Disadvantages of ghee: what makes the drawbacks a bliss| MilkioFoods

Disadvantages of ghee: what makes the drawbacks a bliss| MilkioFoods

Disadvantages of ghee is quite an uncommon discussion, because ghee is praised worldwide as a health friendly super food. 

But like the dark side of a coin, this super-food has some drawbacks or disadvantages. But what makes ghee unique is its versatility.

The disadvantages of ghee can be modified in your personal favor. It is not a rocket science but a few change of lifestyle will help you in doing so.

Ghee is loaded with fat

Yes, ghee is loaded with fats and excessive consumption of pure cow ghee can make your obese. But if you count on ghee’s calories and accordingly use this dairy staple with strict moderation, you may exploit the fat content of ghee in a positive way.

Use ghee as a filler food. Include it into morning coffee to turn this beverage into an energy drink and let this milk fat control your hunger pang for longer than usual. Use the high calorie of ghee in diet and put a control on you calorie intake.

Ghee is a laxative

Ghee is a natural laxative because of its butyrate content. Use ghee at your bed time with arm glass of water and enjoy fit class colon health. Are you suffering from chronic constipation or IBS? Use the purgative quality of this dairy product and enjoy great relief from the irritation.

Ghee in diet is not appropriate for heart patients

It’s a myth. In fact medical investigation could not found any common relation between ghee diet and heart health.

Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, intake of junk foods, and fat based foods are not recommended for people with cardiac disease.

But if moderate amount pure cow ghee is used in cardiac diet instead of using vegetable oil in cooking, ghee in cooking is a better option. Cooking with moderate quantity of ghee will turn the disadvantage of ghee into a definite benefit.

Ghee in cardiac patients’ diet can be good if it is used in restriction. Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) a fatty acid which can reduce artery plaque and intensity of diabetes. Because of these benefits, researchers have expressed that ghee can potentially be used to help in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Ghee is not recommended for diabetics: it can perk up blood sugar

It’s a myth. In contrary, Ghee contains high amount of good fat in it, which may turn healthy for diabetics id used in moderation. According to nutritionist Shilpa Arora,

“Adding ghee to the rice may aid the diabetics to consume the sugar from rice efficiently.”

Adding ghee to high glycemic foods like rice may help in reducing the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar level of a diabetic. What is known as disadvantage of ghee, actually it can help you in staying healthy if you can use its fact content in your favor.

Ghee may induce extra weight

Because of high calorie and load of saturated fats, people may assume that ghee can be the trigger for body weight gaining. Yes it can be, if you cannot do exercises and you fail you maintain moderation of ghee use.

One of the prime advantages of ghee is pure cow ghee contains MCT which is known as healthy fats and health friendly too.

Ghee also contains CLA fatty acid which helps in decreasing body fat mass too.

Disadvantages of ghee is a stark reality buy with little planning and active lifestyle you can convert these ghee disadvantages in health advantages.

Use pure cow ghee to get maximum ghee advantages and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the solution to overcome the so-called drawbacks of ghee consumption.

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Drinking ghee on an empty stomach

Drinking ghee on an empty stomach

Drinking ghee on an empty stomach

Drinking ghee – clarified butter, first thing in the morning makes the nourishing juice called Rasa. According to the Ayurvedic Medicine, ghee lubricates every tissue and every cell in your body. Also, ghee builds the immune system, which is called Ojas in Ayurveda. If your body doesn’t respond well to ghee, drink oils such as sesame oil, coconut oil, linseed or hemp seed oil, or olive oil, when you wake up. You can drink between 5 to 10 ml on an empty stomach.

What is Rasa?

Rasa is the source of nutrition for every cell in the body. It contains five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Good Rasa shows in a glowing and soft skin. It gives a healthy shine. When Rasa is balanced we experience clear perception, faith, and love; when Rasa is out of balance, we feel sad and confused.

Why drink ghee first thing in the morning?

When you wake up, your body is ready to make Rasa – fresh, nourishing juice for the body. Rasa then passes on the nourishment to the tissues. When all these tissues receive the oils or ghee, every cell of the body is cared for; the joints are lubricated, the hair becomes soft and silkier, the skin is smoother.

Drinking ghee

Drinking ghee (clarified butter) on an empty stomach

My story

I had very dry skin, and during the cold season, the dryness worsened. I tried all the products on the market for external applications, but these products helped me only temporarily. I did not realize it could be something internal. When I discovered Ayurveda, I started drinking 1 or 2 tablespoons of organic cow ghee. And the results came in soon enough: I feel different as my skin is no longer dry and my joints don’t make cracking or popping sounds.

The body has its own process and lubrication may happen between 1 and 6 six months into the treatment. Try drinking ghee for a month and share how did that change the way you feel.

Gagori Mitra