Boiling point of vegetable oil: why is ghee a better option

Boiling point of vegetable oil Boiling the temperature of vegetable oil is a critical point for oil use. However, using oil with a higher smoke point can minimize cooking risk.   The boiling point of vegetable oil is generally lower than cooking fats like ghee and butter. That’s why the smoking point of these oils is more down …


Is butter paleo: what makes ghee butter a better choice?

Is butter paleo will attract controversy. Regular butter is not a paleo diet-approved diet, but clarified butter is a paleo diet-approved dairy. Is butter Paleo? It is a critical dietary concern every paleo dieter often thinks about. Paleo diet is a lifestyle and weight-loss diet where a strict restriction is maintained about Paleo foods and diet recipes. …


Oil Boiling Point: what makes ghee a safer cooking oil

Oil boiling point is one of the essential points you need to know before buying your cooking oil. Higher is the boiling point, safer is the oil. Oil boiling point is an optimum temperature when an oil starts boiling.  However, before an oil starts boiling, it starts fuming. The point where an oil starts fuming …


Ghee Nutrients are the source of fantastic ghee benefits

Ghee nutrients are the clues to estimate ghee benefits.  The list of ghee nutrients justifies the claim that ghee is a superfood. It can contribute to health and wellbeing if added to the diet in moderation—however, the purity and sourcing of the raw material impact ghee nutrients.  According to dairy research, grass-fed ghee is the best …


Clarified butter smoke point: The higher count makes it a better butter

Clarified butter smoke point is indeed a great advatage of using it in cooking Clarified butter smoke point is a definite advantage for using dairy oil in cooking. When a cooking oil offers a high smoke point, it acts as a stable oil even against high temperatures. Some cooking processes like baking, roasting, deep-frying needs high …


Smoke point of butter: why is clarified butter a better choice?

Smoke point of butter The smoke point of butter is anytime higher than other common cooking oils. However, out of all the butter types, clarified butter or ghee offers the highest smoke point, 485 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it is a safe oil for high heat temperature cooking.   What is high-heat cooking? Now you may ask …


Ghee vs clarified butter: 3 unique differences you may not know

Ghee vs clarified butter may seem confusing because we often use them as synonyms. Ghee vs clarified butter is a widely searched issue online. We mainly consider both products the same and use ghee and clarified butter interchangeably, but both are not the same product. Both products have some similarities, but they have some dissimilarities as …


Boiling points of oil: 4 clues ghee is a better dairy oil for cooking

Boiling points of oil is an importan point of cooking with oil safety Boiling points of oil are essential for cooking. However, the boiling point of an oil is that optimum temperature when it starts boiling, but there is a catch. Before oil boiling starts, it starts smoking. The higher the smoke point of an oil, …


Best butter for keto: 3 reasons clarified butter is a better option

Best butter for keto Best butter for a keto diet plan is a critical question for keto followers. Different types of butter are available in the market. Knowing the best better in terms of keto perspective is a key to extract success in the keto diet plan. Both dairy butter and clarified butter are the …


Is butter considered dairy: what is a better butter?

Is butter considered dairy? It is a critical concern for dairy sensitive people. Is butter considered dairy? The answer is of course, yes, butter is a dairy product because it is made of milk.  But besides milk butter, there is another variety of butter, which is milk made but it is not as perishable as …


Kosher Ghee – Secrets About Kosher Guidelines for ghee quality

Kosher Ghee Kosher Ghee or any type of Kosher food is edible that complies with traditional Jewish laws and food standards. Kosher Food is an arena of sentiment and religious belief for the Jews and extends far beyond the food’s taste and hygiene parameters.  The term Kosher has its root in the term “Kasher” which …


Oven Ghee – Know the ghee making method in detail

Oven ghee is a popular term but what’s special about oven ghee?  Oven Ghee – the traditional way of Ghee Making is not that popular any more. Premium qiality ghee is now available in the market. However, ghee produced in homemade process using oven was in use during remote past. Ghee has been an integral part …


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