Ghee for babies

Clarified butter or Ghee is a popular dairy product you will find in every kitchen worldwide. Ghee is mainly composed of vitamins, enzymes, water, and minerals. Many people also avoid Ghee because of the misconception of fat which some nutritionists usually say. But now people are well aware that Ghee contains the healthiest fat. 

There are many benefits of consuming Ghee. Here in this post, we will discuss some of the benefits of Ghee for babies. 

So, let’s start with more details 


Some benefits of Ghee for Babies

  1. For a baby’s brain 

We all know that the first two years are decisive for a baby’s brain development. According to medical science, more than 50% of the brain is made up of fat. Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA is always a healthy fat that is necessary for the brain development of kids. In Ghee, you will find DHA, which can help your baby’s brain development. That’s why Ghee for babies is always beneficial, and you need to add Ghee to your baby’s regular diet.        


  1. For baby’s high energy diet 

The fat present in Ghee is easy to digest than other fats. Whenever you want to add a high energy source with your baby’s food, which will not upset your baby’s tummy, you need to consider Ghee. Desi pure Ghee is easy to digest, high in calories, and contains healthy fat that always works as a perfect baby energizer. 

  1. For baby’s health 

Ghee is a rich source of antioxidants that always helps to improve the immune system of a baby. Ghee can protect a child from various diseases and infections. It also helps the baby’s body absorb fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin K, D, A, and E.    

  1. For baby’s skin 

When it comes to Ghee for babiesno doubt it has many benefits but do you know Ghee can protect the skin of a baby from cold and keep the skin soft and moisturized. You can do a massage of Ghee on your baby’s skin daily, especially in winter. 

  1. For baby’s energy 

Ghee for child can work as an energy booster! As we all known, Ghee is a good source of energy and high in calories. Ghee usually helps to grow the baby and keep them active and energetic, which is essential for a new baby for crawling and walking.   

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