Common Keto mistakes: 5 common blunders for faster weight loss

Common Keto mistakes are not really popular because most health freaks are aware of keto diet’s success.

But like the darker side of a coin, #Keto mistakes are the main problem that may cause difficulty in your weight loss program success.

Ketogenic diet or Keto diet is world famous now. If it is a successful diet plan, the success rate of this nutritional panel largely depends on the execution of the diet plan. Knowing the common mistakes of this diet pattern will pave your success without much hassle.


Understanding the value of eating fats:

Most commonly we relate fay consumption and weight gain on the same platform. There is a common myth: it says more fat you eat, you will get to turn your metabolism rate up. By means of eating fat you can reach nearer to your keto diet success.

Understanding the keto nutrition plan is important to learn the utility of eating fat. Many dieters start following this diet plan without understand its modus operandi, which is a severe blunder. Learning this diet plan is helpful for getting success.

Not consuming the right kinds of fats

Eating adequate fat is equal to win half of the battle. But it is important to know the right kind of fats for enjoying success in keto. Consumption of fats are the basic rule of following keto diet but at the same time you must avoid unhealthy fats.

Some of the unhealthy fats are vegetable and synthetic oils, Trans fats, fat free oils are completely prohibited in keto diet.  Alternatively good saturated fats like pure ghee is an example of keto friendly fays, which you can add in your diet.  Besides animal fats and veggies like avocadoes, pure cow ghee will helps in churning better success in keto diet.

Inadequate water consumption

Maintaining the natural hydration level of body is one of the prerequisites in following keto #diet. While following diet you must consume 3-4 liters of water.

If you don’t follow the rule of consuming recommended quantity of water, you may start suffering from dehydration, which may come fatal for your body’s immunity level.

Not to have adequate rest

We often relate sleeping and weight gaining, which is reality is true but in the different way what we assume. During the sleep time our body rejuvenated and we get the support of self-repairing of body.

If you don’t enjoy enough sleep, you may start losing your confidence level and you will not get to enjoy clarity of thought and desired level of weight shedding result. For example, an adult person should have 6-8 years sleep per day.

Indulging on too much dairy products

  1. Yes, #dairy products are low fat based products, but they are not keto friendly products.
  2. There is a general preference for dairy products and it leads toward over intake of calorie.
  3. Random dairy food intake may lead to problem like insulin spike in body and it needs proper investigation to overcome the adversity, which may come in between your wellness and your weight loss planning.
  4. Furthermore, many dairy products contain sugar, which is almost like a strict No for the diet followers.


Following Keto diet is not doubt a sure shot way to enjoy success in body weight management.

But it is extremely important to follow the restrictions for keto diet. By staying away from the mistakes of ketogenic diet, you will be able to enjoy full proof success here.

Adding good quality saturated fats is diet is one of the success clues for keto diet followers. Adding ghee in diet is a keto recommended way to have fat. However, you must use only pure cow #ghee in your ketogenic diet.

Wanted to avoid the Common Keto mistake?

  • Find the right fat for your keto diet.
  • Try Milkio traditional 100% organic grass fed cow ghee in your diet.
  • The ghee contains up to 64% saturated fats and lots of other nutrients to keep your immunity level up and helping you in losing weight faster.

Legal Disclaimer

Thank you for reaching Milkio Foods! Nothing on this site is medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making any lifestyle or diet changes. Our opinions are not intended as medical advice and should not a bit of medical information.

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Sheep ghee: try this dairy delicacy for a healthy lifestyle

Sheep ghee: try this dairy delicacy for a healthy lifestyle

Sheep ghee is a special #dairy product.

Unique in taste, off-white in color, this dairy fat is loaded with saturated fats and bioavailable minerals.  Needless to mention, this sheep milk product offers plenty of health benefits that leads to enhancement of lifestyle in a natural way.

Benefits for skin

Sheep ghee benefits are manifold and versatile in its effect. Besides making better immunity level and promoting a feel–good mode, this ghee can helps in maintaining a youthful look. It is a natural moisturizer, and can take good care of skin, hair, and eye.

#Sheep ghee benefits for skin is not a magic. This dairy product is loaded with Omega fatty acids and different skin friendly vitamins like A, D, E, and K2. The key to enjoy these ghee benefits is simple and completely safe: just add moderate ghee in your diet, and you will get to enjoy the ghee benefits by adult.

Benefits for wellness

Wellness and lifestyle improvement are two intricate terms of living a balanced life. Adding only ghee in your diet certainly you cannot be hale and hearty.

What the differences this ghee can offer in your food

  • It can make digestion smooth and easy going.
  • You will get to enjoy healthy colon with the help of sheep ghee diet because of butyrate content in it. The dairy product reduces the problem of irregular bowel movement.
  • The K2 content in sheep ghee supports in forming strong bones. In case of broken bone, ghee in food proves beneficial.
  • The choline content helps as a potential memory booster. Ghee in diet helps in improvement of concentration, muscle control, reducing mood swing, and supports in doing different brain related functionalities.

The wellness formula with this dairy delicacy is simple. You must use good quality ghee and at the same time you have to use the product with conscious moderation.

Promotes healthy heart

The connection between ghee and healthy heart was much in question even in the recent past. Research and study on this product has revealed a unique connection between healthy heart and ghee diet.

Moderate sheep ghee in diet helps in maintaining harmful LDL cholesterol count under control.

This dairy fat is low in sodium count, hence it is helpful for imposing control on high blood pressure. Those who have had a history of heart attack, they can use ghee in diet with strict moderation on quantity.

Wellness in life style is largely relayed to healthy heart.

Cooking with ghee is a neutral process that aids in keeping hear health well managed.

Buy ghee for some other health benefits

  • If you have planned to buy sheep ghee, it is a wise decision indeed.

This dairy staple will offer some more sheep-ghee benefits like:

  • It will reduce the problem of insomnia
  • This ghee in cooking will ease your respiratory trouble, reduce the bout of asthma, trim down chronic headache, and initiate faster wound recovery.
  • It is lactose free product hence will not provoke food allergy in consumers.

If you are feeling amazed with sheep ghee benefits, there is only one point of caution for you.

Don’t go for buying sheep-ghee online from unreliable source. Buy the product with authentic brand and only the grass fed sheep cream procured product to enjoy all the benefits listed here.

Sheep ghee

Sheep ghee



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