Is ghee fattening

Many have a question: is ghee fattening or not, and if not, how can it benefit their weight loss journey? Many households have now incorporated ghee as an alternative to butter and even cooking oil because of the compared health benefits. When trying to lose weight, you have come across a dogma that ghee being pure fat cannot help with weight loss.

But what if ghee can actually help rather than you shunning it away? Ghee comes with plenty of health benefits that make your fat loss journey a lot easier.

Ghee and Its Components

Various studies have been conducted to find out how viable and helpful ghee is toward losing weight and the fatty acid composition that ghee contains. Ghee contains small chain fatty acids which indeed never get stored rather are burned off, increasing metabolic rate.

Ghee is 99% pure fat while 1% is the moisture content which is negligible. Ghee is thought to be a great source of DHA that is considered a popular omega 3. If you are wondering is ghee fattening, here are some points to help you understand the benefits.

  • Most cooking oils containing fat are known to slow down the digestive process that in turn reduces metabolism. Fats in clarified butter are known to stimulate the whole process and, adding it to your food in moderate amounts could be beneficial.
  • The omega fatty acids present are known to help with body composition and reduce the levels of fat present. This further initiates or makes the whole fat loss journey easier.
  • Ghee ensures that the fat cells present are mobilized rather than storing so that they burn off. It helps in shrinking the fat cell sizes.


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