Ghee butter: why and how it works well for your health

Ghee butter: why and how it works well for your health

Ghee butter is one of the most popular dairy products all across the world.

Predominantly, it works as a cooking ingredient however, pure ghee has lots of beneficial effect; hence, homemakers count it as a pantry staple.

Cooking with ghee adds a unique taste in the prepared dish. Not only taste, ghee adds a series of health benefits for its users. These health benefits can be of mainly two types. One is culinary benefits and the other is therapeutic benefits.

Common therapeutic benefits of ghee

Ghee buyer if consumed in moderation, will offer you some unique health advantages. These are:

  • It can improve skin softness.
  • Ghee in diet is believed to improve natural eye power.
  • Clarified butter is hydrating in nature. Moderate ghee butter in diet keeps skin moisturized.
  • External ghee massage helps in prevention of fine-line and wrinkles.
  • Ghee massage on scalp keeps hair strands healthy, shiny, and looks voluminous.

Other than therapeutic effect, ghee in diet is helpful for some more physical wellbeing. These are maintaining healthy heart, keeping control on cholesterol count in blood, enjoying detoxed body, healthy colon, etc.

But now the common question is what makes ghee potential for offering all these critical health benefits. Ghee content stands responsible for all these health advantages.

How ghee butter is better for natural weight loss?

Ghee butter is also called clarified butter or anhydrous fat.  Ghee butter is free of lactose and casein and hence free from the risk of lactose intolerance. Because of high calorie count ghee butter can be used in morning tea/coffee, and besides supplying energy, it works as a filler food too. 

Ghee Butter contains omega-3 fatty acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which are proven ingredients for natural weight loss helps. Furthermore pure ghee butter (clarified butter) contains Butyrate that keeps your colon health robust hence keeps digestive system clean and detoxed. 

Ghee-butter in diet

Ghee-butter in diet coupled with healthy and active life style will always help you in staying fit and fine and in-shape.  Also omega-3 fatty acid in ghee helps shedding in weight naturally.

Ghee butter made from cow’s milk is an outstanding source of fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D, and K) and healthy fatty acids that support in weight loss.

How ghee butter is good for healthy colon?

Pure cow ghee butter contains butyrate, which is a proven medical remedy for colon cleaning. Regular moderate quantity of ghee in diet reduced the problem of constipation, irregular bowel movement, etc. Furthermore, ghee in diet helps in faster digestion hence, keeps body toxin free.

Raw cow ghee in one teaspoon quantity in one glass of lukewarm water in the morning helps in cleaning intestine, which restores immunity and improves balance of physical wellbeing.

Ghee butter is a versatile dairy product that is good for kids as well as for aged people.

Ghee in diet is good for active people as well as for the pregnancy ladies do its nutritional benefits. This anhydrous milk fat is good for improving health and that makes it a health friendly kitchen item for cooking and using in wellness remedies.


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What Everyone Ought To Know About Benefit of Grass fed ghee

What Everyone Ought To Know About Benefit of Grass fed ghee

Grass fed ghee benefits were first proclaimed in the old Ayurvedic scriptures. Recently medical studies have verified the benefits that are possible having such clarified butter.

The vitamin and the vital nutrients that are present in this amazing food substance offer you the natural way to have a healthy body and immunity from various diseases. Body parts starting from eyes to the abdomen can be benefitted having such daily.

Not only can that consuming organic grass fed ghee help you to have stronger bones. As it is free from lactose or casein, you can have it in case you have an intolerance to such.

What is cow ghee?

Ghee is made from the milk of grass fed cows that graze on the green pastures of New Zealand. The cows intake the natural ingredients and store those in their milk which comes to you in a bottled manner when you purchase ghee from reputed manufacturers in New Zealand.

The natural ingredients present in the milk of such grass fed cows offer you vitamins and vital nutrients helping you to have a healthy life.

If we have a look at the nutritional facts of I tablespoon of this nature of clarified butter then it is as follows:

  • Calories—45
  • Total Fat—5 gram
  • Vitamins and Minerals—4%

Health benefits of grass fed ghee

There is much such grass fed ghee benefits that you can have when you have such daily. Let us have a look at some of those.

