Clarified butter: why and how it is a wise choice for your cooking

Clarified butter: why and how it is a wise choice for your cooking

When you read in magazines or you are suggested by our health freak friends at random that clarified butter is a unique dairy staple, the question may pop up in your mind that what is clarified butter?

The straight answer is the clarified butter is the milk fat that gets converted from butter when water and milk solids are separated from milk fat by shimmering milk butter in a slow cooking process.

It is a traditional dairy product, which is believed originated from India and predominantly was popular in cooking Asian cuisine as ghee. However, recently clarified butter ghee has gained wide popularity for its list of health benefits if added to diet. 

When butter is cooked further and the shimmering butter gets free from lactose and casein, the milk protein, it becomes more clarified that its milk butter stage and it is called clarified butter. With further cook, clarified butter gets its caramelized color and becomes dense in its consistency. However if you compare clarified butter vs. ghee, you will find plenty of similarities like higher smoking point, loads of milk fat in the product, lactose and casein eliminated dairy, and longer shelf life.

What makes ghee a popular cooking ingredient is a matter of extensive explanation.

Apparently, it is seen that the versatile use and homemade preparation formula was one of the reasons for using this dairy product in kitchen. But recent research on this product has revealed some more benefits of using clarified butter ghee in cooking.

What makes ghee cooking friendly?

There three apparent reasons for cooking with ghee. Rather there are three reasons that has made this milk day a kitchen friendly product.  These three reasons are:

Ghee has higher smoke point:

Unlike other cooking oils, ghee enjoys higher smoke point and that makes this anhydrous fats safe for cooking in higher temperature.  Oils with low smoke point offers low burning point, which means these low smoke point oils burns faster and tend to produce more free radicals.  Cooking with ghee is safer for its higher smoke point.

Ghee can be used for all types of cooking:

Ghee can be used for high temperature cooking like baking, deep frying, sautéing, etc.  Furthermore, you can cook veg, non-veg, as well as dessert dishes with ghee. Versatility is one of the advantages of cooking with ghee.

Ghee can be stored for long in kitchen:

Ghee is a shelf stable dairy product, which you can store in kitchen in an airtight container in a dry place. Good quality grass fed cow ghee offers 12-18 month shelf life if stored properly. Hence buying ghee in larger quantity is a wise decision.

What makes ghee health friendly?

  • Cooking with ghee is not only good for adding taste in prepared meal, this dairy product helps in enjoying some special health benefits.
    • Some of these benefits are:

  • It is loaded with saturated fats, which helps ghee in working as a filler food. Ghee is high in calorie and that is why on moderate consumption with tea coffee, etc. the drink can provide your energy.
  • It contains CLA, a type of fatty acid that supports in weight loss.
  • Ghee in diet helps in maintaining heart health. It helps in controlling harmful cholesterol count in blood.
  • Pure cow ghee contains butyrate and that helps in maintaining a clean and healthy gut. In short ghee is diet is a great remedy to reduce the bout of constipation.
  • Clarified butter is good for pregnancy diet and it was believed in ancient Indian Ayurveda that ghee diet helps in natural development of fetus.
  • Ghee in diet at daily course along with active lifestyle can improve natural immunity of the consumers.
  • Facing problem in concentration and memory retention? Try ghee diet in moderation.
How to make anhydrous milk fat recipe:

Homemade DIY process

When making ghee, unsalted butter is recommended to obtain a pure and no salty flavor butter.

Cut the unsalted butter into small pieces to facilitate heat penetration, place the butter pieces into a saucepan to melt at low heat slowly without stirring it and don’t let it brown.

Separate milk solids from butterfat, as the butter melt you can see it separate into three layers;

  • The top layer is thin and foamy; this represents some of the milk solids.
  • The middle layer is the bright golden butterfat.
  • The bottom layer is made up of water and milk solids.

 When the butter starts boiling, skim off the white foam with a spoon. When the butter is finished melting and there is no more foam on top,  you can remove the pan from the heat and let it be cool for about 5 minutes or more so that the solids in the pan gets settled at the bottom. Skim off the left over bits of the foam that flow to the surface of the saucepan, slowly decant or pour off the clear butterfat into a glass liquid measuring cup carefully to leave much of the solid behind as you can.

