4 Surprising Health Benefits of pure Ghee

4 Surprising Health Benefits of pure Ghee

4 Surprising Health Benefits of pure Ghee

Ghee is one of staples in Indian kitchen, which is mostly used for cooking oil. It contains loads of vitamins, antioxidants, and saturated fats. It is well known from Indian traditional legacy that health benefits of pure Ghee is helpful in many ways and this is one of the reasons, Ghee was preferred for natural skin care, hair health, as well as for retaining memory power, and boosting concentration in ancient India and by Ayurvedic physicians.

Surprisingly this list is not the end of the health benefits of pure Ghee. Recently, nutritionists have explored some more health benefits of cow ghee, which has rightly accredited pure cow ghee as a superfood.

  • Pure ghee intake may reduce the risk of heart disease

It has been surveyed in Indian rural area that people who consume pure ghee in their diet are naturally resistant to cardiovascular disease. On research, it has been identified that ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, which is a fatty acid offers natural protections from carcinogens, artery plaque, and intrusion of diabetes. Ghee’s plaque control property stands responsible for its protective power to resist heart disease, which is one of the major health benefits of pure ghee.

  • Ghee helps pregnant mothers to conceive healthy baby

Vitamin K2 is responsible for dental and facial development of babies in mother’s womb. Intake of pure ghee in diet helps mothers to get adequate supply of vitamin K2. It has been observed that pregnant ladies who had consumed ghee during pregnancy have given birth to healthy babies with strong denture. However, vitamin k2 is available in grass fed cow milk; therefore pure ghee procured from grass fed cow milk is mostly recommended for pregnant ladies.

  • Ghee helps in improving semen health

Pure ghee has been identified with natural aphrodisiac property. Regular consumption of ghee ensures extra virility in sex drive as well as it helps in producing good quality semen for men. However, how much is not too much can only be recommended by the physician after evaluating age, body weight, and lifestyle of an individual.

  • Ghee helps in faster losing weight

One of the main health benefits of pure ghee is its support in faster weight loss mission. CLA in pure ghee helps in natural weight loss if the diet is supplemented by workout/exercised at regular basis. Instead of using vegetable oil, pure ghee used in moderation in diet can help in faster weight loss, and it helps people to come back in proper shape.

These are some of the unknown advantages of adding pure ghee in diet. By all means cow ghee is the best source of enjoying all main health benefits of pure ghee.

All these health benefits of pure ghee mentioned here are supported and promoted by Ayurvedic physicians since ages. Modern dieticians have discovered these health benefits that can help every individual to lead a balanced lifestyle, which is a bonus or adding ghee in diet.

Ghee and Cardiovascular disease (CVD): from Ayurvedic aspect

Ghee and Cardiovascular disease (CVD): from Ayurvedic aspect

Ghee and Cardiovascular disease (CVD): from Ayurvedic aspect

As obesity is being counted as one of the gruesome lifestyle diseases of 21st century, everybody including health freaks is avoiding foods that can add fat in diet. From this point of view ghee (also known as clarified butter) is frowned as unhealthy because of its saturated fat content and not recommended for cardiac patients.

Usually ghee and cardiovascular disease are connected with negative notion. In is generally assumed that consumption of ghee is one of the reasons behind cardio diseases, but Ayurveda is of different opinion.

What says Ayurveda about pure ghee?

The view of Ayurvedic treatment about ghee and cardiac patients is radically different; rather Ayurveda relates ghee and cardiovascular disease positively as cure remedy. Even Modern Ayurvedic masters do prescribe to consume ghee for keeping control on cardiac health. However, pure ghee is recommended only for adding in Ayurvedic diet.

Pure Ghee does not contain oxidized low density lipoprotein cholesterol,

It has been medically proven that more than saturated fat, the fatal trigger in CVD risk is oxidized low density lipoprotein cholesterol, and surprisingly on chemical analysis it was found that pure ghee does not contain cholesterol oxides, and the presence of antioxidants in pure ghee stands responsible for this heath benefit. 

