Ghee benefits for skin: do know that ghee can improve your skin in many ways

Ghee benefits for skin: do know that ghee can improve your skin in many ways

Ghee benefits for skin is all about application of ghee for hassle-free skin care treatment. 

Both men and women can use the Ghee beauty therapy regardless their age and lifestyle.

The uniqueness of ghee beauty therapy is that you can use ghee externally as well as you can use ghee benefits by adding ghee in diet.

How to apply ghee for skin care?

Let’s go for the beauty benefits of this dairy product if used externally. Ghee mask can be used for all types of skin and hair.

Besides dry skin, use of cow ghee for oily skin is highly recommended Ayurvedic treatment.

  • Cow ghee is a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin soft, supple, and hydrated. If you want to use ghee for oily skin, you can add 3-4 drop of lemon juice in ghee.
  • Pure cow ghee massage on the whole body will help you in maintaining a baby like soft skin.
  • Regular ghee massage is a sure way to control the problem of life less skin tone, chapped skin, or unusual dryness of skin.
  • Pure cow ghee massage at scalp will keep your hair scalp clean hydrated and dandruff free.
  • Regular ghee massage in hair instead of oils will work remedial for hair fall control, premature aging of hair or unsightly frizzle in hair volume.
  • Use of ghee mask on face is an easy way to offer anti-ageing treatment to your skin. In order to get further benefits, you may add turmeric, gram powder, and 3-4 drops lemon juice. Leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.
  • If want to use ghee for skin pigmentation treatment, the aforementioned ghee turmeric mask will work well for you.
  • Want use the benefit of ghee for skin whitening? Apply ghee, sandalwood powder, and saffron on your face,
  • Use of ghee on chapped lip or cracked heel can work like magic. Furthermore, regular application of pure cow ghee on the under eye area is a reliable remedy to reduce dark circles and fine wrinkles.

Ghee benefits for skin is not a sheer magic and overnight skin cure formula. External application of ghee on skin turns highly advantageous when you can add ghee in diet to enjoy ghee’s holistic benefits.

The benefits of ghee diet

  • Eating ghee for healthy body is a global formula of enjoying wellness, but do you know that ghee in diet leads to result of eating ghee for skin care and anti-aging treatment of your body?
  • As use of desi ghee for fair skin is a proven beauty remedy, ghee in diet is a proven remedy for skin care, body care, as well as for pampering a unique feel good mood for you.
  • Ghee in cooking will help you in enjoying the advantage of having butyrate digestive system, which helps in relieving constipation.
  • Add ghee in your morning tea or coffee and you will get to turn your hot beverage into a healthy energy drink. This ghee-tea or coffee will keep you energized, control your hunger pang, and will cut off your calorie intake, and untimely will help you in eight reduction. Healthy body leads to healthy skin and healthy mind.
  • Pure cow ghee in diet is good for adding a portion of antioxidants in your body, which helps in keeping your immunity level strong. Strong immunity level aids in maintaining healthy hair, soft skin, and wrinkle free facial contour.

These are some of the easy and effortless you can enjoy ghee benefits for skin. However, according to the research, mainly cow ghee is the best variant of this milk fay, which is rich in nutrients hence offers multiple health benefits, skin care is one of them.

Grass fed cow ghee is the most recommended variety of ghee.

Always use organic certified 100% grass fed cow ghee to relish skin care with ghee. 




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Is ghee good for health? What makes ghee good for health

Is ghee good for health? What makes ghee good for health

Is ghee good for health? It is a common question and you cannot really answer the question in one word.

Ghee and its benefits is variable and conditional. In order to enjoy best ghee benefits, you need to plan your diet as well as you need to modify your lifestyle.

Ghee helps in natural weight loss

Obesity has become a global issue. Sedentary life style being one off the triggers, health freaks are constantly looking to improvise their diet and lifestyle to stay away from overweight problem.  Planned Ghee diet can be a healthy relief for them.

This dairy product contains health friendly Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid and CLA, which are medically proven for natural weight loss in human.

Because of almost 64% saturated fats, (ghee) brown butter works as a filler food. If you can add ghee in your morning tea or in breakfast, it will control your hunger pang for long.

Ghee helps in controlling constipation

Constipation or irritable bowel syndrome is a silent killer of your life’s zest. By adding ghee is diet you can reduce these problems.

Simply add one teaspoon ghee in one glass of lukewarm water. Take the ghee mixed water at night before going to bed. Eating ghee at night will bring tight sleep for you and it will help in controlling the intensity of your constipation problem.

The benefits of drinking warm water with ghee is a popular home remedy of reducing constipation; starting from kids to all adult humans can use this ghee remedy including pregnancy ladies.

Other ghee benefits

Pure cow ghee offers various health benefits, which results in enjoying healthy skin, beautiful hair, healthy nails, and good eye care. Both external ghee massage and ghee in diet is recommended for achieving ghee benefits for hair, ghee benefits for skin and nails.

Moderate ghee in cooking is healthy for heart, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

It is medically proven that ghee diet does not affect the cholesterol count in blood, rather, moderate ghee in diet is helpful for exercising a tight control on harmful LDL cholesterol count in blood.

According to Ayurveda, ghee consumption is good for improving concentration level, for students it is favorable for developing brain health. If you have a question in mind that is ghee good for brain, you can consult Indian Ayurvedic remedy on ghee that moderate ghee in daily diet is good for retaining memory power, etc.

Ghee benefits is easy to avail. You can add ghee in your diet, which means you can substitute cooking oils with pure cow ghee. Instead of using butter in your food, you can use ghee as a toast spread. You can add this tasty milk fat in your morning tea or coffee to turn it into a healthy energy drink.

What makes ghee good for health?

There are plenty of nutrients that makes ghee a complete super food. It has loads of good quality fats, which includes medium chain fatty acids, short chain fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamins, and all the quality of milk excluding lactose and casein, which may cause food allergy for lactose intolerants. Pure cow ghee is shelf stable and can be used in all types of cooking.

Now, let’s come to the question is ghee good for health. Yes, Ghee is healthy if you can couple this dairy staple with active life style and restricted quantity.

Besides, ghee benefits are all about the quality of the product used in cooking.

Only 100% grass fed organic cow ghee will offer you best health benefit. Before buying, please check the product for its quality.

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