Ghee dairy allergy safe: what’s the catch?

  • March 2, 2022
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Ghee dairy allergy safe food because it is free from allergy-triggering elements like lactose and casein.  What is the best ghee buying option for you then? How to buy the best ghee clarified butter for you?

Ghee dairy allergy safe is an established fact and that is why people with dairy sensitivity can safely use it in their diet. The ghee-making process is the reason behind these ghee benefits. During the slow cooking process of butter boiling, the lacrosse and casein content of butter gets eliminated. Pure butterfat is lactose and casein free.

What is dairy allergy?

Dairy allergy is a typical dairy sensitivity that generally causes stomach upset, nausea, flatulence, bloating, etc.  It is mostly triggered by the lactose or casein content of milk.  Lactose or casein-sensitive people face stomach upset and poor digestion issues whenever they consume any milk-made product.

But ghee is an exception. Although it is made of milk, it is free from lactose and casein and thus you can safely add it to your diet even without knowing if you are lactose intolerant or casein sensitive. 

If you try cultured ghee, you will find lactic acid content in it. In the cultured ghee-making process, lactose of milk gets completely converted to lactic acid and that makes it more soothing for the stomach. If you are severely dairy allergic, cultured ghee is the safest catch for you to enjoy dairy benefits.

Ghee dairy allergy-safe food with multiple health benefits

Now you might be questioning if ghee is an important food in your diet plan. Yes, besides allergy safety, ghee is loaded with nutritional benefits.  The healthy fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamin contents are the reasons behind ghee’s nutritional benefits. 

Due to nutritional advantages, ghee is called a superfood that can help in boosting the wellness factors of the human body in multidirectional ways. Let’s take a quick glance at ghee benefits.

It helps in improving digestion

Grass-fed ghee helps in faster and smooth digestion. Moderate grass-fed ghee in the diet prevents acidity, reduces the tendency of bloating and flatulence, and improves metabolism.

Supports for weight loss

The unique ghee dairy allergy safe feature is one of the reasons for ghee’s popularity no doubt but despite its fat content, ghee is identified by its weight loss supportive feature. Ghee contains CLA and butyrate, which are proven supplements for ghee’s weight loss dietary support.

Makes bones strong

The fat-soluble content of ghee includes Vitamin A, D, E, and K. Vitamin K content helps in boosting the calcium absorption power of the body. Increased calcium absorption power helps in making bones strong.

Takes care of brain health

Grass-fed pure ghee takes care of brain health.  It is proven that moderate ghee in the diet helps in nourishing brain cells and that helps in preventing the onset of memory-related disorders.

Ghee dairy allergy safe: what’s the catch? 3

Offers skin care, hair care, eye care advantages

Grass-fed ghee offers nourishing support for skin, hair, and eye health.  A regular ghee diet impacts an antiaging effect on the skin, naturally shiny hair, and good eye care. Besides ghee in the diet, you can use ghee as a massage oil for skin and hair and grass-fed ghee as an eye drops. It will help you to fight dry eye syndrome successfully.

Promotes good heart

Grass-fed ghee in the diet is good for heart health if you can couple your diet with an active lifestyle, a daily dose of exercise, and sufficient rest. The nutritional benefits of dairy are unavailable for dairy-sensitive people but with ghee dairy allergy-proof option, you can add it to your diet and enjoy dietary support of omega fatty acids, CLA, etc. for maintaining heart health.

Boosts general immunity of the body

Ghee’s nutritional power is good for uplifting the general immunity power of the body. Ghee diet in moderation helps in staying pink in health.

All these ghee benefits are available for you when you use premium grass-fed quality ghee. Dairy research has explored that grass-fed ghee contains more nutrients than non-grass-fed ghee variety.

Which has more fat butter or ghee
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