Grass fed ghee: burns belly fat & lose weight effectively

  • August 24, 2021
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Grass fed ghee helps in  burning belly fat and lose weight effectively

It is a common myth that consumption of ghee is harmful for health and it induces unwanted fat in body that results in developing bulge in curves and ultimately the food habit makes us obese. Gone are those days when ghee was considered as a strict No for figure and diet freaks. Presently, according to celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwakar, grass fed ghee is one of the best superfoods you must have in your kitchen and you must learn the smart ways to use this dairy product for your body weight management.

Why grass fed ghee?

Pure grass-fed ghee, predominantly procured from cow’s milk, comes with different essential nutrients needed for balanced immunity and a healthy body. Ghee, if consumed in moderation is an exceptional source of fat-soluble healthy immunity booster vitamins, and its healthy fatty acids aids in natural weight loss. According to famous Nutritionist and Health Coach Shilpa Arora, once procured, ghee contains zero lactose and casein, and that makes it perfectly suitable for lactose intolerant people, who cannot digest dairy products.


So what makes grass fed ghee an amazing ingredient to add flavor and taste in recipes prepared with it, it helps in reducing your belly fat if you make a great combo of exercise and ghee treated diet. Now you may ask billion dollars question, how it aids in natural weight loss.

Ghee for belly fat: Here’s how it aids weight loss

  • Ghee is loaded with essential amino acids that aids in mobilizing the fat and turning the fat cells to contract in size. So, if you are scared of your body’s proneness to accumulate fat quickly, you may try to add grass fed ghee in your weight loss diet. You will surely be benefitted.
  • Ghee holds conjugated linoleic acid, which is a variant of omega-6 fatty acid: it is medically proven that post consumption, linoleic acid aids in weight loss.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids can also aid in increasing lean body mass and reduce fat mass, which in turn aids healthy weight loss.
  • Similarly, the omega-3 fatty acids in grass fed ghee offers active help in losing unwanted body fat and turn to be sleek and slim.
  • Moreover, pure cow ghee comes with a gamut of benefits, ranging from boosting power of digestion to natural prevention of internal organs inflammation, which in either way helps you in losing weight.
Grass fed ghee
Grass fed ghee

While grass fed ghee may be a great ingredient to help you in losing unwanted body weight, you should understand that it has to be consumed in strict moderation. Despite its health benefits and competency in offering dietary support for weight loss, ghee should be taken with restriction, considering its high saturated fat content. It is all right to take one to two teaspoons of ghee every day in order to extract optimum benefits out of this dietary habit.

So, use grass fed ghee for burning belly fat and et back your sexy carve; add exercise and adequate rest at night in your daily routine to churn best benefits for your ghee benefits.

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