Ghee and cholesterol

People are usually concerned about ghee and cholesterol assuming the potential adverse effects of ghee. The reason behind the same is the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Oxidized cholesterol formation during cooking sometimes turns out to be detrimental to human health. Western researchers previously stated that ghee has fat which is responsible for increased cholesterol.  The latest scientific studies show that the consumption of ghee in limited quantities does not raise cholesterol levels. 

The low-density lipoproteins, along triglycerides make it fit for people who love consuming food with a nutty flavor. Ghee has 62% saturated fat, linked to cardiovascular disease (CAD). Besides, it works favorably as a well-known Ayurvedic source for cholesterol control. So, there won’t be problems of excessive cholesterol building in the body.


Ghee and cholesterol: Impact on blood cholesterol

  • Ghee impacts levels of blood cholesterol that can be tremendously unhealthy.
  • Ghee, compared to the other fats, contains saturated fatty acids. Besides, it comes with high smoking points that make the food healthier.
  • Saturated bonds are stable and are not responsible for the development of free radicals. The butyric acid and the other short-chain saturated fats add to the food’s characteristic flavor. You can get this ghee from the grass-fed cow milk-butter. 
  • Overall, ghee helps lowering the cholesterol level and boosts the immune system of human body. 



New Zealand is a good place to live. We are ranked sixth in the world for global gender equality1, seventh for prosperity2 and eighth3 for happiness. Dairy makes an important contribution to New Zealand’s prosperity and wellbeing. It is our largest export goods sector and contributes around 3% of our GDP. But even more than that, our dairy communities are an integral part of thriving rural life in New Zealand.

Source: NZ story


Final words

This was all you must know about ghee and cholesterol. Good quality ghee is free from unnecessary fat and high cholesterol levels, and promotes body’s nourishment. Add premium-quality ghee to add flavor to the foods. In that case, it’s worth considering ghee packed with healthy fats, and vitamins, which is the best available from pure grass-fed organic ghee. 

ghee and cholesterol



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