking oil for baking, sautéing, deep-frying
  • Exactly like dairy butter, ghee can be used on morning toast, etc. 
  • Ayurveda specialists use ghee as an ingredient for making medicines.
  • Ghee clarified butter is good for hair and skin if used externally.  
  • Ghee’s diet is good for people of all ages. 

Organic grass-fed ghee is a shelf-stable product and that is why you can use it in your daily life without worrying about its expiry date. It is a multipurpose dairy product and serves differently. Hence users call it versatile. 

 Ghee for treatment of dryness

Organic ghee is a proven moisturizer. External application of ghee can work magic on maintaining the silky smoothness of the skin. It is rightly said that regular ghee body massage makes baby soft skin, and it is applicable for all types of skin.

Cooking with ghee will offer you the same skin benefits. Moderate ghee in the diet helps maintain strong immunity and that promotes healthy skin, healthy hair, and healthy eyesight.

If you are differing from dry eye syndrome, besides using an eye drop, pure cow ghee in the diet will help you to restore the lubrication of optic glands.

Ghee helps in maintaining a healthy heart

To stay hale and hearty maintaining heart health is extremely important. Grass-fed organic ghee in the diet is a heart-friendly lifestyle remedy. Organic cow ghee contains saturated fats, which is good for keeping a natural control of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Ghee in diet improved heart-friendly HDL cholesterol. Ghee contains Vitamin A, D, and E which are heart-friendly nutrients. Moderate ghee in cooking helps maintain a healthy heart if the ghee diet is coupled with a healthy active lifestyle.

Ghee helps in reducing weight

Organic cow ghee contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acid and CLA. All these fatty acids are known as the natural remedy of weight management. Ghee in diet maintaining moderation is a way to reduce unwanted body fat. Ghee improved digestion, which results in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Ghee offers high calorie and it functions as a filler food is consumed with morning tea/coffee, or with salad.

As a filler food ghee reduced calorie intake and if coupled with exercise, ghee in diet support weight reduction. Ghee promotes the energy level of the body, which is good for conducting an exercise or for continuing strenuous physical activities. It reduced inflammation and that leads to natural weight loss.

Ghee for a healthy colon

Pure cow ghee contains loads of butyrate, which is a proven remedy for controlling constipation. Regular ghee in the diet is a way to supply a healthy amount of butyrate in the digestive system, which helps in reducing the effect of constipation or irregular bowel movement.

Moderate Grass-fed organic ghee in the diet not only is good for maintaining a healthy digestive system but also helps remove toxins out of the body.

Ghee in the diet helps brain development

In Ayurveda, pure cow ghee was used as a remedial ingredient. Some of the Ayurvedic uses of ghee include ghee for brain development, improvement of concentration, as well as for improving emotional balance and feel-good mood, etc. The use of ghee diet is, therefore, health-friendly if moderation is maintained.

Ghee is widely prescribed in the pregnancy diet. It is believed that ghee in the diet for a pregnant lady helps in the brain development of the child in her womb.

Very few food products are available in the world which is identified with so many benefits.

Moreover, Grass-fed organic ghee is known for its global suitability in cuisine and the acceptance of humans of all ages and all genres.

To enjoy all Grass-fed organic ghee benefits you must consume 100% grass-fed organic certified pure cow ghee.

If you are looking for the best quality 100% organic grass-fed cow ghee, try Milkio grass-fed organic ghee: you will find Milkio ghee as the right choice for your kitchen.

Why Milkio Organic grass-fed is the best choice?

  • Milkio grass-fed organic ghee is manufactured from 100% grass-fed cow milk
  • The milk is collected from organic dairy farms of New Zealand only with complete traceability
  • Milkio organic ghee is certified by AsureQuality and BioGro, NZ: also Milkio organic ghee holds USDA Organic standard
  • Milkio Organic ghee is HALAL and KOSHER certified
  • It is a shelf-stable dairy product: post-manufacturing the product stays up to 12 months intact in the kitchen without the support of refrigeration.
  • Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee is available in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and New Zealand markets, as well as in online shopping portals.


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Organic grass fed ghee: ghee buying tips

Organic grass fed ghee: ghee buying tips

Organic grass fed ghee has earned global popularity and this dairy product is now available under different brands.

