Is ghee unhealthy: What are the ghee benefits

  • March 4, 2022
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Is ghee unhealthy? Have you ever thought of it? Fat-based foods are hardly recommended in daily diet, and ghee contains lots of fats.  Then what makes ghee an exception?

Is ghee unhealthy? Have you ever wondered about it? We generally discard fat-based foods because of their high calorie and risk of inducing obesity. But why then ghee is called a healthy dairy oil? Why ghee is a keto and Paleo-diet-friendly dairy?

It is true that ghee contains loads of fats and ghee is a high-calorie dairy oil.  But ghee contains mostly good quality saturated fats and the fat contains several fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids, which are the reasons behind ghee health benefits.  As ghee offers loads of health benefits, the question is ghee unhealthy does not stand valid at all.

Is ghee unhealthy: let’s take a look at the ghee benefits

Contrary to the question, ghee is a healthy dairy oil that can offer you several benefits that contribute to your wellness.

is ghee unhealthy

Ghee helps in weight-loss mission: Ghee for weight loss benefits is perhaps one of the most controversial ghee benefits you find. But it is a true claim. Dairy research on ghee has found the fact due to the fatty acid like CLA and butyrate content, ghee offers dietary support for weight loss benefits.  You have to maintain moderation in ghee intake and an active lifestyle can help you to reap the ghee weight loss benefit.

Ghee helps in smooth digestion: Pure grass-fed ghee offers dietary support for the digestive health of human consumers. Moderate pure ghee in the diet helps in controlling acidity and reduces the chronic problem of bloating, flatulence, etc.

Ghee makes bones strong: Pure grass-fed ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K. Vitamin K boosts the calcium absorption power of the body and thus supplies calcium for the body resulting in strong bones.

Ghee in the diet is good for skin, hair, and eye care: Pure ghee is a natural moisturizer. Furthermore, ghee contains vitamins like A, and E which are already known as skin-friendly. The oily texture of ghee is good for eye care. Besides adding ghee to the diet, you can use it as a massage oil and natural eye drop.

The dairy supports healthy colon: Ghee butyrate content reduces inflammation, helps in body’s detoxification, and regularizes bowel movement, etc. Ghee in the diet results in healthy colon care, which is good for complete human digestive system.

Ghee diet is good for brain health: The healthy fatty acid of ghee is nourishing for the brain health. Ghee in the diet improves brain function like concentration power, it delays the onset of memory related diseases, etc.

Summing up:

Still worried about the dilemma, is ghee unhealthy or not. The health benefits described here clearly explains how much healthy ghee is. But there is a catch. You can expect all the ghee benefits when you are using ghee in moderation and you are using the best quality grass-fed ghee.  If you want to be sure about the ghee benefits in your favor, you have to buy authentic grass-fed quality ghee, preferably from a remote and pollution-free place.

is ghee unhealthy
is ghee unhealthy

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Is ghee unhealthy