Pure ghee contains short fatty acid chain

Besides cholesterol, ghee contains fatty acid which according to modern science can be taken as a trigger to cardiac disease. Usually longer chains of fatty acids are found responsible for the problem of blood clotting and thrombosis. But this is not applicable for short chains of fatty acids.

Ghee contains saturated fat (89 %,) which are comprised of short chain fatty acids. Short chains are easier to digest, and are friendly for hormone production and strengthening cell membranes. These short chained fatty acids are enriched with anti-microbial properties that protect digestive tract from harmful microorganisms. Healthy digestive system is supportive of healthy cardio system to a large extent.

Study has been shown that in relation to Ghee and Cardiovascular disease, if pure ghee is added moderately in diet, it can lower serum cholesterol level as well as it helps in increasing the level of secretion of biliary lipids, which in both the ways helps in stabilizing cardiac health, and reduces the chance of  inducing atherosclerosis.

Ghee can low the level of lipoprotein (a)

It is again medically proven that addition of saturated fat in diet can help in lowering lipoprotein (a) from blood count, which is an obvious trigger for inducing cardiac disease. Unfortunately there is no medication available to low lipoprotein (a) except adding dietary support, which pure ghee can offer seamlessly due to its saturated fat content. That is why Ghee and Cardiovascular disease are not harmfully related, ghee can help in controlling the disease.

Addition benefits of having saturated fats in diet

Furthermore, consuming saturated fats also helps in raising the level of HDL, the good cholesterol, which prevents cardio disease and keeps lipid profile under control. Having saturated fat in diet is a sure shot way to control obesity.

Ayurvedic wisdom is unambiguous that pure cow ghee is an important part of a healthy diet. In this way pure ghee and Cardiovascular disease is not related negatively. Ghee’s omega fatty acid content, 25% monounsaturated fat, and high smoking point are some other obvious advantages for maintaining cardiac health if  pure ghee is added to diet in moderation.

Ghee is anytime better than butter

Ghee is anytime better than butter

Ghee is anytime better than butter: 5 reasons to include ghee in your diet

Ghee vs. Butter is a recurring controversy in kitchen. Health freaks mostly prefer moderate dose of butter in their diet then again ghee in your diet is a strict no-no; but some dishes cooked with ghee are simple mind-blowing so ghee is always the favorite for seasoned chefs.  Now it’s time to stop the duel between ghee and butter: modern dieticians and doctors are stating some exciting ghee benefits that you may forgot butter at least for next 6 months.. Sounding interesting? read on more….

Ghee improves the power of digestion

Ghee was once one of the staple cooking oils in Indian cuisine. Not only it is the nutty aroma of the cooking oil, but its awesome digestive support is one of the reasons ghee was always chef’s favorite. Modern dieticians are claiming that “Recipes seasoned with moderate quantity of ghee is more digestion friendly”, however, it has to be pure ghee in your diet without any sort of additive, preservative, or synthetic flavor like Milkio’s Pure New Zealand ghee.

Include ghee in diet to increase immunity

Now it is a medically proven fact that pure ghee helps in quick regaining strength after recurring illness. For example, if you have suffered from vital fever but acute infection of flu, inclusion of moderate quality of pure ghee in diet will help you to regain your vitality faster.

Not only as vitality booster, regular dose of ghee in your diet increases energy level and helps you to boost your natural immunity level against viral and bacterial infections.

Ghee for improved vision

Pure ghee procured from pure cow milk contains loads of Vitamin A and that is why if consumed it will improve vision. Those have night blindness will be benefitted by having ghee in diet. Alternatively, you can have liquid ghee before bedtime; long term use of this simple remedy will improve your vision.

Ghee cures wound

Ghee can quickly heal a wound. If you have a wound, apply ghee on it. Not only it stops bleeding, it heals the wound promptly.

