Drinking ghee for weight loss?

Drinking ghee for weight loss? Yes, you heard it correctly. Now, we’re thinking about using cow ghee and how it will help us lose weight. Let us know some information and grasp the idea behind cow ghee as well as weight loss before coming to any conclusions:


The universal consensus is that fat should be eliminated in the diet, although there are certain healthier fats. If you think fats are bad for your body, you’re wrong. Healthy fats, such as ghee, are important for our bodies’ optimal health. These healthy fats absorb nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), which aid in hormone regulation.



Ghee is high in essential amino acids, which aid in fat mobilization and fat cell reduction. Try using ghee in your weight-loss regimen if you feel your body is increasingly producing fat.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an omega-6 fatty acid, is used in ghee, which aids in losing weight when eaten. Omega-6 fatty acids could also contribute to weight loss by increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat mass.


‘Milk and milk products are highly nutritious and one of the most digestible sources of protein, providing essential building blocks for a healthy diet for young and old. As one of the few large dairy exporting countries, New Zealand plays a vital role in global nutritional security.

Source: NZ story.

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Ways of drinking ghee for weight loss


Consume with milk: Snuggle up to hot milk and cow ghee to prove that you’re not interested in adding weight. Ghee from cows helps to ease the digestive tract, alleviate constipation, as well as reduce bloating. Warm milk and ghee consumed an hour before going to sleep calm the stomach, ease the bowels, and speed up weight loss.


Drink with coffee: You can also replace your regular breakfast with bulletproof coffee, that is, coffee with ghee. Coffee made with ghee can help you lose weight and help you with other health benefits. For bulletproof coffee, you need to add ghee with your daily coffee. 


Why should you be drinking ghee for weight loss?

drinking ghee for weight loss

drinking ghee for weight loss


When we use ghee, every tissue of the body receives the required nourishment; the joints are lubricated, the hair is softer and silkier, and the skin is healthier.

Milkio ghee is 100% organic and produced with grass-fed cow milk, provided directly from New Zealand.



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