Ketogenic Diet: How to add ghee in Keto diet plan

Ketogenic Diet: How to add ghee in Keto diet plan

Ketogenic diet has earned huge popularity worldwide as a reliable and easy solution for staying slim, active, and healthy.

The ketogenic diet has earned huge popularity worldwide as a reliable and easy solution for staying slim, active, and healthy. It is popularly called the Keto diet, and it is a well-accepted diet plan for bodyweight loss. It is known as a low-carb high-fat diet.

Unlike other diets, the Ketogenic diet plan allows the dieters to eat almost everything that is low carb but high in fat. The requirement of energy comes from fats and protein, which keeps the body healthy and the system properly functional. 

Fats are used as the main source of energy in the body.

The Keto diet is a therapeutic nutritional plan that allows the consumption of a very-high-fat, really low-carbohydrate, as well as lean-protein diet. 

Keto experts recommend a 4:1 quotient of fat to collective protein plus carbohydrate intake in this diet.

Keto diet: science behind the plan

Carbohydrates are typically our body’s main source of energy, but as the ketogenic diet is too low in carbohydrates count, fats are used as the main fuel of the body.

When we burn fat for energy generation, we tend to produce a typical mix, and we call these mixes ketone bodies – and this is the prime reason this nutrition plan is called a “ketogenic diet.”

Ketones in our body can be traced in the urine, blood, and the breath of humans. People following the ketogenic or Keto diet may often use the test strips to analyze urine for the detection of ketones. The trace of ketones in urine confirms their ketosis.

Ketones are the result of the body burning fat for energy or fuel. Exercise is recommended in the Keto diet, but the most popular part of this diet is its functionality. For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, even the Keto diet works for them to shed fat and feeling happy for the quick weight loss result. Dieters with an active lifestyle can expect a faster result from the Keto diet.

Keto diet: foods you must include in your diet

  • Good quality saturated fats.
  • An adequate amount of meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Only lean meat is allowed.
  • Sufficient quantity of non-starchy vegetables or healthy leafy greens.
  • Low-carb Dairy products.
  • Low-calorie plant-based sweeteners.
  • Beverages that are low in sugar and high in calories.

Keto diet: foods you must avoid

  • Starchy and/or refined carbohydrates
  • All types of sugar.
  • High-calorie sweet fruits.
  • Red meat and sugary and carbonated drinks.
  • Alcoholic beverages.

How ghee fits in Keto diet?

The ketogenic diet plan calls for the inclusion of saturated fats in the daily diet. Fat, actually according to this diet plan, work as the main fuel of the body. In this plan, fat-based foods provide energy and check the hunger pang of the body. Fat in the diet helps in calorie intake control, which ultimately results in natural weight loss.

Organic cow ghee is enriched in up to 64% good quality saturated fats. Cow ghee can be used in cooking as well as it can be consumed raw. Due to the fat content in ghee, this dairy staple is counted as Keto-friendly food in the Keto diet plan.

Organic grass-fed contains Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA and CLA is known as a natural supplement for weight loss. CLA reduces inflammation in the body and boosts immunity. If you can add ghee to your Keto diet menu, the dairy staple besides working as a healthy fat-based food also can take care of your immunity level.

There is another advantage of adding ghee to your Keto diet plan. Lack of card in the diet may cause irregularities in colon clearance. Ghee contains butyrate it, and it helps in natural colon clearance. The problem of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation can get well managed by ghee in the diet.

How you can use ghee in keto diet plan

Adding ghee to the ketogenic diet plan is quite simple. You can cook food with ghee cooking oil. You can use ghee in baking, sautéing, deep-frying, etc.

Ghee is shelf-stable and can be used as a spread on your morning toast as well as in tea or coffee instead of using milk-cream: The morning beverage turns into an energy drink, and because of high ghee calorie, it works as a filler food for you. Ketogenic Diet recipes can be both veg dishes as well as non-veg dishes.

You can use ghee as a taste enhancer. You can use ghee for your salad seasoning. You can use ghee as a butter substitute in your Keto diet plan.

