Desi ghee benefits: 7 unique profits that will modify your food habit

Desi ghee benefits are all about the health benefits of desi ghee.


Cooking with ghee may bring multifaceted leverages for its users if quality and quantity is maintained. There are at least seven unique profits of ghee, which will probably modify your food habit in a positive way.


Desi ghee is the colloquial name of traditional pure ghee.

It is called desi ghee in order to emphasize its unadulterated quality and old conventional process of procuring the product. You will get to enjoy optimum benefits when pure ghee (desi ghee) is consumed.


Natural weight loss

Also known as clarified butter, brown butter, anhydrous fat, etc. pure ghee is made of loads of fats. Moderate and meticulous consumption of pure ghee works as a filler food. If consumed at a daily basis, brown butter in diet will help you in burning fat and losing undesirable body weight naturally.

Natural body weight control is one of the latest proven advantages of desi ghee diet.


Improves gut health

Pure clarified butter contains butyrate, which is clinically known for improving gut health of the consumers. Moderate consumption of ghee in diet is helpful for controlling problems like irritable bowel syndrome and recurring disorder of constipation.


High smoke point of ghee reduces free radical in body

Pure clarified butter offers high smoke point in comparison to usual cooking oils. As a result, cooking with ghee is safer than cooking with other cooking oil as well as with butter. While cancerous diseases have become a global threat, the anti-carcinogenic property of ghee is a great relief for people, which use cooking oil for preparing foods. 


Pure desi ghee benefits extends for the consumers because of the versatile quality of ghee as cooking oil.

You can use ghee for in various cooking processes including baking, sautéing, deep frying, and raw consumption. A grand combo of high smoke point, MCT, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a winning combo of health benefits of desi ghee like weight loss, diabetes control, and natural cancer protection.

Recommended for pregnant ladies

Desi ghee benefits during pregnancy is an age-old remedy for offering nutrition for carrying mothers. According to Ayurveda, pure ghee in pregnancy diet helps in many ways like physical development of the fetus, maintaining energy level of the mother, etc.

Ayurvedic ghee recipe in pregnancy

Ayurveda suggests eating pure cow ghee with boiled milk with a pinch of saffron, honey (3 – 4 drops) and a nip of turmeric powder. This mixture is believed to increase immunity of the pregnant lady, brain health of the baby, etc. Although there is no medical evidence behind the claim for cow desi ghee benefits in delivery, it is a traditional belief that thus ghee remedy eases labor pain.


Ghee helps in controlling cholesterol

A research and survey on a rural population in India has shown a suggestively lower occurrence of coronary heart disease in men who consumed higher amounts of pure desi cow ghee. Now it is clinically proven that pure clarified butter diet in moderation, active life style, and proper rest helps in keeping a healthy control on harmful LDL cholesterol count. 


Improves digestion

Pure desi Ghee contains loads of butyric oil, a special type of chain fatty acid. Consuming clarified butter instantaneously supplies the vital butyric acid that supplements the excretory products generated by body. When you ingest ghee diet, you are actually enjoying the combo benefits of probiotics, prebiotics and fiber, which improves digestion naturally.


Ghee helps in detoxification: it is a feel good food

One of the unique pure desi ghee benefits is detoxifying effect of this anhydrous fat on human body. This dairy staple can cleanse the digestive system, colon, and works as a natural stimulator for liver in producing new bile. Bile works as a natural scrubber for intestines. Moderate ghee intake helps in maintaining a feel good mood, which improves energy level, flexibility of muscle, and takes good care of heart health.


Desi ghee benefits are really not limited to these 7 benefits. 

There are many more ghee advantages like improvement of eyesight, natural medicine of acidity, improvement of libido, increasing fertility, boosting physical stamina, etc. However, planning, moderation, and quality maintenance of the ghee is diet are the prerequisite for enjoying best ghee benefits.

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