Line a fine mesh strainer with several layers of cheesecloth and set it over a heat proof container, pour the warm butterfat through the cheesecloth to filter out any remaining milk solids. You can store your clarified butter ghee in an airtight container, in a fridge to keep freezed for several months.

Clarified butter is not a usual dairy product, it is a complete natural product that is helpful for maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. According to modern research pure cow ghee is better than any other cooking oil or dairy butter if can be used in moderation.

Grass fed cow ghee is being considered as the best variety of clarified butter. Always go for the best quality of pure cow ghee in your cooking to enjoy ghee benefits.

Where to buy clarified butter?

Now the question is where to buy clarified butter?

You can buy it online or offline but it has to be of pure quality. Check if the product, you have selected, is free from synthetic color, flavor, or preservatives.

If you have doubt if can you buy clarified butter online, you can be rest assured that you can buy it, provided you know the manufacturer, the reliability of the profile, and the quality assurance certificate of the clarified ghee you have shortlisted so far.

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Ghee for eyes: Ghee offers holistic treatment for healthy eyes

Ghee for eyes: Ghee offers holistic treatment for healthy eyes

Ghee for eyes care is not essentially the direct application of ghee in eyes as an eye drop.  

Improvement of eyesight and prevention of macular degeneration is one of the proven results of using cow ghee for eyes.

Inclusion of ghee in diet helps in offering ghee benefits for your eyesight.  The dairy staple contains vitamin A, which is medically proven ingredient for improving eyesight.  Doctors often offer Vitamin A supplement do people suffering from night blind vision or poor eyesight.

Why ghee is beneficial for eye health?

Pure cow ghee is rich in Vitamin A and it is known for an amazing lubricating power. One of the uses of ghee for eyes is maintaining the hydration level of eyes that ultimately prevents the problem of dry eye syndrome.

People who work long on computer or watch illuminated screen frequently, often suffer from dryness of tear glands. The moisturizing effect of pure cow ghee helps in retrieving the natural health and lubrication power of these lacrimal ducts enduring better eye health.

How to use ghee for eye?

You will get to enjoy benefits of brown butter for eyes in two ways.  One is using recommendation of Ayurveda for eyes and second is adding moderate ghee in diet. In both the cases, you have to use best quality 100% grass fed cow milk made anhydrous fat for making the best of ghee benefits for eyes.

Ghee eye bath benefits: Ayurveda for eyes

In Ayurvedic treatment ghee eye bath is called Netra Tarpana. In this process an eye friendly natural oil is poured into eyes and it is allowed to get absorbed by the eyes for few minutes. Ghee is used as this natural oil and it offers few vital benefits:

  • The hydrating quality of ghee keeps lacrimal glands in eye active and it reduces dry eye syndrome.
  • The cooling effect of ghee keeps eye fresh and reduced the effect of fatigue due to long working hours.

However, it is always the best to practice Ayurvedic eye treatment under a skilled Ayurvedic eye therapy expert.  Besides skill and expertise, purity of the ghee used for eyes is a prerequisite or else the treatment may harm your eye.

Cow ghee for eyes: ghee in diet

You can use ghee in diet easily. You can eat ghee raw, you can use it as a spread on toast. Alternatively, you can use this milk fat as your cooking oil instead of using common vegetable oils.  

Clarified butter made of cow milk offers high smoke point, which is a reason ghee can be used for high temperature cooking. Like baking and deep frying.  You can use ghee in all types of cooking.

Cow ghee can be included in pregnancy diet. According to Ayurveda, ghee diet in pregnancy period helps in brain development and eyesight development.

It is always wise to use good quality cow ghee for your cooking or for your eye care. Application of brown butter as cream on under-eye-area reduces dark circle. Always look for 100% grass fed cow ghee for your dietary use. 

The remedy of ghee for eyes is not an overnight process. It may take some time to get result.

Diligence and use of this dairy fat in moderation are the two key points of benefits of ghee for eyes at the best.

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