Grass fed cow ghee should be included in daily diet

Grass fed cow ghee should be included in daily diet

Grass fed cow ghee should be included in daily diet: 5 real-life reasons

While the myth says that cow ghee used in regular diet may cause lots of body weight management problems and health risks, celebrity dieticians like Rujuta Diwekar has prescribed ghee to be included in daily diet for some awesome benefits. In fact, it has been proved that moderate quantity of grass fed cow ghee is diet helps in enjoying a few health benefits, which are really good. Check here 5 real-life reasons for including ghee in daily diet.

Grass fed cow ghee strengthens digestion and immunity

Ghee (unlike other common cooking oils) is loaded with butyric acid content, which is a short chain fatty acid. Helpful intestinal bacteria convert fibers into butyric acid and then use that for cleaning and detoxing of intestinal wall. In this way a human body creates its own ‘Ghee’. When this natural power of creating butyric acid gets disrupted, digestion process gets hampered. As ghee contains butyric acid, it helps in cleaning digestive system. Moreover, grass-fed cow-ghee gets readily metabolized by the human body and is a safer choice than butter.

Ample production of butyric acid supports the production of T cells in the gut, which results into a healthy immune system.

Additionally, pure cow ghee has multiple nutritional values, and it is also rich in antioxidants. It helps a human body with general health to readily absorb the vitamins and minerals present in food, offering better level of nutrition and accordingly it helps in strengthening the immune system.

Ghee is anti-carcinogenic

Grass fed ghee has a higher smoke point that means the oil doesn’t ‘burn’ easily. The steady saturated bonds in ghee do not disintegrate during heating, and that is why Ghee with its short chain of fatty acids is less likely to break down into dangerous free radicals while cooking. As free radicals are one of the triggers of cancerous disease in body, ghee can be called anti-carcinogenic.

Additionally, according to research, consumption of pure cow ghee decreases the presence of enzymes responsible for unwanted activation of carcinogens in body. This study has been published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research. 

Ghee has anti-inflammatory quality

Grass Fed cow ghee is a great source of good quality cholesterol, which acts as a healing agent of human body. According to research, cholesterol levels increases during stressful period or when some unusual inflammation occurs: when we supply good quality fats in body like cow-ghee, it helps the body to reduce this inflammation.

Ghee induces feel good mood

 If pure Cow Ghee is consumed regularly in moderate quantity, it has been proved to have calming effects on the nerves, reduce stress, and induce feel-good hormones in the consumers. Fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar in her book, Indian Superfoods has explained that rice, ghee, sugar, and cashews are the foods that people always should include in their diet in moderate quantity. She also has mentioned that “addition of ghee to the meals reduces the food’s glycaemic index,” which is helpful in fighting stress as well  life style diseases like  diabetes and obesity.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

 While Ghee is not really recommended for patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it can help in reducing cholesterol levels in intestines as well as serum. Pure cow ghee enhances the secretion of biliary lipids. Ghee is a healthier food option if you exercise regularly and consume a balanced diet. However, people suffering from high cholesterol count should not consumer ghee on personal discretion.

These are 5 reasons to include grass fed cow ghee in daily diet in moderation. Use Milkio traditional grass fed cow ghee for enjoying all these ghee benefits in your life.

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Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

Grass fed cow ghee: proven Ayurvedic home remedies for improved health

It is globally known that grass fed cow ghee has many medicinal properties. For simple reason, pure cow ghee can be used in different home remedies for improving general health and well being. However, you need to use quality assured cow ghee for enjoying these home-remedy benefits.

Memory boosting therapy

Pure ghee can be excellent memory booster for kids. Just serve two teaspoon lukewarm ghee seasoned with black pepper. Serve the ghee pepper mix everyday with hot rice to get its benefit.

Dry Cough remedy

Dry cough often acts as stubborn. In these chronic cases, pure cow ghee remedy can be your stark savior. Add on teaspoon ghee in lukewarm milk and add ½ teaspoon turmeric power and powdered sugar candy into it.  Stir well thee mix before you take the mix. Try this remedy at least once in a day and continue it or 7-10 days to get rid of the dry cough issue.

Pregnancy induced constipation

Carrying ladies often suffer from the problem of constipation and pure cow ghee can be a good natural medicine to overcome the problem. Take one glass of lukewarm water treated with 1 teaspoon cow-ghee in morning in empty stomach. You can repeat this home remedy at the bed time. This is a simple way to treat the problem of constipation especially at the time of pregnancy.

