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Ghee Shelf Life: 6 Unique Features Of This Dairy Delicacy

Ghee shelf life: handy ways to store the dairy

Ghee Shelf Life: Quality That Endures Ghee shelf life is unique. Essentially, ghee’s storage friendliness is elucidated by its extended shelf life. According to dairy standards, good quality grass-fed ghee stays intact for the next 18 months from manufacturing if some conditions are obeyed for Ghee storage methods. Ghee shelf life is a unique feature of this dairy cooking oil besides its unique health benefits like digestion, weight loss, vitamin and antioxidant support. These are easy-to-manage conditions for ghee storage, which are easy to perform at home, and you can store ghee in your kitchen with any refrigeration support. Still, the shelf life of butter ghee is not that extended, and we cannot store butter without freezing support. However, here we are talking about organic grass-fed cow ghee. Traditionally, ghee manufacturers prepare it from organic grass-fed butter or cream using traditional ghee-making.  Pure grass-fed cow ghee is a natural product free from chemical preservatives, synthetic color, and artificial flavor. You must go for premium organic grass-fed cow ghee to enjoy the best ghee benefits.   You have to check Ghee quality indicators from the ghee label.  How do you store ghee properly once the seal is broken? You don’t need to offer refrigeration support for storing and preserving ghee on your kitchen shelf for an extended period. You can store it at a normal temperature. But ghee storage tips are not as simple as they seem to be.  You must take care of the environment, humidity, light, and heat exposure to maintain even the best quality of ghee. The ghee shelf life of grass-fed ghee is widely dependent on the following factors. Ghee shelf life: The dry and dark shelf is a prerequisite  Ghee shelf life: Moisture intrusion is harmful to ghee quality Ghee shelf life: Use an air-tight container for ghee storage is the best Ghee shelf life: Do not keep cow ghee in an open bowl Ghee shelf life: Human touch for the ghee can spoil the product Whenever you want to take out ghee, you should not pour your finger into the ghee in the bowl directly. The acid pH of your hand may spoil the ghee texture permanently. The best storage conditions for ghee involve the use of a glass or metallic spoon to take the ghee out is better. Keeping a metallic spoon in the ghee container for a long is not recommended. Ghee shelf life: Ghee vs. Butter As both butter and ghee are dairy products and both are ketogenic diet-compatible dairy products, comparing ghee vs. butter shelf friendliness and health benefits may come to mind. Let’s take a close view. Although both ghee butter and butter contain the same fatty acids, the ghee lacks the Milk solids part of butter, making ghee’s nutritional support unique. Ghee offers a high smoke point than butter, and that makes ghee a safer cooking oil than butter. Ghee is better for high-temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, and deep-frying.   Pure cow Ghee clarified butter is more shelf stable than regular butter. As ghee fat is free of lactose and casein, ghee is free of the risk of lactose intolerance. But butter contains lactose and casein, so it may be unsafe for lactose-intolerant consumers. Finally, we can substitute butter with ghee, but substituting ghee with butter may not be a wise choice.  Ghee shelf life: Ghee storage tips to follow for extended storage life These are some of the handy remedies, which you can safely try to extend the shelf life of ghee after you have purchased it. By following the storage suggestions listed above, you can extend the shelf life of the cow ghee you are so fond of However, you may use all these remedies for ghee preservation and positive result, provided you have purchased the best quality grass-fed cow ghee. It is already proven that you can store perfectly only unadulterated, organically certified, synthetic color, flavor, and preservative-free ghee, but quality-compromised ghee is always prone to get rancid if it is preserved without the continuous support of refrigeration.  Want to buy organic grass-fed cow ghee with an extended ghee shelf life? You may buy New Zealand-made Milkio cow ghee from 100% grass-fed cow milk. These dairy cows are fed with organic green grass and allowed to roam freely on green open pastures Milkio Foods maintains a USDFA-approved manufacturing facility with a diligent focus on strict quality assurance. To date, the product has accrued excellent market feedback from existing consumers. Milkio Grass-fed ghee is organic-certified. It is a natural product free of lactose, casein, gluten, sugar, and carbohydrate. With up to 64% saturated milk fat content, Milkio ghee is a Keto and Paleo diet friendly. Besides long shelf-life, Milkio ghee from New Zealand offers higher smoke points. It makes it healthier than olive oil, coconut oil, etc.  Milkio Ghee is 100% grass-fed and, as a special trait of grass-fed ghee, contains more MCTs like CLA and Omega 3 than the non-grass-fed ghee variety. It is a lactose and casein-free dairy product, which is also free from sugar, gluten, and carbs. Milkio grass-fed ghee is shelf-stable. Which means the ghee shelf life is longer. Moreover, the manufacturer offers storage instructions on the product label for the help of the buyers. But Milkio Ghee in bulk and enjoy its wholesome nutritional benefit yearly. You can use it in daily cooking as well as in gourmet cooking. You may use Milkio ghee as a healthy butter alternative, too. Besides its availability in retail outlets, Milkio Cow ghee is available for online purchases.  To know the purchase points of Milkio Ghee, browse the Milkio website. Partner with us If You Wish to partner with us to Import/Buy/Distribute/Trade Our Milkio Ghee products, or for developing Private label ghee products, or contract ghee manufacturing support, Please Feel Free To Contact Us Via Our Email, We Will Be In Touch With You Within the next 48 Hrs. Reference Links :