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Ghee is also known as clarified butter and is a dairy staple.

Ghee is made of unsalted milk butter, and it is cooked in a slow cooking process. The slow-cooking process removes lactose and casein from the milk fat, and during butter boiling, the moisture content of the butter gets separated.

Besides being well-known as clarified butter, the dairy oil is also known as brown Butter, anhydrous fat, or Ghritam in Sanskrit. By clarifying dairy butter, butterfat separates, and the final product – ghee is procured. Hence, this dairy staple is called clarified butter, too.

In ancient ages, it was believed that ghee was a special type of Indian cooking oil, mostly procured from pure cow milk by churning the butter originated from this pure cow milk.

The cows’ milk is considered to own the essence of all plants, and Ghee, from the ancient ages, was counted as the essence of pure milk. The dairy oil’s quality largely depends on the feed quality of the cattle. According to the ghee-making principle, the best quality Ghee is cooked from pure milk fat; hence purity is the buzzword here.

For example, if dairy cows are fed with grass or grass-based fodder, the milk becomes more nutrient-rich with healthy beta-carotene. Milk butter made from grass-fed cow milk is grass-fed butter, the raw ingredient of grass-fed clarified butter.

The Butter used to be shimmered under slow heat, and once it melted, its impurities were minutely filtered.

Clarified Butter is the best oil for cooking on high heat.

In the process, the Butter is melted and simmered for a long so that its water content gets completely evaporated.

Ghee is an ancient culinary heritage of India, and long ago, this dairy oil was used for various culinary purposes. Also, people used it for performing some religious formalities.

In ancient India, it was believed that Ghritam oil could build an aura, make all the organs soft, and stimulate the natural secretion of the internal juices of the body. It helps promote the fundamental basis of all immunity and the “spirit of all bodily tissues.”

It is rightly said that Ghee is “single most potential food on earth”.

Clarified Butter is branded as a natural product that can increase intelligence –Dhi, improve the intellect-Buddhi and enhance memory-Smrti. In India, since the ancient period, pure clarified butter has been considered a divine substance. And to date, the legacy is on.

Can you eat the dairy raw?

Raw consumption of clarified butter river regular butter is in practice, and it is healthy, too, for reasons galore. Some people use it as a spread on toast, some toss the brown Butter in fresh salads, and keto diet followers often add it to their morning tea and coffee to turn the hot beverage into an energy drink. It is good to start a day with the full support of energy.

Can you eat Ghee on an empty stomach?

You may try the dairy oil on an empty stomach. According to Ayurveda, Ghee consumed on an empty stomach offers holistic benefits. However, only pure cow ghee is recommended for empty stomach consumption early in the morning. It helps the body detox and promotes gut health.

Ghee, a dairy oil, can offer you many health benefits that contribute to the well-being and general immunity of the body. But you should maintain two conditions.

Moderation and quality are the X factors you should always consider for using clarified butter benefits in your favor. Grass-fed quality is the most premium category of clarified ghee butter you should select.

If you wish to use the best quality ghee clarified butter for your kitchen, you may try Milkio Cow ghee butter. It is Made in New Zealand from Local and Imported Ingredients. Milkio Ghee is small-batch made, handcrafted, lactose, casein, and gluten-free. It is keto and Paleo diet-friendly, which means keto and Paleo diet followers can use the product in their keto and Paleo diet plans.

Milkio Foods maintains a USFDA-approved facility for ghee making. All Milkio products are natural, lactose, casein, and gluten-free, offer high smoke points, and have up to 18 months of shelf-life at room temperature. Due to the high smoke point, you can safely use the dairy clarified butter for high-heat temperature cooking.

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