Chapped lips can be treated with ghee

Smear cow ghee on your chapped lips and allow the grass fed cow ghee to sit on the chapped lips at least for overnight. Continue this remedy for at least 5-7 days and your problem for chapped lips will be completely cured.

Stop nosebleed with ghee

Pour lukewarm ghee on your nostrils and put your head on a high pillow so that the ghee stays inside the nostril.  The remedy will stop the bleeding almost instantly. You may try this remedy with kids also.

Problem of split hair can be solved

Mix lukewarm ghee and coconut oil. Add few curry leaves in it. Allow the mix to sit for some time. Then apply the mix on the hair’s split end.  Allow the ghee mix to sit on your hair over night and rinse hair with soft shampoo.

Increase semen count for men

According to Indian Ayurveda, Grass fed cow ghee can be used in boosting semen count for men. To practice this remedy you need to fry almond and walnuts in 1:1 ratio and fry them in cow ghee. Now grind these fried nuts and drink them with saffron treated milk at night. The potency of cow ghee and these nuts is beneficial or increasing fertility in male, which results in increased semen count.

In order to avail all these ghee benefits, you have to use cow ghee only. Use Milkio New Zealand ghee in your kitchen and use the pure cow ghee for practicing all these home remedies in emergency. You will surely get good results.

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Grass fed Cow ghee: Therapeutic effect of ghee in wintry season

Grass fed Cow ghee: Therapeutic effect of ghee in wintry season

Grass fed Cow ghee: Therapeutic effect of ghee in wintry season

According to modern dieticians like Rujuta Diwekar, grass fed cow ghee should be included in our daily diet because it helps in supplying good fats in our digestive system.  Cow ghee is known for its different therapeutic effect, which is one of the reasons dieticians prefer to include it in our daily diet especially in chilled climate. Look here the benefits of having cow ghee in daily diet during wintry season.

Cow ghee in diet helps in preventing cough and cold

Cough and cold attack is one of the snags of wintry season and dietary remedies are one of the best ways to fight the problem.  If you are prone to flue infection or you have a tendency to catch cold frequently, regular cow ghee at diet can do miracle for you. You will get to avoid recurring flue problem to a large extent.

 Are you suffering from stuffy or runny nose? Pour just two drops of ghee in your nostril and you will recover from this irritating snag.

Ghee in diet helps in staying energized

 Pure cow ghee is loaded with multi vitamins and plenty of anti oxidants. That is the reason grass fed cow ghee is rich on wide variety of nutrients. In winter season, supply of nutrients help body to stay energetic, skin soft, and hydrated. This is one of the reasons dieticians prescribe to have ghee in your regular diet during dry winter months.

According to well known nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani, winter season is the best time to add cow ghee in diet as it gets easily digested and also generates much needed warmth to the body.

Strengthening of digestion and immunity system of an individual

Grass fed Ghee is enriched in butyric acid, which is a short chain fatty acid. Health-friendly intestinal bacteria usually convert fiber into butyric acid and then use it for energy and intestinal wall support. A healthy body therefore makes its own form of ‘ghee’ but by consuming it you can boost the supply. Research has revealed that adequate production of butyric acid supports the generation of T cells in the gut and thus helps in developing a strong immune system.

 Ensures natural cure for dry skin

Dry skin is one of the irritating snags of winter and in order to take care of skin, pure cow ghee can be your best friend.  Enjoy light massage of ghee to maintain normal hydration level of skin, and add some quantity of ghee in your daily diet.  If you have recurring problem of chapped lips, light massage with ghee will work like a magic for your problem.

Fighting Dandruff: 

Dandruff problem and winter season seems to be made for each other. You can use Grass fed cow ghee to fight the problem and keep your scalp dryness-proof.  Simple massage on scalp with slight warm pure ghee will work like wonder for your scalp and hair health.  Keep the ghee overnight on your scalp and wash off with mild shampoo in the morning.

These are the reasons grass fed cow ghee should be used in moderation during winter. However, for enjoying all the wintry benefits of ghee you must use best quality grass fed cow ghee only.

You can count on Milkio Grass fed cow ghee: it is New Zealand made and offers plenty of benefits to all its consumers.

