NZ’s Milkio Foods expanding export markets across US and Middle East – New Zealand ghee manufacturer Milkio Foods is hoping to expand its business in US and Middle East, with the firm saying interest is gathering in pace on the back of keto and paleo diets.

Ah, New Zealand. A country famous for, amongst other things, grass-fed dairy and meat products! Thanks to #MichaelPollan and others, grass-fed is one of our top aspirational buzzwords these days but in this case, it is truly the case.

HAMILTON, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, November 30, 2020/ Grass-fed ghee by Milkio has created a niche market worldwide for its purity, Taste, & versatile health benefits including its power to boost immunity.

HAMILTON, WAIKATO, NEW ZEALAND, October 17, 2020, Milkio Foods has launched its Milkio organic grass-fed ghee in Dubai, UAE formally. The product will be sold from the Kibsons International, a flagship brand engaged in the UAE market as an importer,

HAMILTON, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, October 2, 2020 / Milkio Food has launched cultured organic ghee. Prepared from organic cultured butter, cultured ghee is lactose-free & safe for dairy sensitive people’s diet. Cultured ghee is a unique clarified butter..

HAMILTON, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, September 19, 2020, Milkio cultured organic grass-fed ghee is high-aroma, zero-lactose dairy that is storage friendly, USDA certified, non-GMO and organic endorsed by BioGro, NZ.

TE RAPA, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, August 22, 2020/ Milkio Foods Ltd. has launched its new product Cultured organic grass-fed ghee for worldwide selling via retail network and private label business.

TE RAPA, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, August 5, 2020/100% organic ghee is a dairy staple, the world is treasuring now as a natural wholesome food that can help in immunity-boosting for people to stay health-safe. Organic ghee by Milkio..