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Is Ghee Casein-Free? let’s take a close look at the topic

  • August 7, 2021
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Is Ghee Casein-Free is an important factor if you are dairy allergic

 Is ghee casein-free? Ghee is made of milk and is cooked from butter. Butter contains lactose and casein. So a query may come up about the casein content of ghee. 

Ghee is known to be full of fats because they mostly contain milk butter. The butter is processed through many different stages to create clarified butter. The raw milk solids contain lactose and Casein.

This Casein is supposed to be removed by the processing to some extent. If you are allergic to Casein, you should go with casein-free Ghee. In this article, we will discover the ingredients in Ghee. And also, learn is ghee casein-free.

What is Casein?

When we mention that Ghee is full of fat, we hardly take notice of milk protein. Vegans consider this protein unhealthy. And a study also shows that Casein can harm people with an immune system disorder and casein sensitivity. Autoimmune disease is caused by inflammation, dairy products such as butter contain some inflammatory agents, and Casein is an inflammatory agent that can trigger allergies. But is Ghee casein-free? 

The amount of Casein found in Ghee should not be big enough to cause allergic reactions in people who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Since Ghee is clarified butter, it goes through different clarification processes. And the process removes Casein and most of the ‘whey’ too. And after the clarification, all that remained in Ghee was the butterfat, which is pure and risk-free of casein-sensitivity.

Is Ghee Casein-Free?

As said, Ghee can be casein-free only if it has gone through the clarification processes. But if it does not go through any such, there must be a great amount of Casein and whey left in the Ghee. The best way to tell this is by researching on the manufacturer’s website whether the Ghee they manufacture is Casein-Free. Or you can also contact the customer care number and ask them about their clarification technology asking is Ghee casein-free? 

Ghee is made chiefly from grass-fed cow’s milk and contains multivitamins that are good for our health. However, the components of Ghee, such as oxidized cholesterol and fat, do not go well with people suffering from autoimmune diseases since they are allergic to such ingredients. So it’s better to eat casein-free Ghee. Before buying Ghee, always check if is Ghee casein-free?

Milkio Grass-fed Ghee

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