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Grass fed Ghee vs. cooking oil: why ghee is a better option

Grass fed Ghee vs. cooking oil: why ghee is a better option

Grass fed Ghee vs. Cooking Oil: why ghee is a better option

You may come across many recipes where ghee is optional, and you are asked to substitute the ingredient with any other cooking oil. But is really cooking oil is the substitute of grass fed cow ghee? Let’s take a look between the difference of ghee and other cooking oil.


Grass fed cow Ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk, where as cooking oil is mostly produced from different oil seeds. While ghee is a dairy product, cooking oils are plant –based food products. Ghee is produced from animal product, whereas oils are mostly originated from herbal resource.

Source of saturated fats

Having good quality saturated fats is good for heart heath: in that way consumption of ghee in moderation has many benefits. Some of them are better digestion, natural laxative, helps in weight loss, etc. On the other hand, cooking oil is free from cholesterol, but other than this feature, cooking oils have no therapeutic benefits for consumers.

High smoking point

Cow Ghee has higher smoking point than any cooking oil. The higher smoking point ensures that while used for frying or baking, ghee does not break fatty acid chains, while cooking oil gets broken in harmful free radicals, which may induce cancerous diseases.

Although cooking oils are free of cholesterol, indiscriminate consumption of cooking oil may induce problem of increased blood cholesterol. 

Ghee contains nutrients

Grass fed cow ghee contains natural antioxidants and vitamins like A, D, and E, and K2 and it is the highest natural sources of CLA: ghee has lots of nutritional benefits if taken in moderation. On the other hand cooking oils do not have these nutrients and these oils do not have any therapeutic effect on body even if consumed under prescribed quantity. 

Ghee suits dairy intolerants

Dairy intolerant people can take ghee for enjoying milk benefits to a large extent. But there are no such food benefits of cooking oils.

Ghee can be used as spread

 Pure Cow-Ghee can be used as spread but cooking oil cannot be consumed as spread.

Natural laxative

Grass fed Cow ghee is a natural laxative because of its butyric oil content, which is a kind of short chain fatty acid. However, there is no such property of cooking oils.

These are the differences between Cow ghee and cooking oils. However, both the ingredients are sensitive and should be used in moderation. You have to use pure grass fed cow ghee to enjoy all the benefits in contrast to cooking oil use in regular diet.  Use Milkio Traditional 100% grass fed cow ghee to enjoy all the ghee benefits described here.

Grass fed cow ghee an elixir for complete body care

Grass fed cow ghee an elixir for complete body care

Grass fed cow ghee: an elixir for complete body care and cure in Ayurvedic process

Grass fed cow ghee was rightly called a natural elixir in ancient South India. One of the reasons behind this extensive appreciation of ghee is its versatile qualities that offer therapeutic effect on the users. Besides its excellent culinary utility, pure ghee can be used wide range of Ayurvedic treatment processes. Let’s take a quick glance:

Ghee is used in Purvakarma

This is a small gesture of well being that will offer you good result. Take small amount of ghee and swallow it in the early morning in empty stomach. This simple ghee remedy helps in eliminating toxic faster accumulated in tissues and in keeping body fresh and revitalized.

Ghee is a natural laxative

Take 1 teaspoon full cow ghee in morning along with lukewarm water and have it in empty stomach. Ghee works as a natural laxative for healthy cologne. Those who are suffering from IBS or difficulty in bowel movement will get excellent result by using pure cow ghee treatment remedy. This warm water and ghee remedy can improve oral health including teeth and gum.

Ghee for other beauty uses:

  • Ghee can be used for relieving sun burn: simply smear it on the patch and you will get rid of irritation
  • He can be used as a facial moisturizer: you may use two drops of essential oil of your choice.
  • Two drops of pure cow ghee can be used as eye drop to treat dry eye syndrome
  • Two drops of ghee in nostril can stop nose bleed
  • Ghee massage on forehead can relieve all types of headache including migraine.
  • Ghee massage is believed to be aphrodisiac: it was used in ancient India for natural stimulation of sex drive.
  • Regular ghee massage on hair helps in controlling the problem of dandruff and aids in controlling the problem of hair-fall due to nutritional insufficiency.
  • Regular but moderate consumption of pure cow ghee is believed to boost memory power, concentration, and intelligence.

These are the benefits of using pure cow ghee according to Ayurveda. However, if you can use pure cow ghee, then only you will get to enjoy these ghee benefits.

Use Milkio grass fed cow ghee only to get all these ghee advantages for your complete skin care and cure along with additional profit.