Commitment to Quality

Milkio is committed to offering a unique combo of purity and reliability to all its consumers via its grass-fed ghee products and for that simple reason, Milkio products match the global standard of ghee nutrition.

We maintain a product excellence policy as well as transparent business ethics. We don’t only manufacture quality products, we also make it a point that our grass-fed ghee products can satisfy our consumers with the best health benefits. 

One of the prime policies of Milkio is its diligent adherence to the global supplement manufacturing guidelines of GMP – Good Manufacturing Process. Accordingly, the company has invested suggestively in advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to adapt to the multi-regulatory requirements of both New Zealand and the vast global community.

Milkio’s organic grass-fed ghee and others are approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority via the FSP (Food Safety Program), as well as a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified facility, to guarantee excellence in the product quality.

Milkio Grass-fed ghee is a 100% pure natural product without chemical color, preservatives, or artificial aroma, etc. Milkio Organic grass-fed ghee is purity certified by the USDA.

We are sure about our products and their quality, but we are open to advanced learning for further improvement. 

This stringent product quality control is Milkio’s commitment to all its consumers. The commitment to excellent product quality and customer care ensure consistent quality assurance and assured purity of our procured pure ghee.

Also, the company assures the safety and efficacy of the premium New Zealand dairy ghee product. It is an assurance that Milkio Ghee is a natural product and does not contain any synthetic flavor, color, or preservative. Also, and it is lactose and casein-free, and suitable for lactose intolerants. 

Besides quality, we consider customer relationship and care as our sole priority, and we try our best to offer an honest, ethical, helpful, always responsible, responsive approach that accurately defines our commitment to our audience. We are committed to offering you service and product par excellence.