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1 carton of 4 X 750ml Pouches

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Milkio grass-fed ghee is gluten-free, Paleo and ketogenic diet friendly super food that may help with weight loss and provides significant energy. Milkio cow ghee can be used for baking, frying, seasoning, and preparing wide varieties of vegetarian and non- vegetarian cuisine. Milkio ghee is made from the milk of happy cows grazing year round on open pasture of lush green grass, clean air, ample sunlight and rain in pure New Zealand.

  • No GMOs,
  • NO added salt,
  • NO preservatives,
  • NO Trans Fats,
  • NO colors or dyes,
  • NO MSG,
  • NO flavor enhancers.
  • GLUTEN free

The one and only ingredient is milk, with absolutely nothing else added to it.

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It takes approximately 20 kg of whole milk to make almost 1 kg of butter; the butter is then reduced and concentrated to remove all milk solids while enhancing its naturally sweet, creamy taste, golden colour, and soft, luxurious texture. This process is what makes Milkio ghee so flavourful.

Note : If you want to Order More than One BOX Please mail us at

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Weight3.7 kg
Dimensions23 × 22 × 11 cm


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