How healthy is ghee is an important concern.

Ghee is loaded with fats and that people may enquire how fat is good for health. Pure cow ghee contains mostly saturated fats, and the consumption of saturated fats in moderation is healthy if coupled with a balanced diet and adequate rest.

Besides saturated fat, pure cow ghee contains some vitamins like E, D, A, and K2, offers some unique health benefits, for which moderate ghee consumption proved healthy for ghee users.  

  • Pure Ghee helps in digestion and reduces acidity
  • Cow Ghee eases constipation and keeps colon health at par.
  • Pure ghee in the diet is good for skin hydration, anti-aging effects on skin and hair.  
  • Grass fed ghee is healthy for brain development, brain functioning, and retention of memory power.
  • The CLA in Pure cow ghee helps in fat loss, reduction of inflammation in the body, and increasing lean mass.
  • Ghee promotes the immunity of the body and helps in staying strong and healthy.
  • The use of ghee clarified butter in the diet helps maintain bone health, the flexibility of bone joints, and the softness of tissues in the body.
  • Moderate ghee in the diet helps maintain good eyesight.
  • Ghee in the diet offers a holistic feel-good mood for the consumers, which helps in regulating mood swings.  

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