Ghee and Cardiovascular disease: what says Ayurveda about the ink?

  • July 8, 2021
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Ghee and Cardiovascular disease (CVD): from the Ayurvedic aspect

As obesity is counted as one of the gruesome lifestyle diseases of the 21st century, everybody, including health freaks, is avoiding foods that can add fat to the diet. From this point of view, ghee (also known as clarified butter) is frowned upon as unhealthy because of its saturated fat content and is not recommended for cardiac patients.

Usually, ghee and cardiovascular disease are connected with negative notions. It is generally assumed that the consumption of ghee is one of the reasons behind cardio diseases, but Ayurveda is of a different opinion.

What says Ayurveda about ghee?

The view of Ayurvedic treatment for ghee and cardiac patients is radically different; instead, Ayurveda positively relates ghee and cardiovascular disease as a cure remedy. Even Modern Ayurvedic masters prescribe consuming ghee to keep control of cardiac health. However, ghee is recommended only for addition to the Ayurvedic diet.

Ghee does not contain oxidized low-density lipoprotein cholesterol,

It has been medically proven that more than saturated fat, the fatal trigger in CVD risk is oxidized low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Surprisingly, on chemical analysis, it was found that ghee does not contain cholesterol oxides. The presence of antioxidants in ghee stands responsible for this health benefit. 

Ghee contains a short fatty acid chain.

Besides cholesterol, ghee contains fatty acids, which, according to modern science, can be taken as a trigger to cardiac disease. Usually, longer chains of fatty acids are found to be responsible for the problem of blood clotting and thrombosis. But this is not applicable for short chains of fatty acids.

Ghee contains saturated fat (89 %), comprised of short-chain fatty acids. Short chains are easier to digest and are friendly for hormone production and strengthening cell membranes. These short-chained fatty acids are enriched with anti-microbial properties that protect the digestive tract from harmful microorganisms. A healthy digestive system is supportive of the healthy cardio system to a large extent.

The study has shown that Ghee and Cardiovascular disease if  ghee is added moderately to the diet, it can lower serum cholesterol levels as well as it helps in increasing the level of secretion of biliary lipids, which in both ways helps in stabilizing cardiac health and reduces the chance of inducing atherosclerosis.

Ghee can lower the level of lipoprotein (a)

It is again medically proven that adding saturated fat to the diet can help lower lipoprotein (a) from blood count, an obvious trigger for inducing cardiac disease. Unfortunately, no medication is available for low lipoprotein (a) except adding dietary support, which ghee can offer seamlessly due to its saturated fat content. That is why Ghee and Cardiovascular disease are not harmfully related. Ghee can help control the disease.

In addition benefits of having saturated fats in the diet

Furthermore, consuming saturated fats also helps raise the level of HDL, the good cholesterol, which prevents cardio disease and keeps lipid profile under control. Having saturated fat in the diet is a sure-shot way to control obesity.

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