Is Ghee Healthier than Butter: 4 Variances to know for diet planning

  • August 7, 2021
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Is ghee healthier than butter? If you are to selct between ghee and butter, which one will a wise choice for you?

Is ghee healthier than butter? Have you ever thought of it in terms of wellness?  apprently, the question might make you thoughtul about the real benefits each of the dairies provide.

Knowing the difference helps you make the right choice. Lactose intolerant people cannot consume butter because of the presence of casein and lactose. If you are wondering about the major differences, here is everything you need to know.

Is ghee healthier than butter? Ghee Comes With Greater Smoke Point than Butter

Ghee is known to have a smoke point higher than that of butter- 350-degree Fahrenheit for butter and 485-degree Fahrenheit for ghee. The smoke point allows you to use it against high heat without the risk of ghee burning. A great option for sautéing and roasting, when compared to butter as too much heat can give the butter a burnt smell and butter get broken.

In comarison to butter, ghee acts more stable against high flame and that makes it a safer oil. Besides roasting, you can use ghee for slowcooking recipes for its wonderful stability

Is ghee healthier than butter? Ghee Does Not Require Freezing

Ghee, if stored at room temperature, would still remain fresh. Ghee is considered shelf-stable, which means you do not have to freeze it. On the other hand, butter has to be stored with freezing support always. Butter melts at room temperature and gets spoiled due to the presence of the milk solids and moisture in it.

Is ghee healthier than butter
Is ghee healthier than butter

Lactose-Intolerant People Can Include Ghee in Their Diet

Ghee does not contain milk solids and when it comes to the comparison about is ghee healthier than butter, ghee offers great benefits. As lactose and casein are removed from ghee, dairy-sensitive people could easily consume it, while that is not the case for butter.

Ghee Offers More Benefits than Butter

Butter contains milk and therefore contains calcium which helps in making your bones stronger. Ghee, on the other hand, does not contain milk solids but is rich in antioxidants and good fat. It helps with metabolism, digestion, skin health, and others.


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Source: NZ story.

is ghee healthier than butter
Is ghee healthier than butter

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