Enhanced digestion:

The secretion of digestive enzymes is enhanced having such clarified butter made from the milk of grass fed cow. It is itself easy to absorb and helps to break down other food substances for easy digestion. It has the amazing ability to maintain the balance of bile without withdrawing the intestinal potential of the body. Having a spoon of such with warm water can relieve you from constipation.

Best of bone development:

Ghee is a dietary substance that is packed with fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins help in having stronger bones and best of brain development. It is also the one food that you can have so that your sensory organs work better. Having a measured dose of it you can expect to have the best of memory, wisdom and intelligence as your brain will be functioning better.

Better heart health:

Grass fed ghee contains vitamin K 2 and that helps in avoiding deposition of calcium in the arteries. Having a free flowing artery, it can be expected that your heart will be working the best.

Helps in having a balanced diet:

Ghee is the best way to have CLA. It enhances the metabolic rate and hence offers you ways to burn unwanted fat leading to obesity. As it helps in lowering the insulin resistance, you can have a check on having diabetes.

These are some of the benefits that you can have had grass fed ghee. So, without hesitation have such daily though in the measured quantity.

Ultimate Secret of weight loss, with grass fed ghee

Ultimate Secret of weight loss, with grass fed ghee

Grass fed ghee is the first food item that you avoid when you are fat or suffering from obesity.

The common reception that clarified butter is unhealthy and fattening leads you to such avoidance. On the contrary recent medical studies has established the age-old saying of Ayurveda claiming clarified butter have ingredients making it the ideal diet to lose weight.

Ingredients present in ghee

You may be thinking what ingredients are there in grass fed ghee that is made from the milk of cows grazing in the green pastures of New Zealand. Let us have a look at the ingredients. It is one food item offers 112 calories per serving of 1 tablespoon. The other ingredients are as follows:

  • Vitamins
  • Mineral
  • CLA
  • MCT oil

These ingredients offer you health benefits and at the same time helps to lose weight.

How does grass fed ghee help in weight loss

Ghee is considered unhealthy but despite that, if taken in the right proportion it helps you to lose weight. The below facts will help you to understand it better.

  • It has the essential amino acid that helps in moving the fat and hence helping in shrinking the fat cells. So, if it is observed that you are becoming fat quickly then add this generally avoided food item in your daily food chart.
  • It is the best source of CLA. This is a type of omega-6 fatty acid that helps in weight loss. CLA also helps in the reduction of fat mass and enhancement of lean mass and the result observed is a loss of weight.
  • Clarified butter also contains an omega-3 fatty acid that is also one that helps you have a flat belly.
  • There are other amazing benefits that you can have consuming carried butter made from the milk of grass fed cows of New Zealand. You can have better digestion, prevent inflammation and lot many. Some of these benefits also help you to lose weight.

So, by now you must have understood that grass fed ghee is not a food item to avoid when fat but to have in measured quantity to lose weight. The question that arises in your mind is how to use such in your daily diet.

grass fed ghee

Use of ghee in the daily diet

You can use it in any manner that you deem fit. You can have in a manner that suits your taste and personality.

  • You can have it in the morning in empty stomach. Having such, you can have energy and vitality for the entire day and have a reduction of fat.
  • Add it to the coffee that you take and have the health benefits.
  • Use it as a cooking medium and cook tasty foods that have the taste of pure nature in it.

The only thing to remember is that do not have it in excess. Have a measured amount of grass fed ghee daily and regain the slim figure you had before.

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The link between Organic Ghee and your Cardiovascular Health

The link between Organic Ghee and your Cardiovascular Health

You may be in disbelieve after reading the title of this write-up.

Yes, generally we hear people saying that it is risky to have fat-containing foods if we wish to maintain a healthy heart.

But on the contrary, recent medical research is saying the opposite. As you read through you will begin to understand why grass fed ghee is helpful in the prevention of CVD.

The misconception that prevailed

It is generally thought that the common cause of heart disease is due to having a higher amount of saturated fats. Earlier medical studies indicated that the level of cholesterol is an indicator of cardiovascular diseases.

Recently medical observations have been made that the actual culprit is oxidized low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and is what leads to atherosclerosis. Now you may be wondering how this all relates to grass-fed ghee, so let us link the two together.

