Milkio’s Grass-fed ghee

Commitment To Environment

Commitment To Environment

At Milkio, we are concerned about the finest quality of our produce, New Zealand made 100% grass fed ghee, but we understand and appreciate that environment of New Zealand plays a vital role in our quality assurance.

The World knows New Zealand as a clean, green country where even farming is done in the most natural organic ways maintaining complete responsibility of managing cattle responsibly.

People call New Zealand cows as happy cows because they are well kept and best fed with organic quality grass only, and they are allowed to stay and graze on open pasture almost round the year.

In New Zealand, people are committed to have the best unpolluted environment that leads to dairy supportive environment in the world so that the best dairy products can be procured form milk made products.

In Milkio, we understand the importance of pristine climate; what makes us exclusive today and for tomorrow’s generations, is our commitment to the environment.
At Milkio we understand and we appreciate that more we support nature and animal welfare, the production of nutritious cow milk will be consistent, and our milk generated dairy products will be of better quality.

At Milkio, we respect and appreciate responsible farming. We appreciate looking after the environment and confirming high standards of cattle grooming, breeding, and finally complete animal welfare.

We firmly believe that a workable dairy industry can coexist with healthy and functioning ecosystem, and maintaining that natural coexistence is our commitment to the environment of clean green pure New Zealand, and that’s a promise!

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