Ghee Side Effects

Ghee side effects are presumed because of it being labeled as ‘fats.’ Yes, it does fall under the nutritional curve of fats. However, that does not mean it is unhealthy. 

Finally, after rigorous research, the studies have been successful in debunking some absurd yet pervasive myths regarding ghee consumption and usage. 

Myth 1: Consuming ghee can make you fat 

This is one of the most generic and ridiculous myths related to ghee. A significant portion of the population avoids ghee because they believe it to be a medium to weight gain. 

On the contrary, if you dig deep into the properties of ghee precisely, you will observe how they aid weight loss instead of gain. 

Let’s highlight the contents of pure ghee and what functions they perform right here:

  • Typically, ghee contains linoleic acid — a fatty acid commonly found in dairy — and meat. It is a well-known weight loss supplement. 
  • A mouse study suggests that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) can overall amp metabolic activities, inhibit unnecessary binge eats, stimulate fat breakdown, and reduce harmful fat production. 
  • Moreover, close speculation on CLA indicated an increase the in-muscle mass and weight loss. 

Myth 2: Ghee can cause bad cholesterol and negatively affect your health 

Ghee has often been labeled to be a cause of strokes and bad cholesterol, which is scientifically incorrect in all ways. 

  • Ghee is a chain of monounsaturated fatty acids which are healthy dietary supplements. 
  • Studies confirm that CLA or unsaturated fatty acids reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol that keeps your heart healthy and sound.  

Myth 3: Ghee aggravates lactose intolerance 

It is a widespread misconception that people with intolerance to lactic products should avoid ghee as it can deteriorate their health. 

Ghee and milk solids are poles apart and do not fall under the common food group. Therefore, there are no substantial risks involved when it comes to ghee consumption for lactose-intolerant people. 

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