Grass fed Ghee: the booster effect you will be enjoying after having it in diet

Grass fed Ghee: the booster effect you will be enjoying after having it in diet

Grass fed Ghee, the booster effect you will be enjoying after having it in diet

Consumption of grass fed ghee has wide varieties of health benefits. Because of ghee benefits, grass fed cow ghee is called the pantry superfood and on regulated consumption you will get to enjoy some booster effect on your body, which are truly favorable.

Get a daily dose of vitamins

Grass fed ghee contains loads of vitamins like vitamins A, E, and K, etc. These vitamins offer different positive effects on body including wellbeing factors like promoting bone growth, hassle-free reproduction, proper teeth development, and natural regulation of the immune system. These daily dose of vitamins help us to stay well.

Feeling energized

Adding cow ghee in diet adds an excellent feel good mood. Furthermore, due to its high calorie count it offers pure energy for body. As a result you will get to maintain your natural energy well. It is calculated that one tablespoon (or 12.8 g.) of grass fed ghee will give you 112 kilo-cal of good energy enriched with health friendly vitamins.

Taking care of guts health

Grass fed ghee is rich in butyrate or butyric acid, a unique fatty acid that performs as fuel for the cells in the colon. It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in colon, which is a natural way to maintain healthy colon and a way to improve digestion.  Oral supplement of butyric acid is not recommended for intake as it can induce inflammatory bowel disease. Fiber rich diet and daily dose of 1 teaspoonful ghee is highly recommended for supplying butyric acid to maintaining colon health.

Takes care of heart health

Usually fat is considered bad for heart health but according to modern dieticians, good fat in moderate quantity is good for healthy heart. Pure cow ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid that results on lowering cholesterol count and thus promotes healthy heart. It can safely conclude that moderate consumption of best quality grass fed ghee is good for heart unless you have already developed heart disease or problem of high cholesterol.

Aids in losing weight

Ghee is high in calorie and that is why when consumed with other foods it helps in faster digestion increase lean mass and work as a filler ingredient that controls hunger pang and as a reason reduces calorie intake. As a result, grass fed ghee can work as a heart friendly ingredient for losing weight.

Other benefits of having pure cow ghee in moderation:

  • It increases the digestive stamina and helps in absorption of food.
  • It lubricates the connective tissues and makes the human body more flexible.
  • Pure Ghee functions as an ideal gent for carrying the therapeutic properties of milk to the deeper tissue layers of the body, that’s why Ayurvedic medicinal preparations often use ghee in preparing medicines.

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The 100% grass fed cow ghee is procured from pure cow milk under stringent quality control. Bring Milkio ghee in your pantry and enjoy all ghee benefits for better health and wellbeing of you and family members.

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Use of Ghee in Ayurvedic Treatment

Use of Ghee in Ayurvedic Treatment

Use of Ghee in Ayurvedic Treatment – therapeutic benefits of ghee

Pure Cow ghee is well-known for its awesome health benefits and this is one of the reasons, pure ghee is widely used in different homemade medicines following Ayurvedic treatment process. Use of ghee in Ayurvedic treatment is quite an old practice because of ghee’s proven health benefits. Some of the popular Ghee Ayurvedic treatment remedies include:

  • Patients suffering from ulcer should have ghee in their diet: the oily content helps.
  • People suffering with constipation should have ghee in their diet: its mild laxative quality helps.
  • Ghee’s rejuvenating quality helps in making voice smooth, melodious, and soft if consumed raw: the nurturing quality of ghee helps stands behind this improvement.
  • Ghee consumption helps in brain stimulation.

There are other significant health benefits of pure ghee: these benefits are used for enjoying different therapeutic aids. For example:

Ghee helps in healing wounds:

Ghee’s regenerative properties are widely utilized by Ayurvedic practitioners for healing wounds as well as to promote the growth of healthy cells. Ghee’s revitalizing property is a clinically proven fact and this is one of the reasons, ghee is used or treatment of pitta dosha as well as for treatment of burn injury.

Shatadhouta ghee in Ayurvedic treatment is used for healing burn and blisters. Ghee’s ability to pacify the burning nature of aggravated Pitta is also beneficial for treating gastro intestinal irritation and ulcers’ pain. Ghee’s cold, oily qualities help in protecting internal mucous membranes of organs and ensure natural relief from painful burning sensations caused due to ulcer.

Ghee in rejuvenation and aphrodisiac therapy

Ayurveda is famed for its rejuvenation treatments and pure ghee in Ayurvedic treatment is profusely used for making aphrodisiac medicines for its regenerative quality. The combo of ghee and milk is one of the best revitalization tonics prescribed in Ayurvedic treatment method to improve body’s life force (ojas) hence it promotes the deterrence of degeneration (aging) and boosting of natural immunity.

Ghee is ideal for massage and detoxification

A unique aspect of Ayurveda is its use of large amounts of oily substances in treatment. Because of super oiliness in texture, ghee in Ayurvedic treatment is used as a versatile base ingredient for making skin care medicines. According to Ayurveda, external massage with pure ghee balances Vata dosha by defying its rough and dry properties. As a whole, ghee massage can be very effective in reducing Vata problems such as osteoarthritis, stress, insomnia, as well as for treatment of paralysis.

In Ayurvedic detoxification (Panchakarma) method, increasing doses of ghee are given to patients each morning to prepare the body. Patients are treated with a daily ghee massage in order to bring toxins out of fatty tissues, followed by steam therapy to get the toxins out on the skin surface.  Once the toxin extraction is done, toxins are pulled off from body with different techniques to wash the entire system.

Other significant health benefits of pure ghee

There are some other ways we can enjoy health benefits of pure ghee. These are some other ways pure ghee in Ayurvedic treatment offers therapeutic effects:

  • Ghee is beneficial for a gargle to improve the health of the teeth and gums.
  • Ghee can be used as beneficial holistic bath oil. Add two tablespoons of pure cow Ghee and mix with 6-7 drops of lemon/lavender oil of your choice in your bathtub.
  • Ghee is excellent ointment for heat and fire burns.
  • Pure Ghee can be used as a natural medicine of tired eyes.
  • Ghee is a helpful and inexpensive facial moisturizer, especially for dry skin.
  • If a few drops of ghee are placed in the nostrils it checks all types of nosebleed. If this is done two times a day, then headache can be relieved.

These are some of the recommended use of pure ghee for maintaining health and complete wellness. However, it is always good to use best quality pure Cow ghee for enjoying its optimum therapeutic effects.