100% Organic grass-fed ghee 250 mL X 6 Jars pack

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100% Natural New Zealand made Organic Grass-Fed Ghee, 500 mL, Keto Paleo Friendly Superfood by MILKIO

Organic Grass-fed Ghee

  • Organic grass-fed ghee: Milkio’s grass-fed organic ghee is locally made by heating certified organic butter until the milk solids are removed, leaving behind the pure clarified fat.
  • No refrigeration is necessary.
  • 100% natural: Milkio’s organic ghee follows stringent Organic Standards and is free from antibiotics and growth hormones. The finest dairy produced by grazing cows in open pastures of lush New Zealand grass is used, ensuring you the purest and best quality organic ghee.
  • Free from: GMOs, artificial colours, MSGs, and preservatives.
  • Perfect for high-heat cooking: An excellent alternative to the current oils and fats in your diet. Milkio’s ghee can be directly consumed by the addition of hot beverages or can be integrated into a wide variety of high-heat cooking; sautés, barbeques, baking, etc. This nourishing superfood is enriched with Omega-3, Omega-9, and vitamins A, D, K & E
  • Keto & Paleo friendly: Milkio’s ghee is suitable for many diets including a Keto, Paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, LCHF, or low-FODMAP diet.

  • Ingredients: Organic Clarified Butter ( Cow’s milk fat)
  • Allergen: Contains milk


Grass-Fed Organic Cow ghee 250 mL: premium dairy of Pure New Zealand

100% Organic Grass-Fed Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Milkio’s Organic grass-fed ghee is a premium quality ghee made from the purest dairy.

Complying by Organic Standards means we promise to provide you with the most natural ghee without compromising any taste.

Better for the environment – Milkio’s organic ghee makes a commitment to be more sustainable.

Supporting organic farming reduces the potential leaching of chemicals into the environment and promotes a “feel-good” consumer choice.


  1. Better for you – Milkio’s organic ghee is made from the milk obtained from grass-fed New Zealand cows that have been given organic feed.
  2. This eliminates the use of herbicides and pesticides on the animals’ feed. Non-organic dairy may also occasionally include traces of antibiotics or hormones given to the cows during their life.
  3. Milkio’s organic ghee is certified to be free from potential traces of growth hormones such as rBST.

  1. Manufactured from premium quality pasteurized organic grass-fed cow milk butter obtained solely from New Zealand.

  1. Milkio Grass-fed organic cow ghee has a high smoke point. It doesn’t break down into phytonutrients and release carcinogenic free radicals like many other cooking oils can.
  2. It is a great versatile addition to any cuisine. Just add Milkio’s ghee into your roasts, soups, slices of bread, veggies, BBQs, or sauces/dressings.
  3. Milkio’s Grass-fed organic cow ghee contains
  4. Grass-fed organic cow ghee mixed into your morning coffee can create the creamiest hot beverage that provides your brain with a healthy energy boost like no other in the quickest time possible.
  5. Perfect for high heat cooking, baking, sautéing, or for direct consumption (as a spread or in coffee/beverages)

  • 100% New Zealand.
  • Contains 99.7% pure milk fat {0.3% moisture (max), 0.3% FFA (max)}
  • Milkio’s Grass-fed organic cow ghee is made from the milk obtained from New Zealand cows that graze year-round on open pastures of lush green grass with pure climates.
  • We use traditional Indian methods that have been tested over time to make our ghee locally here in New Zealand.
  • Certified Organic by BioGro NZ Ltd.

  • Have shelf life of 18 months from date of manufacturing.

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Grass-Fed Organic Cow ghee 250 mL X 6 Jars pack

Organic New Zealand ghee: Milkio’s grass-fed organic cow ghee is locally made by heating certified organic clarified butter until the milk solids are removed, leaving behind the pure clarified fat. No refrigeration is necessary.

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