Similarly, you can use ghee on an empty stomach with lukewarm water. Keto dieters have claimed that ghee at night helps enjoy sound sleep at night.

Ghee vs. Butter: which is better in keto?

Dairy Butter contains both lactose and casein. Ketogenic Diet butter is no exception. Lactose intolerant people should not consume butter because butter may cause food sensitivity for them. Ghee, on the other hand, is a lactose-free dairy, which offers a lesser risk of food allergy.

Ghee offers a higher smoke point than butter, and that makes ghee a healthier cooking oil. Ghee stays stable against high-temperature cooking, and it is a versatile cooking oil for all types of dishes.

Ghee is shelf-stable, while dairy butter is not that storage-friendly in the kitchen. You can store ghee for a long, but for storage of butter, you need refrigeration support.

Cultured organic grass-fed ghee contains a higher ratio of good fats than Ketogenic Diet butter. Instead of using butter in making bulletproof tea and coffee, you can use grass-fed ghee.

This is a brief outline of the ketogenic diet, and it can be your best friend if you are following a weight loss program. If you can couple exercise, adequate rest, and a balanced diet, the Keto diet is surely the successful nutrition plan for you.

Milkio grass-fed ghee is made of 100% grass-fed cow’s milk fat, and it contains 64% saturated fats, which is higher than a similar quantity of Ketogenic Diet butter.

If you are following the ketogenic diet, you can use Milkio grass-fed ghee to add a pure and delicious texture and tasty enhancer to your food. Produced by Milkio Foods, Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee is a natural product without any chemical color, flavor, or preservative. It is officially certified by BioGro as an organic and Non-GMO product. Milkio Organic grass-fed ghee is USDA certified for its purity, and it is Ketogenic diet-friendly.

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Is ghee healthy?

Ghee for child: Some Awesome Ghee Benefits for Babies

Ghee for child: Some Awesome Ghee Benefits for Babies

Ghee for child is an age-old remedy for offering kids a healthy package of nutrition.

According to Ayurveda, pure cow ghee is a safe and versatile remedy for kid’s sound health and balanced immunity.

The best part of using cow ghee for a kid is its short term and long term benefits.

Cow ghee for kids can be used both as an external as well as internal wellness agent. Ghee massage is a healthy way to take care of a kid’s sensitive skin.

Ghee At Night

Chest massage with lukewarm ghee at night works as a natural preventive method to stay away from the risk of cold attack and painful throat congestion.

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee in diet can be introduced from the age of 6 months of the baby.

Ghee in diet: benefits for kids

Nowadays, modern dieticians are also recommending #gheediet for a toddler from the infant age.  This is done on the basis of some presumed benefits of ghee for kids. Some of the most significant #gheebenefits of kids are,

  • Ghee in diet helps in kids’ brain development. This is one of the reasons, cow ghee is added to pregnancy diet.
  • Ghee diet helps in strengthening general immunity of a kid and helps the baby to enjoy a hale and hearty lifestyle.
  • Ghee for kids is a great natural remedy for strengthening bones. The vitamin K content of cow ghee helps in quick absorption of calcium, and that makes the bone strong. This is good for the kid in the long-term bone development.
  • Ghee diet for a kid is helpful for quick ingestion. Moderate quantity of ghee in cooking is helpful for faster and smooth digestion, which is a reliable remedy to keep the baby in its lively and vibrant mode.
  • Cow Ghee contains some health friendly and heart friendly vitamins like A, D, E, and K.  Adding cow ghee in diet is a simple and tasty way to offer a balanced supply of nutrients to the baby.
  • Cow milk made ghee contains loads of butyrate acids that is helpful for smooth bowel movement: it is helpful for reducing constipation, which is a common problem of general kids.

Ghee for #kids: how it helps a kid if applied externally

Cow ghee for kids is a safe healthy option, which can be used as a natural medicine. This dairy product is a shelf-stable item and can be administered without the fear of suffering from milk allergy (lactose intolerant) as this dairy delicacy is a lactose free milk fat.

