The nature of butter best suited for Keto

If you are on a keto diet then you must be aware that butter is a keto-friendly diet. Not only that butter has a high amount of fat ideal for one who is on a keto diet but also the other ingredients in it offer numerous health benefits which one cannot even imagine one.

The confusion arises what nature of butter should one use. You may have a question is grass fed ghee healthy or the grain fed ones. As you read through you will understand the reasons for using Grass Fed Organic Ghee that you can have from Milkio.

 The options those are available to have

When you try to search for the nature of butter that you can have when you are on keto diet then you realize that there are some options open in front of you. We are discussing some of the open options.

Clarified butter

If we have a look at the benefits that can be had using this nature of butter then we will notice the following:

  • It is 100% butterfat
  • It contains no milk, proteins or lactose and is ideal when you are lactose intolerant.
  • The high smoking point makes it the ideal cooking oil.
  • It has more calories than other regular butter.

keto butter

Organic Ghee

This is another option that you can have. Similarly, if we look at the benefits of organic ghee there are many.

Grass Fed Organic Ghee

Yes, this is another of the options that you can adapt to when you desire to have butter when on a keto diet. You can have grain fed butter but the Grass Fed Organic Ghee is much better due to the availability of 500% more conjugated linoleic acid. This essential fatty acid helps to lose fat while gaining muscles. Another ingredient that is in abundance in such organic grass fed ghee butter is omega-3 fatty acid.

So, now definitely you can decide that the Grass Fed Organic Ghee that you can easily have from MILKIO is the one to be chosen to have when you are on a keto diet.

The ways to have such butter

Such grass fed ghee or butter can be had in multiple ways depending on your choice. It is certain that if you have it from reputed manufacturers indifferent of your way of consuming you can have various health benefits. You can have in your morning coffee to have the perfect boost of energy all through the day, cook foods using such.

We at MILKIO have various recopies which you can cook using Grass Fed Organic Ghee. You can similarly use it as a spread or utilize it to make fat bombs.

The health benefits that you can have consuming butter

When you are on a keto diet and have grass fed ghee or butter then as said you can have many amazing health benefits. You can have benefits from the various fatty acids that are there, it is rich in antioxidants, have a lower level of obesity, have a ready supply of vitamins and lower the risk of heart attack.

So, select the Grass Fed Organic Ghee from MILKIO when you are on a keto diet and have such amazing health benefits while having a tasty meal.


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