Ghee for pregnancy

Ghee for pregnancy

Ghee for pregnancy: use pure ghee in diet to support and boost pregnancy

Pure ghee for pregnancy diet is highly recommended by professional dieticians as rich content of pure ghee helps a carrying mother in restoring her vitality.

Pregnancy diet is an intricate and highly customized plan because it varies from person to person depending on the age, general health, lifestyle of the carrying mother, etc. Recently, dieticians are prescribing ghee in would be mothers’ diet, which at one go may go against the conception of fat free diet. Is there any reason to prefer ghee for pregnancy support? Let’s check here.

Ghee supplies nutrition to mother and child

Since ages in India and in other Asian countries pure cow ghee is offered for would be mothers as well as for married ladies. The diet is not only meant for offering quality foods but also for preparing the body of the would-be-mothers by boosting fertility as well as for seasoning health system for a healthy pregnancy in near future. Some of the advantages of having pure cow ghee for pregnancy diet are:

  • Ghee increases fertility of a woman by nourishing womb and seeds,
  • Ghee facilitates a healthy pregnancy for the carrying mother,
  • Ghee ensures proper care of the fetus in mother’s womb,
  • It boosts lactation in post pregnancy period for nursing mothers.

 Ghee is an excellent natural pre-birth tonic

According to Indian Ayurveda, a carrying mother should have some quantity ghee every day in her pregnancy. Other than eating ghee rice, mothers are advised to drink ghee by mixing it with boiled milk, 1-2 drops of saffron, 3-4 drops of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Ghee not only boosts brain health of the fetus, ghee for pregnancy diet ensures safe delivery of the baby.

Ghee helps in reducing pregnancy stress

Carrying mothers often suffer from pregnancy related stress and feel panicked about the exhaustion of labor pain and hassle of childbirth. It has been observed that moderate quantity of ghee in diet helps in managing this stress trauma and boosts a feel-good mood for pregnant ladies. Ghee for pregnancy diet helps in reducing stress level because ghee’s coolant effect on nerves.

Helps in quick restoring the lost vitality

Pure ghee is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, which is a source of adding vitality to health. During the 9-month pregnancy period a major portion of nutrients are added to fetus’s development and often the mother starts suffering from lack of vitality. Regular dose of ghee rice and other ghee made foods not only helps in maintaining the vigor level, it helps in quick restoring of the lost vitality of the mother.

Ghee for pregnancy is believed offers following effects:

These are some of the expected benefits of ghee if ghee for pregnancy diet is followed under the supervision of dietician:

  • It nourishes health systems and takes good care of skin beauty of the pregnant lady,
  • Pure Cow Ghee in diet improves digestion and relieves constipation thus controls irritation and mood swing of the carrying mother.
  • Ghee induces normal labor by acting as a mild laxative: it adds a lubricating effect in vaginal passage at the time of labor,
  • Ghee supplies strength for the mother to withstand the side effects of pregnancy and ghee supports in proper development of the baby’s brain.

These are the benefits of adding ghee for pregnancy diet. However all pregnancy diets should be made under medical supervision of a doctor and under active care and recommendation of an expert professional dietician.

Video Source : Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar