Ghee Ayurveda: 4 holistic ways the duo can boost your wellness

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee Ayurveda: Nourishing Tradition for Well-being

Ghee Ayurveda is an exciting combo. Although Ayurvedic treatment was popular in ancient India and neighboring territories, these holistic concepts’ relevance is still prevalent. 

No matter how diet-conscious you are, you can’t ignore the rich fragrance and golden hue of freshly prepared ghee. But most of us consider ghee unhealthy or fattening and refrain from adding it to our daily diet.

Daily consuming one spoonful of ghee can help you loosen tight hamstrings and heal poor digestion. It even lubricates connective tissues to promote flexibility. 

According to Ghee Ayurveda, ghee is prepared from organic, grass-fed, unsalted milk butter. It holds saturated milk fat and gets free from milk solids while getting clarified. It becomes pure butterfat, simpler, lactose, and casein-free. It is free from the risk of allergy but offers milk benefits to its consumers. 

Ghee Ayurveda: how it is used?

  • Did you know Ayurveda places ghee at the top of the cooking oil category? Yes, it’s an excellent source of healthy fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins with healing properties. And there is more to it!
  • Ghee in the diet helps in flushing toxins out of the body. It keeps the digestive system clean and boosts metabolism. It is a detoxing dairy. Ghee Ayurveda works together to increase digestive power and improve immunity.
  • Ghee is a natural moisturizer; one reason ghee in Ayurvedic medicines works like magic in skin care and hair care. Be it for external use or ayurvedic tonic for dietary use; the ghee Ayurveda combo brings good results in a few days.  
  • In bone care and wound healing, ghee Ayurveda use is quite widespread. Once, it was an Indian tradition, but now, the benefits of ghee in bone care and wound healing are globally appreciated.  

Ghee Ayurveda
Ghee Ayurveda: 4 holistic ways the duo can boost your wellness 1

If you’re here to learn the ghee Ayurvedic benefits to have a new inclusion in your diet chart, stay glued and keep scrolling.

Ghee in Ayurvedic Cooking

Ghee holds a revered place in Ayurvedic cooking, where it is considered not just a culinary ingredient but a therapeutic and medicinal substance. Ayurvedic cooking focuses on achieving balance and harmony within the body through ingredients that align with an individual’s dosha or constitution. 

Ghee, with its unique properties, plays a central role in achieving this balance. Here are some critical aspects of ghee Ayurveda wellness cooking:

  1. Digestive Aid: Ghee is believed to enhance the digestive process and is considered the best cooking medium for those with weak digestion. It helps improve Agni, the digestive fire, and ensures food is metabolized correctly.
  2. Balancing Doshas: In Ayurveda, the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) play a central role in one’s health. Ghee can balance these doshas by adjusting the amount and type used in recipes.
  3. Sattvic Food: Ghee is considered a sattvic food, promoting mental clarity, purity, and a peaceful state of mind. Sattvic foods are essential in Ayurvedic cooking for overall well-being.
  4. Enhancing Flavors: Ghee’s rich, nutty flavor enhances the taste of dishes. It’s often used to sauté spices and aromatics, allowing them to release their full flavor potential.
  5. Nutrient Absorption: Ghee carries fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients in food. It aids in absorbing these nutrients and ensures their delivery to the cells.
  6. Cooking Temperatures: Ghee has a high smoke point, making it suitable for various cooking methods, from sautéing to deep-frying, without breaking down and producing harmful compounds.
  7. Medicinal Uses: Ghee is used in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations, such as Ayurvedic tonics (rasayanas), which serve as a vehicle to deliver herbs and nutrients to the body.
  8. Ayurvedic Recipes: Ayurvedic cuisine incorporates ghee into many recipes, from traditional dals (lentil dishes) to desserts, offering nourishment and flavor.

When using ghee Ayurveda privilege in cooking, it’s essential to understand your constitution (Prakriti) and any current imbalances (Vikriti) to make the best choices for your dietary needs. 

The quantity and type of ghee can vary according to your dosha and health goals. Consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner or dietitian can provide personalized guidance for incorporating ghee into your diet in an Ayurvedic way.

Ghee Recipes for Ayurvedic Wellness

In Ayurvedic cooking, ghee is not just a cooking medium; it’s considered a powerful medicinal and therapeutic ingredient. Ghee Ayurveda recipes promote wellness, balance doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), and support overall health. Here are some ghee-infused recipes for Ayurvedic well-being:

Ghee-Turmeric Tea:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, water, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, honey.
  • Benefits: Supports digestion, soothes inflammation, and enhances immunity.

Ghee-Infused Dal:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, lentils (choice of dal), spices, vegetables.
  • Benefits: Enhances the flavor, nutritional value, and digestibility of dals.

Ghee Rice (Nei Choru):

  • Ingredients: Ghee, rice, whole spices, cashews, ghee-fried onions.
  • Benefits: A simple, soothing dish that’s easy on digestion.

Ghee-Drizzled Vegetables:

  • Ingredients: Steamed or roasted vegetables, ghee, and Ayurvedic spices.
  • Benefits: Adds a burst of flavor and nourishment to your veggie dishes.

Ghee-Infused Soups:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, vegetables, spices, lentils, or grains.
  • Benefits: Enhances the richness and therapeutic qualities of soups.

Ghee and Herbal Teas:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, or tulsi.
  • Benefits: Enhances the help of herbal teas and makes them more soothing.

Ghee-Flavored Desserts:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, sweets like halwa or rice pudding.
  • Benefits: Provides a rich and indulgent flavor to Ayurvedic desserts.

Ghee-Infused Breakfast Cereals:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, oats, rice flakes, or quinoa.
  • Benefits: Adds warmth, nourishment, and balance to your morning meal.

Herbal Ghee Tonics:

  • Ingredients: Ghee, adaptogenic herbs, and spices.
  • Benefits: Used as Ayurvedic tonics to support specific health goals.

When preparing these Ghee Ayurveda wellness recipes, you must consider your dosha and any imbalances in your body. You can adjust the quantity of ghee and specific ingredients to balance your constitution. 

Consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner or dietitian can provide personalized guidance for incorporating ghee into your Ayurvedic diet for optimal wellness.

Ghee Ayurveda– The Open Secret!

Well, Ayurveda shows us how the consumption of ghee benefits our health and increases the clarity of our minds. The Chakra Samhita, a classic Ayurveda text, says that those whose data (elements of air and space) and pitta (elements of fire and water) dominate the bodily constitution must intake ghee regularly. 

Also, those fighting a disease caused by the vitiation of Vata and pitta should have a significant amount of ghee each day. Even if you want good eyesight or clear skin, tenderness of the body, longevity, Ojas, power of digestion, progeny, tenderness of the body, intelligence, right functioning sense organs, and healing burn injury- you can replace your daily oil intake with ghee. You will enjoy ghee benefits Ayurveda in your favor.

Moreover, ghee nourishes the body tissues, uplifts the nervous system, and helps sustain the healthy microbes within our gastrointestinal tract. 

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