But it is important to understand why optimum priority is set on this category of ghee. Organic labelled products are manufactured with best raw ingredients adhering to the organic parameter of dairy products. When a ghee is called the grass fed ghee, it means the ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cows’ milk. Grass fed cow milk is anytime nutritious than cow milk collected from grain fed cows.

But the irony is all ghee qualities are not at par. Dieticians and nutritionists are recommending mostly to use organic quality grass fed ghee in ghee diet. However ghee uses have to be moderate by all means.  The quantity about how much ghee should be consumed varies from one person to another, and it also depends on the general health of the consumers.

 What is the organic grass fed ghee?

Organic ghee is a natural dairy product that offers plenty of health benefits. It is produced from pure and best quality raw materials like pure cow milk. For producing organic grass fed ghee manufacturers use the purest form of milk butter procured from 100% grass fed cows’ milk, as well as the milk is collected from the organic farms, where the cows are fed on organic grass only.

The milk used in this process are collected from 100% grass fed cows, and grass fed cow milks are superior in its nutrients value. As a result, organic grass fed ghee meets the highest quality standard for the consumers.

 How to verify the organic status?

Authentic organic grass fed cow ghee brand are endorsed with a valid organic certification. If a ghee manufacturer claims his product as organic, it has to be legally certified.

For example, Milkio Foods produced organic cow ghee is certified by BioGro NZ, one of the largest and well-known certifier for organic produce and products in New Zealand. Milkio organic grass fed cow ghee is produced by using 100% grass fed healthy and happy cow milk of New Zealand and adhered to the premium ghee quality.

How to check ghee quality online?

It is a real life issue that in online purchasing you cannot check the product physically before you get them delivered. Here you have to check the product quality by using few guidelines:

  • Check the certification: true organic products will show organic certification on the label
  • Look for the expiry date: organic grass fed ghee is a shelf stable product, can be stored for 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing
  • Best organic ghee is storage friendly: you don’t need refrigeration support to store it in your kitchen
  • Best quality cow ghee is beneficial for health and other ghee benefits: check if the ghee you are buying is natural and unadulterated
  • Good quality cow ghee is photosensitive. You will find it packed in non-transparent container or in a pack for making it moisture proof, heat proof, and protected from unwanted exposure to light
  • Organic cow ghee offers high smoke point. Adulterated ghee will show lower smoke point.
How to taste ghee purity in home?

Adulteration in cow ghee is a common mischief. Post purchase you can check the purity of ghee by using these simple methods.

Take some ghee from the purchased container in a test tube and add sugar in it: heat the mix. If a layer of red color is found at the bottom of the test tube, the ghee contains vegetable oil.

Take few drops of melted ghee in another test tube and add 2-3 drop of iodine solution in it. If the solutions turns purple in color, there is adulteration of sweet potato or normal potato mesh in the ghee.

Take some ghee in a glass jar and place in it refrigerator. If there is mix of coconut oil in the ghee, the melted ghee will create two layers.

Organic grass fed ghee is a pantry staple and can help in maintaining good skin care and hair care. External use of ghee is beneficial as cooking with ghee is good for maintaining good health and wellbeing. But it is important to use best quality grass fed organic cow ghee for enjoying best ghee benefits.

 How organic ghee is used?
  • Organic ghee is perfect for use in cooking. You can use it for high temperature cooking processes like baking, sautéing, deep fry. It is a natural taste enhancer for food and it is suitable for use in its raw condition. For example, organic cow ghee is used for seasoning salads, etc.
  • Organic grass fed ghee has some unique medicinal properties. In most of the instances raw cow ghee is used in making medicine. For example, one of the major ghee benefits in Ayurvedic treatment is its use for sleeping problem. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia, you may try consuming organic ghee (1 teaspoon) with milk before bedtime. Instead milk, you may use lukewarm water too.
  • Similarly, using raw ghee for coffee is a healthy diet supportive option; if you want to reduce your body fat, add organic grass fed cow ghee, the best ghee for coffee, and turn your morning beverage into an energy based health drink.
  • Like internal use you can use organic ghee for hair and skin care by external massage.
  • Health freaks, following Keto diet, can include organic ghee in their diet as a good quality fat source.
  • Organic grass fed ghee is the best option for Keto diet followers for its umpteen fat content.

 How organic ghee is produced?