  1. You can offer cow ghee with warm water to the kid: besides detoxing of body, it will help the users to get good calorie supply for their daily life.
  2. Lukewarm ghee mixed with honey is a good natural remedy you can offer kids for treating their sore throat.
  3. Babies get extremely irritated by dry cough problem. You may offer lukewarm ghee one teaspoon with smashed peppercorn to the kid in small doses to treat the irritation and discomfort of dry cough.
  4. Application of cow ghee in lips and face can help you take care of your baby’s soft skin even against the adverse weather condition.
  5. Cow ghee massage is helpful for treating the dry or irritated skin of a kid especially if he has dry skin eczema. Even ghee massage is helpful for the normal skin of the kids
  6. Two drops of cow ghee in nostril can prevent nose bleeding, which may seem threatening for the kid.

There are multiple benefits of offering ghee in a kid’s diet. There are some obvious benefits of applying ghee externally as well.

However, moderation in use is one of the buzz word of using ghee for enjoying best health benefits and medicinal effect from this dairy staple.

Ghee for child is a full-proof natural remedy, which has the potential to offer the best benefits in terms of nutrition and wellbeing of the consumer. Grass fed cow ghee is the premium quality product in this category, hence you should try using grass fed ghee only.

You may try Milkio grass fed cow ghee to get all ghee benefits if you add it to your kid’s diet.  Bring home Milkio ghee today!

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What kind of butter for Keto is ideal?

What kind of butter for Keto is ideal?

What kind of butter for Keto is ideal?

If you are a follower of the keto diet, you will be wondering about it surely.

Keto diet asks for inclusion of good quality fat in diet to reciprocate the low intake of carbohydrate foods.  As butter contains up to 64 % of fats, butter can be a good source of fats for keto. But is it so?

Butter contains lactose and casein. These two compounds are little allergy invoking. It has been diagnosed that people with lactose intolerance cannot consumer butter. But clarified butter (ghee) can be consumed by allergic people with better comfort. That is why keto dieters nowadays prefer to use clarified butter as a safer option to add in their diet.

Why grass fed butter is better?

Grass fed butter is a dairy terminology. This type of butter is produced from 100% grass des cow milk. It has been proved that the cows maintained on green pastured, without captivity, and fed on grass and grass forage offer better quality nutritious milk in comparison to cows maintained in captivity.

When we say grass fed butter, it is meant that the milk butter is produced from the grass fed cow milk and this superior in its quality. Butter is not free from the risk of food allergy, hence clarified butter is a better option for keto diet.

How to use clarified butter in keto diet?

In comparison to normal milk butter, clarified butter is more suitable in keto diet plan.  This versatile dairy staple can be used in cooking as well as it can be used raw. For example, you can add one teaspoon clarified butter in your morning tea or coffee for making a it a delicious fat based energy drink to start your day fresh.

You can add clarified butter in your morning toast as spread or you can drizzle it on your chicken salad.

You can add clarified butter in your keto recipes as your cooking oil.

In comparison to dairy butter clarified butter offers higher smoke point, hence you can use this improved butter for baking, barbeque, sautéing, seasoning, deep frying, and slow cooking.

The most delicious part of using clarified butter in keto diet is its result leading to versatile health benefits. Clarified butter is a type of butter with plenty of leverages and although it is derived from milk butter, it is more consistent a product for the consumers.

Health benefits of clarified butter for keto diet

Clarified butter has lots of health benefits to offer for its users. Let’s check them to understand the benefits of adding this dairy product in a keto diet plan.

Weight loss support: people follow keto diet in order to lose unwanted body weight. Clarified butter in diet helps in reducing the calories intake. Also this filtered butter in your keto diet helps in controlling hunger pang.

Flushing out toxins from body: Clarified butter is a natural detoxer. If you add clarified butter in your diet it will supply you loads of butyrate that will reduce the problem of constipation. With regular bowel movement, weight reduction and removal of extra fluid in body becomes easier to achieve.

