Cooking With Ghee: 5 rewards you will get to relish

Cooking With Ghee: 5 rewards you will get to relish

Cooking with ghee is a delicacy and ghee cooking can be used in wide varieties of cooking methods.


Chefs all across the world prefer pure ghee for cooking as it is a proven ingredient for adding a unique nutty flavor in cooked dishes as well as it is good for digestive benefits. Surprisingly, the list of ghee benefits in cooking does not end here. You will certainly be delighted that there are more benefits for using ghee for cooking.


It’s versatile: ghee has high smoking point


Globally known as brown butter and clarified butter, ghee is a staple in modern kitchen for its versatility of use. You can use brown butter for deep frying, baking, as well as for slow cooking. Unlike other cooking oils, pure ghee offers high smoking point. It is measured that the smoke point of ghee is 485 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much higher than most of usual cooking oils (200 °C or 392 °F) used for cooking. 

Because of the high smoke point, brown butter is ideal for high temperature cooking.

Cooking with clarified ghee vs. butter is therefore safer as well as cooking with ghee ¹ is better choice than using vegetable or mustard oil.


Ghee is safe for cooking: what makes ghee safe?

Although pure clarified butter is a dairy product, it is completely free of lactose.  A major group of people all across the world cannot digest lactose, hence act as dairy product allergic.

But with ghee, the risk of lactose intolerance is completely zero.  The method of making ghee take out the least trace of the lactose in butter and leaves behind a pure clarified butter oil, known as brown butter.


For lactose intolerant people ghee ² is a dairy elixir, and cooking with ghee instead of butter is risk free of food allergy.


It is storage friendly: does ghee need refrigeration?

The great advantage of cooking with ghee vs. oil is the storage friendly character if this dairy staple. Buy quality brown butter and you will get to enjoy at least 12 months shelf life from the date of manufacturing. The habit of cooking with clarified butter is therefore a safe bait for home makers.

Just store ghee in air tight jar, away from the exposure of light and direct heat.

Make sure that you use dry spoon for taking clarified butter out of the jar. Ghee does not require refrigeration support and that makes it chef’s darling for preserving in kitchen.


You can try ghee on all types of dish

You can try ghee for cooking all types of dish. Vegetarian, non-veg, as well as sweet dishes can be prepared with ghee as cooking oil. This all-rounder quality is one of the benefits of cooking with ghee.

Regardless you are baking a cake, or preparing a salad, or brewing a cup of coffee, you can use ghee for yummy taste and spoonful good quality fats for keeping your curves in perfect shape.

Keto and Paleo diet freaks can add ghee in their diet for good result.


Ghee is good for digestion: is ghee good for stomach?

Ghee is counted as a healthy fat. In fact it is the clarified form of butter. According to Ayurveda, it increases the absorption capacity of the small intestines and reduces the acidic pH of our digestive tract. Ghee is a reliable and rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which reduced LDL cholesterol.

While ghee is digestion friendly, it is full of saturated fats and it may take 3-4 hours’ time to get digested.

The fat content makes it a filler food, which helps in good calorie intake control. 



Cooking with ghee for chicken roast

Chicken is cooked in spices roasted in ghee resulting in tender, juicy, & flavorsome pieces of chicken. Heat ghee in a large skillet over medium heat. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté until gets fragrant. Lower the heat to low, add the spice powders – Paprika, Cayenne, crushed fenugreek seeds, cumin powder and Turmeric.


It is vital to slow the heat before you add the spice powders to the Ghee. This is to stop the spices from burning. If spices burn, the end result may taste bitter.

It is better to use a large skillet to make chicken ghee roast. And you need to place the chicken pieces in one layer. This confirms even heating and preparing chicken roast cooking with brown butter recipe.


Cooking with ghee is not a matter of preference, it may be considered as a conscious choice because of the obvious health benefits it offer.


However, all these benefits can enjoyed with pure and unadulterated brown butter only.

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Ghee butter benefits: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Having Ancient Super Food

Ghee butter benefits have drawn the attention of health-conscious people.


As many are following ketogenic diets and trying to find a means to have fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids.


There are many ghee butter health benefits that one can have had a daily dose of ghee in their diet. It is wise to know about these benefits so that one can try.


The grass-fed ghee butter benefits

Ghee is what we generally know as clarified butter. It is produced heating butter for a considerable period to remove the milk solids but retaining the healthy nutrients and bringing out the nutty flavor.


Ghee clarified butter health benefits

Due to the presence of these beneficial nutrients found in abundance. Ayurvedic practitioners have been using it for years and you can have such if you daily use ghee in your daily diet. The benefits range from the brain to the digestive tract and beyond.


High nutrition

One of the ghee butter benefits is that you can have high nutrition using a small amount of it daily.         

  • You can have oil-soluble vitamins A and E
  • Have enough K2 and CLA, if made from the milk of grass-fed cows.


Management of energy and weight

Another of the health benefits of ghee Indian clarified butter is that you can have effective management of energy and weight.

  • You can use it as a constant source of energy as the medium chain fatty acid directly absorbed by the liver and burned.
  • Your body can use this energy to burn other fat to make you slim and trim.


Enhanced digestion and immune strength


Having enhanced digestive and immune strength is one of the benefits of cooking with ghee.

  • You can have butyric acid consuming ghee and then use that for energy and intestinal wall support leading to better digestion.
  • The presence of butyric acid enhances the production of T cells and enables one to have a stronger immune system.


Have the best of brain development and functioning

Having better brain development and functioning is another essential ghee health benefits that you can have. The saturated fats are the building blocks of a healthy brain and it helps in the best of communication. Not only that, cholesterol in ghee is a brain-boosting nutrient.


Have the power to fight inflammation and cancer

Research has shown that one can use ghee to treat inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.


Have a better mind and spirit

You can have a better mind and body as another grass fed ghee butter benefits. You can clean your body of harmful toxins having a daily dose of ghee. You can have better body and mind in this manner.


Use it as an herbal energizer

Another amazing advantage of the various health benefits of ghee Indian clarified butter is that you can use it as a transporter of medicinal properties of various herbs and spices to different parts of your body.


So, as you know the various ghee butter benefits use it daily in your diet to have such.


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