Organic ghee is produced from organic milk butter. It is important to know what organic milk is. Organic milk is produced from certified organic dairy farm, where cows are fed on organic grass only. According to the benchmark of organic labeling, organic grasses are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizer. Other features of organic dairy farming are,

  • Cows will not be given any dose of antibiotics or hormone based medicinal doses
  • They will be on the open pasture almost round-the-year
  • All the documents about organic farming will be maintained by the farmer for audit.

Organic milk is a premium quality product and it is organic certified too. Organic grass fed ghee is prepared from this finest milk, and organic ghee manufacturers prefer traditional ghee making method for maintaining the best ghee quality.

Why Organic ghee is a better product?

Organic ghee is the purest form of this unique dairy product.  According to research, organic ghee contains higher quality of nutrients and the best quality fat than its non-organic quality. In terms of storage friendliness, organic grass fed ghee offers longer shelf life.

Ghee is used for making Ayurvedic medicines. Organic grass fed ghee is completely unadulterated and hence it is the best ingredient for making ayurvedic medicines, according to Ayurvedic specialists. For external use also, organic grass fed ghee is a more recommended product for its purity.

What are the prerequisites for enjoying ghee benefits?

Ghee contains butterfat and overeating of ghee may cause the problem of obesity, and many other complications. Ghee diet is advantageous when you will include ghee in strict moderation and you will embrace a healthy active lifestyle.  Include ghee in your diet if you can maintain these three conditions:

  • Moderate quantity of ghee in food
  • Habit of regular exercise
  • Use of the best quality ghee for use.

Want to buy 100% grass fed organic cow ghee?

Buy Milkio grass fed organic cow ghee and enjoy all the ghee benefits at its best! This premium quality New Zealand cow ghee is one of the best organic ghee in its category. You can buy this premium quality organic ghee online and you can buy it from the regular stores.

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Organic ghee Australia: why it has earned huge popularity

Organic ghee Australia: why it has earned huge popularity

Organic Ghee Australia market is available under different brands. 

People are using ghee more in comparison to other cooking oils.

It’s just not a trend.  Rather the health benefits of this organic milk fat has earned the preference of health freaks and home makers for several realistic reasons.

Ghee is Keto friendly

Ketogenic diet is quite popular in Australian community. The diet plan indulges inclusion of good quality fat in food regime. As organic ghee is a reliable source of good quality fats, keto diet considers good quality ghee absolutely friendly for keto plan.

Growing consciousness to stay in shape and keeping a control on carb intake are the two main impetuses behind choosing keto diet plan. The demand of quality organic ghee is therefore increasing in Australia.

Ghee is a proven versatile cooking oil

Organic grass fed cow ghee is a pantry hero. This dairy staple can be used in all types of cooking, like baking, slow cooking, sautéing, or in seasoning the foods.

Due to high smoke point of this dairy milk fat it is the most convenient to use ghee (clarified butter) for deep frying and baking, which are quite popular in Australian cuisine.  Naturally, Ghee as a safe cooking oil is enjoying ascending popularity in Australian market.

Ghee helps in controlling obesity

Clarified butter contains health friendly omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and CLA. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) help in reducing inflammation of body as these two ingredients support in natural weight reduction.

Now, it is a proven fact that if active lifestyle is coupled with planned and moderate amount of ghee in diet, it may help in unwanted body weight loss. This is, presently, one of the global reasons behind the popularity of cow ghee, Australian market is no exception to it.

Organic cow ghee is shelf-stable

Organic cow ghee is shelf stable. You can store good quality cow ghee in an airtight container for long.  Only good quality cow ghee can be stored up to 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing. Therefore buying ghee in bulk for pantry use is a budget friendly idea.

Availability of organic cow ghee online

Besides local market, Amazon Australia, one of the biggest online portals, is selling quality organic grass fed ghee. Regular availability and convenience of online purchase of quality product is stimulating the demand in market.

Neighboring New Zealand

New Zealand is world famous for their dairy products. Best quality 100% organic cow ghee is available from New Zealand dairy market in Australia and availability of quality product supply is working as a recurring impetus for creating ghee market here. 

The use of organic ghee is increasing globally.  Health freaks as well as conscious home makers are getting keener to add ghee benefits in their daily life.

The demand of Organic Ghee Australia market is the part of global popularity of quality clarified butter.

Holistic healthy lifestyle is getting emphasized with ghee use in cooking and adding it in diet. 


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