Ghee is extensively used in medicinal preparations because of its unique ability to assimilate the properties of herbs it is melded with, without giving down its therapeutic qualities.

For instance, if ghee gets blended with an herb, it hardly lets go its typical oily, therapeutic nature.  Ayurveda considers honey to be the best in this regard, but honey cannot be heated.

Therefore wherever Ayurveda preparations require heating, Grass Fed Ghee is favored as the best ingredient.

The daily doses of ghee have the capability to melt the toxins soluble in lipid and expel them to the alimentary tract for purging by purification procedures. With recurring contaminated inner and outer environment, Ayurveda offers a unique way to remove these harmful fat soluble substances.

This potential but harmless way to detox the body merits further research. Some of the Ayurvedic remedies by ghee :

  • Pour lukewarm pure Grass Fed ghee in nostrils and it will stop nosebleed,
  • Inhale the aroma of pure Grass Fed ghee; it will help you to control nausea,
  • Take milk and Milkio’s Grass Fed ghee at bedtime to reduce the irritation of irregular bowel movement.
  • Massage Milkio’s Grass Fed Ghee at head for better growth of hair and many more.

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