Cultured vs uncultured ghee

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Many people usually ask what is the difference between ghee and cultured ghee. The answer is pretty simple. Uncultured ghee is normally made from milk, and cultured ghee is made from Yogurt.

Cultured ghee is for dairy-sensitive people, which usually undergoes several lab testing. It’s the original form of ghee made from milk and not undergoes any lab testing for uncultured ghee. If you are someone who extremely sensitive to dairy, then cultured ghee is best for you; otherwise, there is no such big difference between these.   


Cultured ghee is usually prepared with the process of fermentation. Let’s understand the formation process in short.

Fermentation process

Normal milk contains lactose which is a natural sugar that gives sweetness to milk. You can say this sugar is a form of glucose, also known as galactose. To breakdown this glucose, an enzyme called lactase is necessary. Many people lack this essential enzyme in their digestive system; thus, they face digestive issues whenever they take these things.

During the fermentation or culturing process of milk, the lactose is usually converted to lactic acid, making it more digestible for people having issues with uncultured dairy products. In making ghee, the lactose is completely removed during the milk solids are extracted from the fat.

Why cultured ghee?

Cultured vs uncultured ghee? Which is good why you should use cultured ghee?

Both are good, but here we are going you some of the valid points to use cultured ghee. 

Why cultured ghee   
  • Normally due to fermentation, cultured ghee has more buttery taste and cream. Most people love the taste and aroma of cultured foods.
  • All the cultured ghee is lab tested, and you will not be found more than 0.25% lactose and 2.5 ppm casein/whey.
  • Cultured ghee is also known as desi ghee.
  • You will find several health benefits of cultured ghee in Ayurveda. 


 Which one should you purchase?

Cultured vs Uncultured ghee, which one should you purchase? The answer is simple if you have a dairy intolerance, then simply go with cultured ghee; otherwise, you can consume original ghee is always the best option; it also costs less.    


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