Previously we thought, organic ghee contained up to 65% saturated fat, and was going to give you heart complications. Recent medical studies have shown that grass-fed ghee did not contain any oxidized cholesterol.

Oxidation of cholesterol in ghee is very slow. It can take several months before any traces found. It is better to be on the safe side and have regular batches of fresh ghee to be safe. Having fresh ghee does not link eating fats to having heart disease.

Image Source : https://www.world-heart-federation.org

The way that ghee prevents CVD

You may be now curious to know what ghee does to your heart. The fatty acids and saturated fats that are in organic ghee are 89% short chain fatty acid. Other ghee made from other animal sources may differ.

The grass fed cow ghee that you can have from Milkio has been tested to have 89% short chain fatty acid.

Short Chain Fatty acids aren’t shown to cause complications, and the real culprit is Longer Chain Fatty Acids that can lead to blood clots and thrombosis.

As there is a small amount of long chain fatty acids in Grass Fed Organic Ghee, it can be deemed safe for your heart health.

There are other benefits of having organic ghee containing short chain fatty acids- it is easier to digest, helps in strengthening your cell membranes, increases production of hormones that are beneficial for the heart.

One important note would be to consume ghee in moderation.

Consume fats in a large amount may have adverse effects. Incorporating organic ghee in moderate amounts, paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can bring about many benefits.

Incorporating organic ghee in moderate quantities, paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can bring about many benefits.

Legal Disclaimer

Thank you for reaching Milkio Foods! Nothing on this site is medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making any lifestyle or diet changes. Our opinions are not intended as medical advice and should not a bit of medical information.

What to choose Ghee or Butter when on Keto Diet

What to choose Ghee or Butter when on Keto Diet

gheeAre you on a keto diet and are confused about choosing butter or ghee? If are not sure, then you have come to the right place.

This article helps you make a choice about whether to have grass fed ghee or butter.

The comparison of properties of grass fed ghee vs butter

Before we go into the depths of deciding whether to eat ghee or butter, let us understand what they are made of. Ghee contains essentially many short, medium and long chain fatty acids.

If we compare that with butter, research has shown that ghee is a more concentrated source of fat than butter and has a higher degree of saturation.

Ghee also contains Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Grass fed ghee made from the milk of grass-fed cows, also contains MCT Oil, CLA and Butyric acid.

Ghee or butter on a keto diet?

Now focussing on the actual question- whether you should have ghee or butter on a keto diet. The composition of a keto diet must be high in fats, moderate in protein, and low on carbohydrate. The purpose of such a diet is to enhance ketone bodies derived by the metabolism of fat.

If we compare the amount of fat in grass fed ghee to butter, it is seen that ghee has over 25% whereas butter has 12-15%. More over, the MCT Oil present in ghee aids in ketogenesis. So, it can easily be decided that ghee is a better option to consume than butter on Keto.

The benefits achieved having ghee when on a keto diet

There are many benefits that you can have when you consume good quality grass-fed ghee. These advantages paired with a balanced keto diet, can help you feel better:

  • Boost in energy: The medium-chain fatty acids in ghee can be quickly processed to boost ketone production and give you energy fast.
  • Best oil for cooking: Having a higher smoking point of 485-degrees, makes ghee the best cooking oil, which is keto-friendly.
  • Rich in vitamins: As mentioned earlier, grass fed ghee organic has many essential vitamins needed to maintain a healthy body.
  • Reduced effect of allergies: When manufacturing the ghee, all dairy sugars and proteins are removed so ghee offers the taste of butter without adverse allergic side effects of dairy proteins.
  • Enhanced bone strength: The vitamin K in ghee helps enhance bone growth. Not only that, it also safeguards your arteries against atherosclerosis.
  • Beneficial for weight loss: If you desire to lose weight when on keto, then having ghee can help you maintain ketosis and burn fat.

So, hopefully it is clear how advantageous ghee on a keto diet can be. Feeding your body with the best quality grass fed ghee can make sure you get the most benefits out of your ghee.

Milkio’s grass fed ghee aims to bring you premium New Zealand ghee.