Cholesterol management becomes easier: with clarified butter in your keto diet, you will gain a unique quality of bad cholesterol control. Ghee in diet is helpful for treating the harmful LDL cholesterol

Clarified butter contains nutrients: Clarified butter contains several vitamins, Omega 3, 6 fatty acids, and sufficient quantity of Conjugated linoleic acid for helping in an organized and specific way that keep health and its internal organs perfectly performing.

Smooth digestion:ghee in keto diet is a stimulator of regulated health system which results in better fitness and improved wellness of your body and soul.

If you need to use butter in keto diet planning, you can start your keto and fat diet combo with Milkio #ghee, which is made in New Zealand, from 100% grass fed cow milk Milkio grass fed clarified butter will offer you all the ghee benefits. #Milkioghee (clarified butter) is now available online for purchase.

 If your question is What kind of butter for Keto is ideal, it can be wisely answered that only clarified butter is the best option for adding in keto diet.


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Common Keto mistakes: 5 common blunders for faster weight loss

Common Keto mistakes: 5 common blunders for faster weight loss

Common Keto mistakes are not really popular because most health freaks are aware of keto diet’s success.

But like the darker side of a coin, Keto mistakes are the main problem that may cause difficulty in your weight loss program success.

Ketogenic diet or Keto diet is world famous now. If it is a successful diet plan, the success rate of this nutritional panel largely depends on the execution of the diet plan. Knowing the common mistakes of this diet pattern will pave your success without much hassle.

Understanding the value of eating fats:

Most commonly we relate fay consumption and weight gain on the same platform. There is a common myth: it says more fat you eat, you will get to turn your metabolism rate up. By means of eating fat you can reach nearer to your keto diet success.

Understanding the keto nutrition plan is important to learn the utility of eating fat. Many dieters start following this diet plan without understand its modus operandi, which is a severe blunder. Learning this diet plan is helpful for getting success.

Not consuming the right kinds of fats

Eating adequate fat is equal to win half of the battle. But it is important to know the right kind of fats for enjoying success in keto. Consumption of fats are the basic rule of following keto diet but at the same time you must avoid unhealthy fats.

Some of the unhealthy fats are vegetable and synthetic oils, Trans fats, fat free oils are completely prohibited in keto diet.  Alternatively good saturated fats like pure ghee is an example of keto friendly fays, which you can add in your diet.  Besides animal fats and veggies like avocadoes, pure cow ghee will helps in churning better success in keto diet.

Inadequate water consumption

Maintaining the natural hydration level of body is one of the prerequisites in following keto #diet. While following diet you must consume 3-4 liters of water.

If you don’t follow the rule of consuming recommended quantity of water, you may start suffering from dehydration, which may come fatal for your body’s immunity level.

Not to have adequate rest

We often relate sleeping and weight gaining, which is reality is true but in the different way what we assume. During the sleep time our body rejuvenated and we get the support of self-repairing of body.

If you don’t enjoy enough sleep, you may start losing your confidence level and you will not get to enjoy clarity of thought and desired level of weight shedding result. For example, an adult person should have 6-8 years sleep per day.

Indulging on too much dairy products

  1. Yes, dairy products are low fat based products, but they are not keto friendly products.
  2. There is a general preference for dairy products and it leads toward over intake of calorie.
  3. Random dairy food intake may lead to problem like insulin spike in body and it needs proper investigation to overcome the adversity, which may come in between your wellness and your weight loss planning.
  4. Furthermore, many dairy products contain sugar, which is almost like a strict No for the diet followers.


Following Keto diet is not doubt a sure shot way to enjoy success in body weight management.

But it is extremely important to follow the restrictions for keto diet. By staying away from the mistakes of ketogenic diet, you will be able to enjoy full proof success here.

Adding good quality saturated fats is diet is one of the success clues for keto diet followers. Adding ghee in diet is a keto recommended way to have fat. However, you must use only pure cow #ghee in your ketogenic diet.

Wanted to avoid the Common Keto mistake?

  • Find the right fat for your keto diet.
  • Try Milkio 100% organic grass fed cow ghee in your diet.
  • The ghee contains up to 64% saturated fats and lots of other nutrients to keep your immunity level up and helping you in losing weight faster.