In case of cracked heel, chapped nipples and chapped lips you will get quick relief by smearing pure ghee on it.

Ghee reduces nausea

Consumption of pure ghee in your diet helps in reducing nausea; pregnant ladies can inhale the aroma of pure ghee to alleviate morning sickness.

Other remedial use of pure ghee

There are other remedial uses of pure ghee for combating different disorder. For example:

  • Regular scalp massage with ghee stops hair fall and dandruff control,
  • Suffering from migraine? Give your scalp a ghee massage and it will help you to control your migraine.
  • Nose bleed: just pour two drops of liquid lukewarm ghee in each of your nostrils. Nosebleed will be stopped.

It is a proven fact that ghee has lots of benefits to offer. But it is important to consume it in proper way. Nowadays physicians recommend ghee to be eaten with crispy food. The benefit of ghee in your diet can be enjoyed at its best if a hot beverage is taken after ghee cooked food.

Now its high time health freaks like you may include recommended quantity of ghee in your diet instead of butter; it will keep you healthy and well immune.  But you must use pure ghee to enjoy all these benefits.

Amazing health benefits of ghee

Amazing health benefits of ghee

Top 6 Healthy Reasons to use Ghee Daily: amazing health benefits of ghee

Ghee, popularly known as clarified butter, was once a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine. Due to its fat content, use of ghee in making food has become somehow restricted; rather it will be more appropriate to say that health freaks often dismiss the use of ghee in making food assuming it an unhealthy practice.

But contrary to this belief, Ghee is packed with multiple benefits, which can really help us in leading a balanced health system. Sounding interesting? Read on further here some amazing health benefits of ghee.  

It is a natural booster of brain power

According to nutritionists pure ghee contains Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Moderate intake of ghee helps in pacifying the health of nerves and brain. Regular supply of Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids reduces the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moderate consumption of ghee in diet helps in enjoying

health benefits of ghee: it boosts brain functioning and improves memory power and concentration.

Ghee is anti-carcinogenic

According to culinary specialists, ghee is enriched in saturated fat content and as cooking oil offers high smoking point.  This is one of the most important health benefits of ghee. The significance of high smoking points is that ghee or clarified butter does not burn out in normal cooking temperature and hardly produces free radicals when heated. Furthermore, ghee is rich in antioxidants: antioxidant content of ghee prevents its consumers from free radical damage.  As a whole, moderate consumption of ghee helps in natural prevention of cancer.

Ghee helps in natural melting of fat

Facing problem with tummy fat and extra stubborn fat at waistline? Instead of butter start using pure New Zealand ghee in your diet. According to nutritionists, Ghee contains essential amino acids that help in mobilization of accumulated fats in body allows the fat cells to get contracted in size. Regular dose of work out, adequate rest, and use of pure ghee instead of butter in diet will help you to be in shape faster.

Ghee facilitates digestion

It is a proven fact that health benefits of ghee include improved digestive ability of consumers. Ghee boosts the secretion of stomach acid and in this way facilitates digestion. This is one of the reasons, in Indian and Arabic cuisine, ghee used to be added in preparing complicated carb based recipes like.

Use of moderate quality of ghee along with diligent practice of yoga helps in quicker management of unwanted fat management of tummy area and waistline; however, it is recommended to use ghee in cooking according to the prescription on doctor.

How much ghee can be consumed safely?

This is a million dollar question. In fact there is no formula for calculating right proportion of ghee in cooking. It is recommended by nutritionists that consumption of two teaspoons of ghee at daily basis is safe and the quantity does not pose any health threat in general.

However people suffering from cardiac disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol should not try adding ghee in their diet.

It is rightly said that nothing is good when it is used in excess. Same can be applied for using ghee in daily diet. Moderate as well as restricted consumption can help you to enjoy the health benefits of ghee mentioned here.