Is Ghee good for you and what the benefits of eating ghee are?


More people all over the world realize the benefits of eating ghee and its role in human body functionality.

Ghee or clarified butter is the fat derived from simmering cultured butter; hence we often keep a threshold to keep intake below the allowed amount of 15-18 gm. The immensely loved super food suddenly turned an enemy to human life thanks to various brands of refined oils who fueled the rumors raising questions like is clarified butter good for you?


Or is ghee bad for cholesterol?

Just to boost their sales. However, this couldn’t last longer as any studies and science-backed facts proved otherwise clearing the air on whether ghee is good or bad for heart and benefits of eating ghee in everyday life.

Ghee is good or bad for your heart?

Often blamed for heart diseases and obesity Ghee was misunderstood by the masses for a brief moment somewhere between ghee is good or bad for heart until researchers and studies started stating otherwise.

It is concentrated in fats as the milk solids, and the water component has been removed.

Contrary to popular belief of is ghee bad for cholesterol consuming ghee may lead to favorable changes in people suffering from health diseases.


Ghee is a natural food with an ancient history of culinary and medical uses. While it is preferable if you have an intolerance or dairy allergy but should be consumed in a monitored amount so that we don’t exceed the reasonable limit. To enjoy the benefits of eating ghee have it just a tablespoon along with your meals and it shall work its magic.


Is ghee good for you or bad for your heart?

Does the question is brown butter good for you? Bother you or often arises when you add it to your meal or use it as a cooking medium. Well then know for a fact that ghee poses no danger or harm to your cardiac health or overall wellbeing when had in appropriate quantity.


Benefits of eating ghee

The benefits of eating ghee are innumerable which makes it an ideal super food and one of the best sources for energy and repair of muscles in the human body.

Ghee increases good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries. It increases Apo A, a protein in HDL particles that are linked to reduced risks of cardiovascular problems. These facts surely help you decided whether ghee is good or bad for heart.


  • Many fitness experts and weight watchers avoid ghee but to stay healthy and lose weight in the long run then it is essential for you to include ghee in your everyday diet.
  • Ghee boosts your immune system – Ghee contains Butyric acid, medium and short chain fatty acid that plays a decisive role in maintaining gut health and reducing cellular inflammation. Ghee as a modular immune effect on the human body
  • Higher smoking point- ghee has a smoking point of 250 degree Celsius which is substantially higher than its former competitor butter. Ghee has stable saturated bonds and hence is less likely to produce toxic compounds at the heating point
  • Ghee is good for you as it helps in normal functionality of heart, brain, and intestine. It helps control the secretion of biliary lipids and eye pressure. It promotes memory retention and learning.


How to eat ghee for weight loss?

One of the significant benefits of eating ghee is that it stimulates the secretion of stomach acids aiding proper digestion and weight loss. Regular consumption of ghee prevents constipation and promotes gut health.


Often people ask can ghee aid weight loss. Aren’t we suppose to avoid fat while on a diet? And most importantly how to eat ghee for weight loss?


Well, the human body needs everything in just the right proportion for proper functioning and efficient utilization of sources. Adding just a tablespoon to your meals will not only promote digestion but also help burn fat as a source of energy promoting calorie consumption and fat loss.


Final verdict – Is ghee good for you or bad for heart and health


The distinctively fragrant ghee is an incredible ingredient with a large number of health benefits. You can argue over the fact that ghee is good or bad for heart or is ghee bad for cholesterol, but we don’t see any drop in the no of cardiovascular patients minus ghee while in ancient times when ghee was widely used there were hardly any.


Refined oil can add to the problem while ghee is the solution to it. We hope our list on benefits of ghee shall give you a nudge in the right direction.

This information is intended to provide general information to the public, We recommend you seek professional advice as appropriate.


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