Ghee Ayurveda: 4 holistic ways the duo can boost your wellness

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee Ayurveda is an exciting combo. Although Ayurvedic treatment was primarily popular in ancient India and neighboring territories, these holistic concepts’ relevance is still prevalent. 

No matter how diet-conscious you are, you can’t ever ignore the rich fragrance and golden hue of freshly prepared ghee. But most of us often consider ghee as unhealthy or fattening and refrain from adding it to our daily diet. In reality, day-to-day consuming one spoon of ghee can help you loosen up tight hamstrings, heal poor digestion. Even it lubricates connective tissues to promote flexibility. 


According to Ghee Ayurveda, ghee is prepared from organic, grass-fed, unsalted milk butter. It holds saturated milk fat and gets free from milk solids while getting clarified. It becomes pure butterfat, simpler, and lactose, and casein-free. It is free from the risk of allergy but offers milk benefits to its consumers. 


  1. Did you know Ayurveda places ghee at the top of the cooking oil category? Yes, it’s an excellent source of healthy fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins with healing properties. And there is more to it!
  2. Ghee in the diet helps in flushing toxins out of the body. It keeps the digestive system clean and boosts metabolism. Tr is a detoxing dairy. Ghee Ayurveda works together to increase digestive power and improves immunity.
  3. Ghee is a natural moisturizer, and that is one reason ghee in Ayurvedic medicines works like magic on skincare and hair care. Be it is used in external use or ayurvedic tonic for dietary use, it brings good results in few days.  
  4. In bone care and wound healing, ghee Ayurveda use is quite widespread. Once, it was an Indian tradition, but now the benefits of ghee in bone care and wound healing are globally appreciated.  

If you’re here to learn the Ayurvedic benefits of ghee to have a new inclusion in your diet chart, stay glued and keep scrolling.


Ghee Ayurveda– The open Secret!

Well, Ayurveda shows us how the consumption of ghee benefits our health and increases the clarity of our minds. The Chakra Samhita, a classic Ayurveda text, says that those people whose data (elements of air and space) and pitta (elements of fire and water) dominate the bodily constitution must intake ghee regularly. 

Also, those fighting a disease caused by the vitiation of Vata and pitta should have a significant amount of ghee each day. Even if you want good eyesight or clear skin, tenderness of the body, longevity, Ojas, power of digestion, progeny, tenderness of the body, intelligence, right functioning sense of organs, heal burn injury- you can replace your daily oil-intake with ghee. 

Moreover, ghee nourishes the body tissues, uplifts the nervous system, and helps sustain the healthy microbes within our gastrointestinal tract. 

Ghee Ayurveda
Ghee Ayurveda


However, all these ghee benefits are best available from grass-fed pure ghee manufactured from an authentic place like New Zealand. The pollution-free, zero-drought, and pristine New Zealand environment support the best quality dairy production, including pure grass-fed ghee manufacturing.  

Ghee Ayurveda

Why New Zealand?

“The spirit of dairying in New Zealand is the spirit of ingenuity. We create more than 1500 products and product specifications from our milk. Thanks to generations of adventurous and creative dairy people, these products can be found in all corners of the planet. In addition, our inventiveness has led to the creation of products, such as whey protein, for specialized nutrition needs that support the wellbeing of consumers.

Our natural advantage 

New Zealand is favored by nature when making milk, with a climate, soils, and abundant water that create a perfect environment for growing grass. Our cows can access pasture year-round, meaning space to roam and follow their natural inclinations to be outdoors. Our geography means New Zealand is free from many pests and diseases, supporting healthy cows and allowing us to farm with a lighter hand.”

Source: NZ Story

Ghee Ayurveda

About Milkio garlic Grass-fed ghee

Milkio’s grass-fed cow ghee is produced in pure New Zealand from the grass-fed cow milk fat. As a result, it is nutritious, Keto, Paleo diet-friendly. Milkio grass-fed ghee is storage-friendly: you can store it in the kitchen at room temperature for 12-18 months from its manufacturing date. Milkio grass-fed ghee offers a high smoke point, suitable for high-temperature cooking like baking roasting. Milkio ghee is a healthy alternative to butter, olive oil, coconut, etc., as cooking oil.


Milkio grass-fed ghee is certified non-GMO and free from artificial colors, flavor, and chemical and preservatives. It is a lactose-free, casein-free, gluten-free, ghee product you can use in your kitchen in versatile ways besides extracting ghee Ayurveda benefits in your favor.

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