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What is the difference between Conventional (ordinary) Ghee, Grass-fed Ghee and Grass-fed USDA Organic Ghee?

  • December 14, 2023
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The significant difference between grass-fed ghee, conventional ghee and grass-fed USDA organic ghee is based on the availability of quality claim related certifications and potential for additional benefits. Organic ghee means guaranteed purity.

More Insights on USDA organic ghee and grass ghee difference…

Conventional Ghee:

Conventional ghee has no specific regulations on farming practices or ingredients used in the production process. This means there might be antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides in the milk, although the extent varies between producers.

Grass-fed Ghee:

Grass-fed ghee use milk fat from cows fed only on grass. This leads to a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and beta-carotene than conventional ghee. These nutrients offer potential health benefits like improved heart health and anti-inflammatory properties.

USDA organic ghee:

USDA organic ghee goes through a strict certification process ensuring:

  • Cows are raised on certified organic pasture without antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic pesticides for at least 12 months before dairy production.
  • Organic feed is provided during milking periods.
  • Processing adheres to organic standards, limiting the use of additives and chemicals.
  • Independent verification of organic practices is mandatory.

Potential additional benefits of USDA Organic Ghee:

  • Higher levels of antioxidants and health-friendly fatty acids due to stricter organic farming practices.
  • Reduced risk of exposure to antibiotic and pesticide residues.
  • Support for sustainable farming practices and animal welfare.
  • May have slightly higher nutrient content and reduced pesticide residues.

Milkio Offers both grass-fed and USDA organic ghee. Grass-fed is similar to organic but without the certification. Milkio Organic grass-fed ghee is organic certified by BioGro, New Zealand.

You may opt for Milkio USDA organic ghee for stricter standards, & Milkio grass-fed for a more budget-friendly but healthy option.

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