Legal Disclaimer

Thank you for reaching Milkio Foods! Nothing on this site is medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making any lifestyle or diet changes. Our opinions are not intended as medical advice and should not a bit of medical information.

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Grass fed clarified butter: Is Ghee Keto friendly?

Grass fed clarified butter: Is Ghee Keto friendly?

Grass fed clarified butter is completely different than normal dairy butter as it is free from casein and lactose.

Furthermore, clarified butter contains up to 64% saturated fats and that makes it a reliable source of adding good fats in diet.

Adding moderate amount of Grass fed clarified butter in your diet plan is a sure shot way to add sufficient good fat for replacing carbs. According to modern dieticians, adding fats and eliminating carbohydrates from your food plan is the healthy way to lose unwanted body weight.  In fact this is the core idea of ketogenic diet.

What is ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic (Keto) diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that encourages the body to produce ketones in the liver, which are then converted into energy. There are countless ways to follow a ketogenic diet (including soft approaches like LCHF, or higher protein approaches like Atkins), but overall, a ketogenic lifestyle will trust on good sources of fat and protein rather than having carbs (including derivatives of refined and natural sugars, fruits, and veggies). Keto diet has one thing in common: it encourages “clean” eating, and dejects the eating of foods that are processed or comprise additives.

Ketogenic diet supports natural weight loss because they stimulate the body to use fat stored in body for energy. The procedure is simple: by dropping the intake of carbs, the body is brought into a state known as ketosis.

During ketosis, ketones are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver. In fact, ketosis is a metabolic state in which fat is burned for production of energy. Without carbohydrates, your body will use its own fat deposits to endure itself, which can results in quick weight loss, amplified energy, lower blood sugar, better mental clarity, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and other benefits.

What are the keto friendly foods? Is Ghee Keto Friendly?

A healthy ketogenic diet would consist of about 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% or less than 50 grams of carbs/ day.  While following the diet, you should lay your focus on high-fat, low-carb foods like eggs, lean-meats, dairy and low-carb vegetables, as well as sugar-free brews.

When starting a ketogenic diet you should avoid grains, sugars, fruits, and starches (such as potatoes). In their place, you may eat plenty of meats, leafy greens (such as spinach), high-fat dairy, and other natural fat sources such as avocado and nuts.

When cooking, it is best to use healthy fats such as Organic grass fed clarified butter, since this dairy staple is high in vitamins and minerals. Clarified butter is predominantly useful—it adds a somewhat sweet, buttery richness to any meal, while adding no sugars or carbs.

Why organic clarified butter or Ghee is ideal for keto diet recipes?

As organic grass fed clarified butter contains 62-64% fat, ghee is considered a Keto friendly food item. If ghee in cooking or ghee as raw ingredient is used in Keto diet, it brings good result in reducing weight and staying fit.

Organic clarified butter(ghee)  contains Omega-3 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids, beta carotene, CLA, antioxidants, and vitamins E, D, A, and K. besides keeping immunity level strong, Omega-3, , Omega-9 essential fatty acids, and CLA help in natural weight loss.

How much versatile ghee is?

Ghee can be used safely in kitchen as it is easy to store and can be used in all types of cooking like for cooking veg and non-veg dishes. There are many Keto-alternatives to your favourite high-carb foods, and incorporating the right fats is the first step in finding new dishes that work for you.

  • You can use Organic clarified butter is all types of cooking like sauté, barbeque, baking, deep frying, etc. because of its high smoke point.
  • Ghee can be added to your morning tea and coffee: besides offering energy, ghee works as a filler food and reduced hunger pang.
  • You can use ghee as spread on your bread toast instead of butter.

Grass fed clarified butter is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk and it is free of milk proteins like lactose and casein.  If you following Keto diet you have to include clear and good fat in your diet, where clarified butter gets it entry. Grass fed clarified butter contains large quantity of fats and that makes it a Keto friendly food. Organic clarified butter produced by Milkio Foods is certified organic and made of 100% grass fed cow milk.

It is completely Keto friendly.