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What is ghee oil: know the better butter before you use in the diet

What is ghee oil? What is ghee oil? It is one of the most searched ghee-related questions that dairy lovers often ask for understanding the ghee benefits in their cooking. Ghee itself is a dairy cooking oil, which is pure butterfat. If you want to know about ghee oil, you need to understand ghee simultaneously, …


How to Prepare Ghee? Why you may Have It at Night?

How to prepare ghee People know how to prepare ghee, but did you know that having it at night could help you? Lactose intolerant people could have ghee with food or as an alternative to butter for roasting and sautéing. Some people like consuming ghee with milk before bed. Why? Here are some reasons that …


Ghee lactose intolerance: what’s the catch?

Ghee lactose intolerance is a non-existing health disorder. Lactose intolerance is the problem of dairy sensitivity and it is caused by the presence of lactose in milk-made products. But the problem of lactose intolerance is non-existing with ghee. Although ghee is a milk made product as regular butter (the ghee ingredient) is produced from pure milk, …


What is melted ghee?

Melted ghee Technically, ghee and melted ghee are the same. When ghee reached a certain temperature it starts melting. In the room temperature, mostly ghee is found in the semi-liquid condition. The average melting point of cow ghee is 76 degrees Fahrenheit (or 32.4° Celsius), which means if ghee reaches this temperature, it starts melting. …


What is in ghee?

What is in ghee What is in ghee is the vital aspect of adding ghee in diet. Ghee is a dairy item and it contains lots of saturated fats. But besides fat, Ghee contains some more nutrients that offer excellent health benefits to its consumers.  It is being analyzed that one tablespoon of cow ghee …


What does ghee look like?

What does ghee look like What does ghee look like is a tricky question! A finished ghee product in the market may look semi-liquid, or soft solid in its texture. Pure quality cow ghee looks golden yellow in color and buffalo ghee looks white, which is one of the prime look-wise differences between these two ghee …


Why use ghee: healthy reasons to add it in your smart diet

why use ghee why use ghee is one of the most vital questions we should know before using ghee in our diet.  Regardless we check the opinions of Ayurvedic experts, or we count on the recommendation of modern dietitians, ghee calories, ghee nutrition, and ghee health benefits are the reasons for adding organic ghee to our diet than any other dairy products.  …


Ghee smoke point: 3 health benefits you can always get out of this feature

Ghee smoke point is anytime higher than other common cooking oils and fats. Hence grass-fed ghee is a safer cooking oil in its category. If we check, every cooking fat and oil maintains an individual smoking point, which means under certain temperature the fat starts burning. The temperature that makes smoke out of the oil on heat, …


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